18th Oct Thursday Update on Young Love

18th Oct Episode

Location: Jaitsar haveli
While working in the kitchen, sumitra is being very careless and drops utensils on the floor. Gehna asks her what happened. Sumitra hesitatingly tells Gehna that she had a bad premonition that she had given away jagiya’s dearest toy to shiv and that jagiya is crying. She is surprised that such a thought came when anandi is starting her new life and that the goddess wont ever forget her for being so selfish in her thoughts. gehna pacifies her saying that she is liable to feel since jagiya is her son and that relation can never change. Suymitra argues that she’s anandi’s mother too and hence she insulted her relation with her by thinking like that for jagiya. Gehna tries to explain to her that she shouldnt think like that as what she has done for anandi, not even real parents are able to do. But she is still unconvinced and says that it could mean only one thing that she loves jagiya more than she does anandi and that she’s selfish in her love for jagiya and all that she says she feels for anandi is a sham. Gehna asks her to look into herself and her heart would give her the answers. Even anandi would say the same if she asked her. The mistake was jagiya’s because of which anandi who had developed a deep relation with this house, had to start a new life over leaving the haveli. She reminds sumitra of the time when she had vehemently said no to marriage proposal by dadisa. she insists that they did send a daughter and not a daughter in law from this haveli. Sumitra too realises that she shouldnt be so harsh on herself. And that she should be happy that anandi is moving on away from her painful past.

Location: Udaipur haveli
the sound of the alarm wakes anandi up. She looks around surprised and finds shiv sleeping on the sofa. She goes to him to stop the alarm on his watch and wakes him up by the movement. She tells him to stop the alarm. While she goes from there, getting ready in front of the mirror, shiv is mesmerised and gazing at her. She tells him to keep the volume low for the alarm since she would be scared. He laughs at this and on being asked the reason by her, shows her the video that he had shot last night. She too is surprised to see it, shiv says that he had already told that they were tired. He also says that while she slept, he kept watching her. she grows shy and looks down. He then says that he forgot another important work and that is give her a gift that is way priceless and would be way close to her heart than any gift she has ever received from him or his family. He gives her a remote with a button and ask her to press it pointing to a wall. She does so and unveils a large size picture of her with her family. She is overwhelmed and goes towards the picture and has tears in her eyes. Shiv comments that he hopes she wont miss them that much and feel their presence around her but on the condition that she doesnt forget he too lives with her in this room. This brings a smile to her face and she says that it indeed is a priceless gift. She also says that every husband brings along new relations for his wife, but he brought her old relations with her into his house. She says that she respects him all the more for this. He congratulates her on the first day of their married life. She too does the same and he wipes er tears with his fingers.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Sumitra preparing breakfast has a dizzy spell and almost faints. Gehna sees this and is concernedly reprimanding her fopr not taking care of herself and relazing since she isnt feeling well since morning. She says that she hs already called lal singh to check her up since she has been very tired since the rituals of the marriage and not had much sleep or rest, despite sumitra protesting that she’s fine.

Location: In jaitsar village
dadisa gives money to a person and gives him the job of finding out about jagdish and also warn him that nobody in the village or her family should know about this. He leaves, assuring that noone would know and that he would find jagiya in 3-4 days. When dadisa turns back, she finds makhan standing surprised. She tells him also to remaain tight lipped about this. He agrees. They get in the jeep. makhan comments that it would be very good if jagiya returns to the haveli. She says she hopes so too.

Location: Udaipur haveli
Anandi begins to tidy up the bed saying its the first thing they do in the morning. Shiv jokes that she is telling him or dictating rules. She gets back to her work smiling. Seeing shiv also joining her, she asks him not to do since she can manage herself. But he explains to her that in their house, the work is not discriminated amonst men and women and he is not the type of husband who watches while their wife works. She picks up the blanket to reveal the untouched heart made of rose petals. Both have a slightly awkward moment. she goes to pick them up, but is topped by shiv saying that every person dreams of their first marital night. and he wont lie saying that he didnt have dreams. He says that he did, but they were not fulfilled due to tiredness, alrams, time restraint and then finally her dozing off to sleep. But he says that he plans to fulfill those dreams tonight with her and that he would spend his entire day in anticipation for tonight. their second night together would in fact be their first. all the while, anandi is extremely shy and nervous and conscious of her proximity to shiv. He holds her by the shoulders and leans in closer to her. She nervously says that she has to bathe. He lets go of her, while she takes her clothes and rushes to the bathroom while shiv smilingly watches.

Location: Udaipur haveli
when anandi comes out of the bathroom, shiv again in a romantic mood tries to get closer and intimate with her. she is very nervous and also embarassed and doesnt know what to do. But she again wiggles out of her grip when she gets nervous and seems emotionally and mentally not ready for romanctic involvement with shiv. He too doesnt react, lest to hurt her feeling. Ira steps into her room and while talking to her also notices the rose petal shaped as a heart undisturbed on the bed. She doesnt say anything and takes anandi down the stairs for breakfast.

While she steps down, sanchi forced by her habit, passed a stinging comment at anandi. She is hurt but doesnt react. The whole of shiv’s family is angry at sanchi for such stupidity and mahi is about to hit her when shiv steps in and surprisingly stands for sanchi and supports her and asks mahi not to misbehave with her. Everyone is baffled.

When ira gets to make all the arrangements, anandi says that its very unusual for her that she doesnt have to be in charge of her duties. dadji too asks her to relax and not bothr about mannerisms and have a seat with shiv.

When mahi asks her for their honeymoon location, she is first baffled and so isshiv. She however humbly refuses the offer of going anywhere for visiting and spending time with shiv citing the reason that being the collector of jaitsar, he would soon have to return back to the village. and whatevr time they have left before they return back, she wants to spend that time with shiv’s family. mahi too jokes about not sending his wife to anandi for giving her such suggestions. dadji too praises anandi for being such an ideal daughter in law. While they get ready for going to the temple, anandi remembers shiv’s romantic dialogues earlier in the day and is tensed.