21 November Wednesday Update on This is Love

21 November Wednesday Update on This is Love

Aaliya giving coffee to Ishita. Ishita asks about Shagun. Aaliya says she is not at home, she went on trip. Ishita says her condition is not good. Aaliya says she left a note, she stated she is feeling depressed and went on trip with her friends. Ishita asks did Mani not stop her, its not right for her to go. Aaliya says I know, he said she has her gynac friend with her. Ishita thinks whom to talk, will Aaliya know about that pen. She says I had to ask something. She shows the photo and asks did you see this at home, with Mani or Tisha. Aaliya says no, what happened. Ishita says its nothing. Aaliya says you must be hungry, I will get something to eat.

Ishita gets a call. She asks what, T is written on it. She recalls jeweler’s words. She ends call. She asks
Aaliya about Tisha. Aaliya says I did not see her after Holi, I think she got PG accommodation. Ishita thinks there is something of Tisha related to Vandu’s accident. Ruhi asks Shweta to go to Adi and get files signed, what are you thinking, Adi is not a monster to eat you. Shweta goes to Adi. He asks does anyone has to complain. She says Ruhi gave you file to check. He says she is intelligent and can check. She says I don’t know that. She goes out. Ruhi asks did Adi check.

Shweta says no, he asked me to leave. Ruhi says fine, you go your work, I have to go and see. She goes to Adi and says you check the file, its imp. Adi says I will see later. She says please check it. He opens the file and sees a chocolate. She smiles. He asks is this a joke, am I a small kid. She says I thought… He asks did you think everything will get fine by giving a chocolate. She says I m sorry. He says if chocolate was bigger, my anger would have calmed down, its fine. She pulls his cheeks and says you are a good actor, big drama king, give me chocolate, I did not eat food, have a coffee with me, come. They smile and go.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Neelu. Neelu says Mihika got vegs for one week. Mrs. Bhalla still goes to buy vegs. Mihika tells Neelu that Mrs. Bhalla went to meet Amma. Mrs. Bhalla goes and sees Appa getting vegs. She calls Mihika. Mihika helps Appa. Amma stops Mihika and says don’t act, we don’t need your sympathy. Appa asks Amma why did she come out, she has fever. Amma says we have to cook food for Vandu’s ritual. He says I will manage, without taking anyone’s help, you rest. She says I will not sit quiet till Vandu’s killer gets punished. Mrs. Bhalla cries. She says don’t know when will this get fine and how.

Adi talks to Bhatia and says how to explain Ruhi, I really feel she is young. Bhatia says I know your family is going through shock, but I can see what you can’t see, I know Ruhi will be perfect for my son, I just want Ruhi and my son to meet, if they like each other, we will take talks ahead, else not, I want your help, this alliance will be good for all of us, everyone will praise you for getting this alliance. Adi says fine, I will fix their meeting.

Ishita asks what, Amma is unwell. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, she does not want to take anyone’s help. Ishita says I got a lead to prove Raman’s innocence, but we can’t leave Amma like this. She goes to Iyer house and sees Appa cutting vegs. Appa cuts his finger. Ishita worries and does aid to Appa’s finger. She says relax now, I will do everything. Amma comes and stops Ishita. She says one who is supporting my daughter’s killer has no right to cook food for Vandu’s ritual, Vandu’s soul will not get peace, get out of here, don’t come back here. Ishita says I have proof. Amma says I don’t want your proof, when police proves Raman innocent, then come. She scolds Ishita and drops her out of the house. Ishita comes home crying. Mihika asks what happened.

Mrs. Bhalla asks why are you crying. Ishita says what shall I do, I want this case to get solved soon, I lost my sister, Vandu used to stand with me always, she always supported me, Shravan does not want to see my face. She cries. Mrs. Bhalla says its matter of one day. Ishita says Mihika, don’t we want to do anything for Pitrpuja for Vandu. Mrs. Bhalla says you can do it here also, we will cook food here, its not a big thing. Mihika says yes, we will make Vandu’s fav food and make plate.

Adi goes to Ruhi and stops her. He asks her to come, there is meeting with Bhatia. She says his work is over, why meeting now. He says he wants to meet us, he wants to give us new contract. She says its great news, I will make conference room ready. He says no, we have to go on coffee shop. She says call him at office. He says he has meeting going on there already, come. She says fine, no problem. He smiles. She asks is there anything. He says no, wind up things, come. He goes out and calls Bhatia. He says Ruhi is coming for meeting. He says I m Ruhi’s elder brother, now Papa won’t find me useless.

Amma and Appa do ritual and keep food. Pandit tells about pitrpuja, feeding crows means pleasing the soul. Mihika and Ishita keep food. Ishita apologizes to Vandu and thinks I trust my husband, it does not mean I don’t love you, I will get justice for you. Amma sees them and recalls the words.

The crow comes and sees the two plates. Crow goes to eat from the plate kept by Amma. Amma gives a look to Ishita. Crow flies away and goes to food kept by Ishita. Crows eats that. Amma gets shocked. Ishita and Mihika smile. Ishita thanks Vandu for accepting her prayers. She prays that Vandu succeeds even Amma’s puja. Crow flies to Amma’s plate and eats food. Amma gets glad. Ishita smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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