Monday Update on True Love September 3rd

Monday Update on True Love

September 3rd Episode

Jogi thinking about Tapasya and feeling sad for her Mai and Chanda r doing puja in the morning when that new character Kinjal who was introduced in Saturday’s episode comes there at the puja place to meet Mai and ask her if she can help her out in some work sinse she is used to working at her dad’s house as well on which Mai asks Kinjal to just enjoy her stay in the house and not to bother about any work ;Just then Veer comes to ask Mai if the servant has done the cleaning of his car on which Mai says not yet and so Veer shows his frustation on the servant and goes away ;Chanda asks Mai why Veer looks so frustated these days on which Mai tells Chanda that he will b fine soon (Well someone just go and bring Ichha back from Vrindavan…

Veer will b fine then );So then that girl Kinjal tells Mai that she will go and clean Veer’s car ;Before Mai can stop her ,she runs out of the house to clean Veer’s car while Mai starts smiling at the childishness of the girl (I don’t understand why is this girl brought here…I mean what will she achieve by cleaning a car ?? )..

Tapasya is shown still sleeping in her kholi when Jyoti comes and bangs at her door ;As soon as Tappu opens the door,Jyoti in a very harsh tone asks Tappu to give her rent amount for this kholi or leave the kholi right now;Hearing this Tapasya pleads in front of Jyoti to give her some more time but Jyoti refuses to listen to her pleas and pushes her out of the kholi along with her luggage .

Just then Jogi arrives there and somehow manages to hold Tapasya in his arms before she falls down because of the push ;Tapasya is shocked to see Jogi there ;Jyoti too is scared to see him there ;Jogi gives a very stern look to Jyoti and asks her how much amount she wants;Before Jyoti can tell him the amount,Jogi gives her a bunch of rupees and asks her to get lost from there ..

After Jyoti leaves,Tappu asks Jogi to come inside her house and then sarcastically tells him that she can neither offer him any water here because he might not drink water from this place nor she can ask him to sit here because the kholi is too messy for him to sit anywhere ;Hearing this Jogi asks Tapasya to return home on which Tapasya tells Jogi that this is only her house (Good to see Tapasya finally developing some sort of dignity in her character );So then Jogi tells Tapasya that her mother is waiting anxiously for her to return home on which Tapasya sarcastically asks Jogi that does this mean he came here only because of her mother’s wish ;So then Jogi replies to her that she is also his daughter and so he came here to take his daughter back ;Hearing this Tapasya questions Jogi that “He once told everyone that he only had one daughter and that is Ichha..

so then why he is here for her when he never considered her important enough in his life” ;Hearing this Jogi tells Tapasya that “How can anyone take your place in my life..u r my daughter and nothing can change this fact” ;So then Tapasya asks Jogi that if this is true then why she was thrown out of the house on which Jogi replies to Tapasya that “I wanted to see this change in you…I wanted you to start valuing your relationships and understanding the worth of money that we earn..today I have seen that change in you and so I m satisfied…no work should b considered small when it comes to earning your bread and butter..and this is the change I wanted to see in u..today I m happy that finally u r standing on your own feet…my mission is accomplished now and so I want to take u back home..

I have decided to forgive u and now I m waiting for u to forgive me and return home” ;Hearing this Tapasya becomes emotional and hugs her father tightly..an emotional reunion of father-daughter takes place (This was a well directed scene between a father and daughter )…READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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