21st February Thursday Update On True Love


21st February Thursday Update On True Love

Avinash reaching house and hoping to meet Kanha and Ichha there but one of the servant informs him that they all left the house thus leaving him in total shock Ichha-Damini along with Mukta-Kanha and that old servant ,reaches that another small house where Ichha decides to stay since she feels that they all can happily stay in this one small room and have lots of fun ; That old servant tells Ichha that he needs to leave from there or else Avinash might reach to him and so Ichha gives him some money before he leaves ..

Tappu is reading a magazine where on one of the pages she sees Veer’s picture as top businessman of the year and so in anger and frustration she tears that page of the magazine and throws it on the floor when Rathod comes there and asks her whats the need to do all this on which Tappu tells Rathod that she is just showing her hatred for him since she does not feel anything for him anymore ;Hearing this Rathod tells Tappu that if really she does not feel anything for Veer ,then she would hv been completely indifferent towards his presense instead of tearing out his pictures and reacting this way ;

So then Tappu in reply tells Rathod in irritation that she already have agreed to marry him ,then what more does he want from her when its him who is delaying the marriage because of not finding suitable mahurats on which Rathod in anger first tells Tappu not to shout since her voice should not go out of this room and then Rathod further tells Tappu that earlier when he got a mahurat for the marriage and he also informed her about meeting Veer outside bank ,that time she instantly took the decision of marrying him just because Veer dint ask anything about her which means she just wants to marry him as an alternative for Veer but he will never want her vengence for Veer to become the base of their relationship and so its better she herself sort this out in her mind about what exactly she wants in life …Tappu is shcked after hearing Rathod’s words …

Veer at night is shown dropping Madura to her house when Madura invites Veer for a cup of coffee to her house which initially Veer rejects but then he accepts her invitation ;Veer sees Madura’s romantic photos with a guy in the house and remembers about his romantic days with Ichha ;Later while having coffee with Madura ,he asks her about the guy on which Madura tells Veer that its her fiance Yash and so Veer asks Madura to someday bring Yash to the office also when Madura in sad tone tells Veer that this is not possible since Yash is nomore and then Madura also goes on to tell him about how Yash died and what all she went through after his death ;Hearing this Veer feels sorry for Madura on which Madura tells Veer that why he should feel sorry for her loss since in life everyone has lost something or the other but thats what makes everyone strong ;Madura further tells Veer about how she has learnt to live life positively and never give up hope since thats how life goes on and one can b happy till the time they live rather than living in depression all their life ;Veer appreciates Madura’s positivity even after loosing her fiance ..

Avinash like a mad bull is throwing everything here and there in the house and trying to search for something which can locate him to Ichha and Kanha and then finally he manages to get hold of Ichha’s passport which had fallen on the bed from Damini’s bag ;Avinash comes to know that Ichha is Bundela family’s daughter-in-law and so he gets an evil plan for his mission to make more bucks … At Rathod’s house ,Rathod is shown pointing his gun towards the wall curtains since he feels someone is hiding behind the curtains and its none other than Nani ;So then Rathod asks Nani about why she needs to come in his room like a thief and Rathod also scares Nani by telling her

about how his nishana is always very perfect whenever he has pulled the trigger of his gun ;So then Nani tells Rathod about how she is concerned about Tappu’s future and so she had come to see whether he is really capable of keeping her Tappu happy or not ;Hearing this Rathod understands Nani’s intention and so he opens his tijori(locker) in front of Nani and shows her all his assets(money and jewellery) that he got and then tells Nani that he can give it all to Tappu for her happiness and smile ;Hearing this Nani tells to herself that this Rathod is really a good man and she needs to explore him more to know more about him ..

At night Ichha is shown remembering Veer and those golden moments that she had spent with Veer Tappu is shown going somewhere in car when she spots Veer standing outside and seeing him she starts getting flashes of how Veer kicked her out of the house and she tells to herself that how all her dreams hv been shattered by this man ;Just then Rathod calls her up and asks her where had she gone when their marriage is day after tomorrow and so as per rituals she should not hv gone out today on which Tappu gives an excuse of some last minute shopping ;Rathod then tells Tappu that he wants to do this marriage in a simple way and so if she wants she can get the mehndi done just as one of the ritual without going into too much of detailing on which Tappu tells Rathod that she wants to do a full detailed mehndi like how a dulhan does it ..

Rathod quietly puts down the phone and informs Nani about how Tappu wants to put Mehndi on her hand like a typical dulhan on which Nani tells Rathod that she feels even Tappu’s marriage should happen in a grand way with all the rituals being done properly and she will make sure that all the bigwigs from the city r invited especially that Bundela family as well ;Hearing this Rathod tells Nani that he is not doing this marriage to put someone down and so he does not want to do any show up for this marriage and so the marriage will happen in a simple way without much fuss ;Nani has nothing to say now … Ichha is shown making garlands when Damini comes and asks her what is she doing on which Ichha tells that some chachi in the neighbourhood of their house ,got some marriage contract and so she is helping her out in making these garlands for marriage ceremany ;Damini feels bad that Ichha who is Veer Singh Bundela’s wife is making garlands today for money ; CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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