20th Oct Monday Update on True Love

20th Oct Episode

Veer says sorry to Ichcha, but she assures him that it’s fine and asks for him to take her out to eat tonight. He agrees and leaves for work. Meanwhile, Nani instructs Taps to stick by Veer so that he forgets about Ichcha. Later, Damini calls the Bundela house and Chanda worries her by saying Veer went to the hospital with Taps. Ichcha takes the phone from Chanda and clears Damini’s worries somewhat. Nani tells Taps to go to the mandir with Veer and asks Mai. Mai eagerly agrees and promises that Veer will take her when he gets home. When Veer gets home, both Taps and Ichcha are dressed up and waiting for him. He walks past Taps and gifts Ichcha a red rose.

Veer giving rose to Ichha and complimenting her beauty ;Seeing this Tappu gets jealous ;Mai then comes to the hall and tells Veer to take Tappu to the pahaadi wala mata mandir since she had done some mannat there related to her baby ;Hearing this Veer tells Mai that he has promised Ichha to take her for dinner on which Mai gets offended and questions him that how can this dinner promise b more important than his baby ;So then Veer smartly applies reverse psychology here and tells Mai that how can Tappu during her pregnency climb the hilltop of the mandir and so for her safety ,its better she stays at home only while he and Ichha will go to the mandir and fullfill Tappu’s mannat there ;Hearing this Nani and Tappu r shocked but hv no defence ;Mai also agrees with Veer’s POV and so in the end Veer-Ichha leave for Mandir but before leaving Ichha reminds Nani the importance of a husband-wife relationship since Nani in one of the episode had taunted her about her relationship with Veer ..

Veer-Ichha go to the mandir and pray for each other;Ichha prays for the baby’s well-being and Veer asks God to make Ichha pregnent soon ..After that they both leave for dinner Meanwhile Tappu in her room is going through her usual outburst and breaking things kept on her dressing table when Nani comes to console her as usual ;Nani then tells Tappu that right now she should try to get Veer in her life not like a typical old Tapasya but like a matured and understanding mother of his child ..

Veer-Ichha r hving a romantic dinner in a restaurent; Both r enjoying drink together when suddenly there is an announcement being made in the restaurent about a Car which is being wrongly parked somewhere ;Ichha hears the announcement and recognises that the car number is theirs ;She then tells Veer to go and check where the car is parked but Veer is in no mood to go outside ;But Ichha forces Veer to go outside and park their car properly ;In the end Veer agrees.. Veer goes to the parking area and he mistakes some other car with his car because of the same color and model and so he puts the car keys inside that other car because of which the car security starts making noise ;Hearing the noise the hotel security comes there and accuses Veer of stealing someone’s car; Veer tries to tell them that he is not a car thief but the hotel security keeps on accusing him when the owner of the car makes his entry from darkness in heroic style (Its Sharad Kelkar’s entry );Veer is shocked to see him