20 November Tuesday Update on True Love

Tuesday Update on True Love

Tappu sitting alone in her room when Veer arrives there but Tappu feels its Nani and asks Nani to go away since she doesn’t want to eat anything ;But then Veer comes in front and so Tappu is pleasantly surprised to see Veer there ; Veer then asks her why she is looking so upset on which Tappu tells Veer that she is scared after what all has happened ;So then Veer takes the food plate from the table and asks Tappu to close her eyes and try to remember about something which will make her feel good about it;Hearing this Tappu closes her eyes and remembers about Veer putting sindoor on her forehead and remembering it she gives a faint smile and says Veer’s name from her mouth after which Veer lovingly feeds Tappu (Errr I dunno what to say…Veer is feeding the same girl who is responsible for his own brother’s death …why do I feel that mayb Ichha deserved Vansh more than Veer if Vansh had a proper recovery …);

While Veer is feeding her, Tappu tells to herself that “I always tried to get Veer’s attention but failed everytime but I never thought that whatever happened during the puja will hv such a nice outcome and finally I will get his attention in this manner” ;While Veer is feeding Tappu, we see Ichha passing from the corridoor when she witnesses this sight of Veer feeding Tappu and gives a very helpless expression.

Ichha is shown sitting in Saanchi’s room and thinking about it while Saanchi had already gone to sleep ;Veer comes at night to meet Ichha in Saanchi’s room but Ichha pretends to b sleeping when Veer opens the door and so Veer goes away without talking to her ..

Next morning Ichha is doing her regular work in the room when Tappu comes to meet Ichha to return Veer’s watch to her which Veer had accidentally left in her room last night (If Veer himself is doing this blunder of feeding Tappu,then its obvious Tappu will take full advantage of this situation to taunt Ichha );Tappu then also tells Ichha that whatever happens actually happens for the best and now she feels that Veer not only cares for her baby but he cares for her also ;Ichha has no words left in her defence now ..

After Tappu leaves, Veer comes to the room to tell Ichha about their new project which will b beginning soon now ;Hearing this Ichha doesn’t react much when Veer asks her why she din’t bring the dahi-shakkar today since he will b launching his project today on which Ichha mechanically replies that she was goiig to the kitchen to bring dahi-shakkar only ;Before Ichha leaves,Veer lovingly calls Ichha towards him..holds her hand and tells her that when he will b launching this project,he wants her to put the first diamond from their production on her finger ;Hearing this Ichha says ok and leaves which puts Veer is a spot of confusion regarding Ichha’s indifferent behaviour .

In the office, Umed-Satya and Veer r discussing about the launch of their project but Veer feels that since its a very big project,so they need a really big land for it on which Satya tells Veer that he spoke to the bank people and they will take at least 3-4 months to finish up all the procedures and provie the loan but it can give us quick loan if we can give them some big property as guarantee ;..CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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