20th Oct Monday Update on This is Love

20th Oct Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to Dr. Batra’s clinic. She sees a queue of patients. The secretary tells her about appointments. Ishita asks what’s happening. The lady says they are your patients, Dr. Batra will be happy, we did not got pamphlets printed, everyone said they got flyers in newspaper. Ishita says my husband did this, I m surprised, I did not know we will get such response, anyways send them, we will start work.

A guy gives her rose and wishes her happy rose day. She thanks him. The guy goes to Raman and says I gave her rose, and gave roses to all patients there, they will also give roses to Ishita, I did your work. Raman pays him and thanks. The guy goes. Raman says now I will see how her heart does not melt. All the patients greet Ishita happy rose day and
give her a rose. Ishita smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. A lady comes and says I came to prevent tooth pain. Ishita says right, give me the rose, I have hint, but who is doing this. Lady says its rose day today and someone knows roses give you happiness. Ishita thanks her.

Mani asks Raman what is he doing outside Ishita’s clinic. Raman says what can I do, I know I don’t deserve someone like her, when she is not with me, I realized what’s she for me, she is my house’s peace, my life is incomplete without her, I lose her easily, we men take wives for granted, we treat them the way we want, when they leave, we realize we are such big donkeys, now we should go to any extent for our wives and children, I can’t go to her and apologize, maybe she will get upset, so I m sending roses to her by others, so that she can smile and know I love her a lot. Mani gets thinking. Ishita says Raman gives many surprises, he gets so sweet at times. Raman asks Mani are you okay. Mani says nothing, I know you love her a lot, she will come back, after what you said, I know what to do for my wife and children, thanks. He goes.

Ishita calls Raman and thanks him for promoting her clinic. She says so many roses Raman, thanks, its very sweet, where are you. He says outside your clinic. She asks what. He says I m in office. She hears car horn and asks him. He sits inside his car and says her ears are so sharp. Raman says my colleague’s mobile ringtone is car horn, its disturbing. The secretary says more patients are come, your husband cares for you a lot, his idea of flyer worked, you should thank him. Ishita says keep these appointments for tomorrow. Raman hears this and smiles. Ishita says I will go to him and thank. He worries that Ishita will come office, he should be there before her. Aaliya talks to her Dadi’s caretaker. Mani worries and sends Aaliya by excuse. He takes phone and talks to lady. He asks about Dadi. The lady says I told Aaliya as much needed, till you do Niddhi’s work, I will keep my mouth shut. Aaliya gets water. Mani ends call.

Aaliya says I had to talk to her. Mani says we will dine together. Shagun says its good Mani is at home atleast for baby’s sake. Aaliya says I m so happy. Ishita makes a videocall to Shagun. She asks are you alone. Shagun says no, I will go to room, tell me what’s the matter. Ishita says you said Raman is putting efforts, I have been thinking to acknowledge it, he did another thing to reach me, I was thinking to thank him. Shagun says good, thank God you have forgiven him. Ishita says I don’t want to show him that I have forgiven him, else he won’t change. I want him to change from within, his anger and temper will go but take time. Shagun praises her and says you are doing right thing. Ishita says its big thing that you are standing by me. She ends call. She says I love Raman a lot and don’t want to lose him, he is so sweet.

Gaurav asks Simmi why did she get sweets, did Mr. Bhalla agree for their marriage. She says no, I had to tell you about my project, I will be going New York, I m so excited and happy. He says New York and worries. She says I thought you will be happy for me. He says no, I was just thinking for Ananya. She says I did not tell her till now, the best thing is family will manage her, even Parmeet is here, one month will pass soon. Gaurav thinks marriage will postpone if she goes, but I can focus on Ananya after Simmi goes, then none can stop this marriage. He says I want you to be happy. She says Ananya will agree, have sweets. He thinks to talk to pandit.

Raman reaches office. The lady says clients are waiting, where were you. He says leave clients, Ishita would be coming, act like I was in office and working. She goes. Romi comes and asks where were you, clients were waiting. Raman says I know. He sees Ishita coming and says I was busy in meetings since morning. Ishita enters cabin. Raman says you here, we just spoke on phone. She says I came to say thanks. He says so sweet, Romi came office late, I was telling him this is not garden, he got spoiled. Romi asks did I get spoiled. Raman signs him. Romi says yes, I got spoiled, I will go and work. Raman asks him to work. Romi goes. Ishita says I just came to say thanks. He asks her to sit, what will she have, tea or coffee. He relaxes. She asks him to have water. He says I was having water since morning.

She says I will leave now. Office peon gets his tiffin from home. Raman thinks how to stop her. Raman acts to get hurt and screams. She asks how did you get hurt. He says in hurry to have food. She asks someone to get ice pack. He also shouts. The man gets ice and asks shall I call doctor. Raman makes him leave. Ishita applies ice to his hand. Raman looks at her and moves her hair off her face. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein………. plays….He happily cries. She asks him to be careful, is it better now. He says as of it was never there. She says fine I will leave. He says how will I eat food, I m working since morning. She says just one hand is hurt. He says I have to open tiffin also. She says I will help. He asks sure, else Romi is there. She says you can call Romi. He says Romi is working. She smiles.

