20 November Tuesday Update on This is Love

Tuesday Update on This is Love

Raman and Ishita coming home in a taxi. Raman says I have less time, I have to reach…. Bala stops them. He asks Raman where are you going in hurry, you did Vandu’s murder, how could you, she regarded you brother, you crushed her under car and left, if you took her to hospital, she could have survived, Ishu please I don’t want to listen, Raman look in my eyes and say you did not do murder, say the truth. Ishita says why does everyone want to prove Raman did accident, you know he can’t do this, are you listening.

Bala says I want you to say truth Raman. Raman says I… Bala says you are a liar. He beats up Raman. He says you are mean to break my family, you killed Vandu, I will kill you. Ishita comes in between and says stop it. Bala says shut up,
you are a liar, you are supporting Raman, did you forget your sister, Vandu and I always stood with you, what did you go, you proved Raman is on one side and world on other side, even if Raman kills anyone, I wish I died along with Vandu, you forgot everything Ishita. Ishita cries. Bala says its very good, you did brilliant job, from today, there is no relation between us, I could not imagine you can do this, its all over. He shouts and leaves. Ishita cries. Raman holds her. Ishita and Raman go home.

Adi is in office and recalls client’s words. Mr. Bhatia comes. Adi asks him to sit. Bhatia says I wanted to talk to you. Adi says sorry I did not know about this meeting, Raman and Romi are not in office. Bhatia says I came to meet you to discuss something personal, I m hearing everyone praising Ruhi, I want such girl for my son, who is modern, independent and business minded, I want you to talk to Ruhi about my son. Adi says Ruhi is very young. Bhatia says I m not in hurry, Ruhi is young, but mature and sensible, atleast let her meet my son, I know even your engagement happened but there is time for marriage, same way we can take talk ahead. Adi says fine, I will talk to Ruhi. Bhatia says thanks, inform me when to fix their meeting.

Adi smiles and says I can’t believe this, proposals are coming for Ruhi, Papa and Ishi maa will be glad. Raman says I don’t know I m doing right or wrong. Ishita comes to him. She apologizes. He says don’t worry, you are with me, I m sure I will make everything fine, I know what happened with Vandu, I can’t tell you, I m helpless. Romi gives him papers and says you got permission to go out, but you have to come back in 10 days. Raman asks him to take care of everyone. He asks Ishita to take care, I will come back and make everything fine. Ishita thinks I don’t know what’s going on in Raman’s mind, I trust Raman. Romi asks where is Raman going. She says some business emergency. He says why in this situation, its fine, I understood. He takes Raman’s bag.

Inspector doubts on Raman’s complaint and thinks to check formal FIR. He says we have to see this case from every angle, check Raman’s car again, we will get some clue.

Aaliya asks why are you thanking me, its my duty to manage Pihu and Ananya, I think I should leave, Shagun is alone at home. Ishita asks how is she. Aaliya says she was sounding low on phone. Ishita thanks her. Aaliya says you are thanking again, you come with me, your mood will change, Shagun will also be glad. I know what happened between you and Amma. Ishita says I m not in right frame of mind, I don’t want Shagun to see me this way, sorry, go to Shagun, she needs you. Aaliya goes.

Pihu comes and asks Ishita why did you not go to Amma’s house, she called all ladies from building, come. Ishita says we are not needed to go there, Amma is annoyed with me, when her anger gets less, we will meet her. Pihu says I will go there and see, Amma loves me, she is not angry with me. Pihu goes. Ishita thinks maybe Amma’s anger gets down by seeing Pihu.

Inspector says Raman’s fingerprints are on the car, but steering wheel has no fingerprints, as if the marks are erased. The man says why would Raman do this, he would have erased all the fingerprints. The constable gets the pen holder pin. Inspector asks them to show it to Ishita and find out.

Adi and Aaliya are on the way. Adi tells about proposal for Ruhi. He says Ruhi will be glad hearing this. Aaliya says why do you think so, we are not ready for marriage, how can Ruhi agree so soon. He says I know, Ruhi can meet the guy, I want her to be happy, I can suggest this to her. She says you don’t know her future planning, she is doing good in business. He says I know, she has gone through a lot in childhood, I want her to get some good life partner who keeps her happy, like we are happy. Aaliya nods.

Amma talks to building ladies and asks them to boycott Bhalla family. She says Raman killed my daughter. The lady asks what about Ishita. Ishita takes mobile and a vase falls and breaks. Amma says our relation broke, she made fun of my values, she thinks she can do anything, Raman is a murderer. Pihu shouts my Papa is not a murderer, what are you saying. Amma says I know what I m saying, your Papa is a murderer, your mum is a liar. Pihu shouts no. Amma says her parents gave her such values. Neelu comes to Ishita and asks her to come fast, Amma and Pihu are shouting.

Ishita rushes. Pihu says Amma is lying, my mumma Papa are not such. Amma pushes her. Ishita comes and holds Pihu. She says Amma…. Pihu is a little girl, how are you behaving with her, you get anger on us, why on her. Pihu says my Papa is not murderer, explain Amma. Ishita says Amma has misunderstanding, go, I will explain her. She sends Pihu with Neelu.

She asks why are you behaving such with Pihu. Amma scolds her and says don’t send her here, my house doors are shut for a murderer’s family. Ishita asks why are you doing drama in front of others. Amma asks are you ashamed, you did not get shame when you lied, your husband killed my daughter, he may kill someone else tomorrow. Ishita says you are forgetting I have lost my sister, I also have pain, you will not believe anything, its my challenge, give me 2 days, I will prove my husband is innocent, he did not do anyone’s accident. Amma says fine, I m waiting, I want to see what you do, how will you get proof, you will have fake proof. He asks the ladies to support her, a murderer is staying in their building. The lady says we understand your sorrow. Amma asks Ishita not to talk in between. The lady says Bhallas always helped other, we are feeling bad seeing the tension between your families, we can’t decide who is right and wrong. Amma says fine then leave, you come to me when you know truth. The lady apologizes. All of them leave. Amma stares at Ishita and asks her to leave, I don’t need you. Ishita leaves.

 Ishita getting Amma’s call. She gets a call and says fine, I will just come. Adi talks to Aaliya on call. He says yes, I will explain him, we have special bond, he will not refuse to me. He sees Shravan. He goes to him and says you are sitting here, see what I got for you, surprise. He says I got your fav icecream, you remember we used to have icecream here, come we will have it. He says we will go upstairs, come. He takes Shravan. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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