21 November Wednesday Update on True Love

21 November Wednesday Update on True Love

Taps is with Nani when she gets a gift, which she thinks is from Veer. Nani leaves and Taps phone rings. She starts thanking Veer, when she realizes that its Rathod on the phone. He tells her that the child she is carrying is his, and she knows this fact as well. She refuses any such fact and hangs up, but is worried. The scene goes to flashback to the night Rathod-Taps won a lot of money. Both are in her hotel room, celebrating their victory with wine and all. Rathod tells Taps that she is beautiful, but she says she is sleepy and falls asleep on her bed. Rathod admires her and is shown getting closer to her as the scene fades out. Taps remembers all this and cries. Her phone continues ringing but she doesn’t pick it up.

Meanwhile Kasa warns Ichcha abt Satya-Sanchi and suggests that she keeps an eye on them. He leaves. Later, Taps leaves her room with a purse full of cash. She is shown leaving the house. Ichcha notices that a wad of money falls out of her purse.

Tappu leaving with the money when Ichha calls her from back to give her the money which fell on the floor in the last episode ;So then Tappu is irritated with Ichha for calling her from back just when she was leaving ;Ichha then gives the money to Tappu when Tappu realises that the money fell on the floor and so she quickly lies to Ichha that since its quite hot these days, she is finding really uncomfortable to wear these heavy sarees and so she is going to the market to get some light shiffon cotton sarees ;After this Tappu leaves…

Nani was coming downstairs when suddenly she slips because of water on the floor ;Nani then blasts Ichha for spilling water on the floor and as usual asks her to clean the floor (I don’t understand,Ichha is Bundela family’s daughter-in-law after all and there is no servant to clean the floor ….the bahu of the family is treated like a dirt and noone says anything about it ? );Ichha then cleans the floor when Nani continuously taunts her about how the puja got ruined because of her presense there ;Hearing this Ichha finally answers Nani back by telling her that it was because of her, Tappu is in this house today which she should not forget on which Nani also tells Ichha that even she is forgetting the fact that today she has got the acceptance in this house only because of Tappu’s request ;Nani also tells Ichha that once the baby comes out, soon she will b out of this house and Tappu will b getting her position of the bahu in this house again ;Poor Ichha again has no reply ,..

 Ichha calls up Ammo and cries her heart out on phone and asks Ammo to come to her soon as she needs her ;Hearing this Ammo tries to explain to Ichha that she needs to fight her battle here without giving up so easily; Ammo also reminds Ichha that Veer is not a pencil-box which she used to give to Tappu during her childhood days and so she should fight for her rights here ..Ichha feels a bit relaxed after hearing Ammo’s encouraging words..CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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