She asks him to have food. He says I m much hurt, thank God bone did not break. She feeds him food. He also feeds her. They smile. Yeh Hai mohabbatein…..plays…………Romi comes and smiles seeing them. Romi does not disturb and leaves. Ishita holds Raman’s hand.


Raman driving and recalling Ishita. He smiles. He sees the toy shop and thinks to buy a doll for Pihu. He calls Pihu. She sneezes. He worries for her and asks where are you. She says home. He says she may have cold, I have to see her. Pihu thinks to finish kulfi before he comes. Ishita asks her to leave kulfi and go to Shagun. Raman comes there and finds the door locked. He calls out Pihu and thinks what’s happening. He calls Ishita. Ishita is on the way. He calls Mani. He worries and hopes nothing is serious with Pihu. He breaks lock and enters the house. He looks for Pihu. He finds Mani’s phone ringing. He answers. Niddhi says I m glad Mani you got ready to cooperate with me. Raman says is this… Mani takes his phone back and scolds Raman. Everyone come
home and look on. Raman says sorry to answer, but Niddhi…. Mani gets angry.

Raman says who was that, I felt it was…. Mani says I don’t need to explain, it was my personal call. Raman says I felt she was threatening you. Mani asks what, this is unacceptable, Ishita ask him to leave. Shagun scolds Raman. Pihu looks on. Raman goes to Pihu. Ishita stops him and asks Ruhi and Aaliya to take Pihu to room. Raman says wait, let me explain. Ishita asks what’s wrong with you, we met today and spent time, you sent roses, why did you break lock and answer Mani’s phone. He says I was talking to Pihu, she was sneezing and coughing, I called you and Mani, so I came here. She says why did you break lock, Mani is doing favor to keep us here, its wrong what you did, you thought we left Pihu at home by locking door. He says my intention was right, way was wrong. She says I don’t want you to meet Pihu, please, you spoil everything. He says I m doing this for my daughters. She asks him to leave. She goes. Dil kahin rukta nahi….plays…..

He says I can’t do anything for my daughter. He leaves. He recalls Ishita. Ishita thinks of him and cries. He cries thinking of her words. Its morning, Aaliya asks Adi where to meet. Ishita looks on. Aaliya says I will call later and ends call. Ishita says I have seen lipstick mark on Adi’s shirt, you got engaged, you will marry him in a year’s time, but decent distance is important, you are very sensible girl, there will be many such chances, you don’t have to take that step, that will be your and Adi’s decision, something look great at right thing, its beauty and definition changes, after marriage…. you understand right, I m your friend first, then mother, Adi and you are close to my heart, I want your life to be beautiful. Aaliya says sorry, I understand, I promise this won’t happen again. Ishita says no need to say sorry, youngsters getting carried away is normal, but after marriage, you will realize its beauty. Aaliya smiles.

Romi is with Mr. Choudhary. The man refuses to meet Mani. Romi asks what happened. The man tells about Mani’s big loan. Romi says he is a good businessman. The man says his shipment is not delivered, and he wants more finance.

Gaurav asks pandit to give any other solution. The pandit gives him a thread and asks him to convince Simmi, she is lucky for you. Gaurav says yes, since she came in my life, my business has profits. Pandit says either by love, or by some other way, you have to convince him.

Raman asks how can Mani do this, he said he invested in a big company. Romi asks the name of company. Raman tells him. Niddhi says great Mani, you have to make Raman against you, and break friendship with him. Mani asks why are you dragging him. Niddhi reminds about his aunty. Romi says this company is not registered. Raman worries and says it means Mani invested in fake company, its fraud, we need to help him out, get this company’s details, Mani should not know.

Niddhi says you have to do this work, don’t know how you do it. She goes. Mani leaves. Gaurav meets Simmi. She says I m packing my stuff. He gifts her. She asks what’s this other packet. He says its for Ananya, she will miss you, I got activity book for her, she will be busy. She thanks him, He says I know you don’t trust Parmeet, I will take care of Ananya. Ananya comes and greets him. He gifts her and says I will be with you. She says even Papa is there. He says of course, but I m your friend, you can call me if you need help. Simmi smiles.

Raman comes to meet Pihu at school. He says I will gift her and apologize. Guard stops him and says you are not permitted to meet her. Raman says she is my daughter. Guard says I know you are her Papa, but principal gave this order, sorry. Raman says how can Ishita do this. Ishita talks to Amma on phone and hears Raman. Raman is stopped by guards in compound. He says let me go, my wife and children stay here, how can you stop me. Guards stop him.

Ishita sees him and comes down. She asks why are you stopping him. Guard says he is not permitted. She says who told you. Raman says stop acting, how can you do this, I m not allowed to meet Pihu even at school. She says I did not do it. He says then who can do this, tell me. Mani comes and says I did this. He asks guards to go. Raman asks you… Mani says your family is at my home, better stay away, Shagun can get affected by your impulsive behavior. Ishita asks how can you stop Raman. Mani says its decided, I don’t want any discussion. Raman says this won’t happen, you can’t stop me. He goes. Ishita says this is not done Mani. Mani leaves. Ishita sees Raman leaving and feels sad.