24th September Tuesday Update on Young Love


24th September Tuesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Dadisaa asking Jagya to have tea with her. Jagya sits to have tea. Hardik comes and greets Dadisaa and Jagya. He says, Jaitsar is amazing. He had fun. I wants to see your village more and asks Jagya to take him to his village tour. Jagya says, it will be difficult for him to come with him, but he will make some arrangement. He asks Ganga to take Hardik to village tour. Ganga says, she is busy tomorrow and says she will take him on sunday. Hardik says, it is far.

Gulli comes there. Hardik greets her. Gulli tells them that she brought him here. She asks him to come with her. Hardik asks her to show the village to her. Dadisaa says, Gulli can’t go with you. Gulli says, he is our guest. I can do this for him. She asks him to get ready as they will go tomorrow. Hardik says, ok. Give me a highfive. Gulli gives him high five. Dadisaa and Ganga look on.

Pramila welcomes the guests and says I am presenting this dance. Dancers performs on some Rajastan song. Anandi and Shiv look in the laptop. Anandi tells Shiv that nothing seems to be wrong. Shiv says, things start here. Shiv laptop crashes. Shiv calls Shyam and tells that his screen has blackened. Shyam says, he can’t check. Shiv asks the Police team to come with him. He comes to the receptionalist and asks him to take them to the CCTV camera room. He takes them. Anandi and Shiv look at the CCTV footage.

The men sitting at the party asks Pramila to show them a sensual dance. Pramila asks them to wait for the special performance and says Purabia will be presenting the next dance. Purabia comes to the stage and dances vulgarly on the song. Anandi is shocked. People start throwing money on Purabia. Purabia serves drinks to the guests. Anandi asks Shiv, where is the party hall. Shiv asks her to come. Pramila seems to be happy collecting money. Anandi and Shiv go there shocking Pramila. Police asks to end the dance.

All the men tries to escape, but Police arrests them. Pramila looks on. Anandi goes to Pramila and slaps her hard. Shiv looks on. Anandi says, you lowered the great dance. She lectures her on her doings. She says, don’t you realize that you have done a sin. Pramila says, yes I do. Hunger doesn’t see anything. She says, people look at the women’s body and not at her dance. Pramila says, a dancer have to struggled for years. I tried to live with honestly. but people don’t let me to live like that. She says, we need clothes on our body and food. We have to sell ourself for our needs.

Anandi asks, did anyone forced you to do this. Pramila says, why anyone would forced us. Anandi says, dancers don’t get much money. They have to do something unique. She asks, did you questioned youself. Shiv says, I accept that dancers are not taken seriously. He asks her not to blame the people. Anandi says, it depends on the person to accept either right or wrong. You had chosen the easy path. You made these girls victim of your thinking. She says, only Kalank will be left in the world instead of Kala/talent.

Pramila says, you are saying right. I was weak, was walking on the wrong path. She says, I am feeling ashamed. I am guilty of you, society, these girls. She requests her not to punish the girls. And thanks Anandi for opening her eyes. I really made a mistake. She asks Inspector to take her. Police arrests Pramila and her girls. Anandi turns to Shiv.

Saachi asking Vivek, are you still upset with me. She asks him to trust her and says she didn’t know from where the wine bottle came in her wardrobe. Vivek says it is ok and asks her to sleep. Saachi sees a gift beneath the pillow kept by Vivek. She likes the gift and says I love you too. She thanks and hugs him. Vivek smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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