17th Oct Wednesday Update on True Love

17th Oct Episode

When Veer suggests that Taps is faking her pregnancy, Ichcha asks how its possible to tell such a huge lie. He tells Ichcha not to worry about it for now, and he suggests that she goes to visit Ammo. She agrees. There in Taps’ room, she expresses to Nani how she is tired of this act and is worried that after it all she will end up losing Veer. The next day, Ichcha sneaks up on Ammo and surprises her. Ammo asks how Taps and Nani are, and if they are giving her any trouble. Ichcha assures her that Veer takes good care of her. She changes the topic and asks Damini to bring her something to eat.

At the Bundela house, Taps is telling Nani how she is gaining weight with all this food she is being given to eat. She talks abt joining a gym. Nani tells her that her extra weight is good and makes their story more believable. She leaves but Taps calls up the gym anyway. Mai enters and talks to Taps abt all the kheer she is making for her. Taps talks Mai into agreeing to send her to a yoga class for the benefit of the child. There, Damini tells Ichcha that she and Veer should think about having a child. She tells her abt how happy it will make them all and tells Ichcha to consider it.

At the Bundelas, Mai is looking through Vansh’s old clothes with Chanda and reminisces his childhood. Chanda asks abt a leather jacket in the pile but Mai tells her to throw it out, as it was a gift from Tej Singh. Nani walks in on this conversation and tells Chanda to put all those old memories away. She comforts Mai and thinks to herself that it’s time to do something drastic.

Meanwhile Veer calls Ichcha to let her know that he’s coming to get her. He sees Taps entering the gym from his car and tells Ichcha that he’ll call her back. He follows her into the gym and acts like he wants a tour so he is admitted in. He looks around for her, and finally is shocked seeing her on a treadmill.

Veer seeing Tappu inside the Gym and he also listens to one of the Gym instructors who talks about Tapasya wanting to reduce 5 kilos weight in few days time ;Veer is shocked and confused seeing all this ..

At Jogi’s house, Damini’s friends have come to meet her when Pushkar comes there and taunts Damini for invitinig her friends and partying in JogiDivya’s absense ;Damini’s friends leave in embarassment and Pushkar keeps on taunting Damini for forgetting her limits in the house (Someone remind Pushkar about his own identity )..

Just then Jogi enters the house with his luggage when Pushkar is a bit afraid thinking Damini might spill the beans ;Jogi sees Damini a bit sad and asks her whats the matter when Pushkar with other words tries to divert Jogi’s attention but Jogi ignores Puskar and tells Damini that Divya will come after some time but since he had some urgent work,so he came back early and then Jogi again asks Damini whats the matter but Damini tells Jogi that there is nothing wrong and that she will bring some tea for him ..

Rohini is shown eating inside the ktichen when Pushkar comes and informs her that Jogi is back and so their days of fun r almost over now. Tappu is shown coming back from the gym when she sees Mai-Chanda sitting in Nani’s room and seeing the doll which is Tappu’s childhood favourite ;Mai then asks Tappu about her yoga classes and what all they taught on which Tappu lies to Mai that since today was the first day ,so they only spoke about the daily diet and how to handle the baby in the hand ;Hearing this Mai hands over the doll to Tappu and asks her to show her how to handle the small baby ;

Tappu is all screwed up now and handles the doll in a weird manner by putting her hand on the doll’s back when the hand is suppose to b on the doll’s head since a new born baby should always b held making sure the head is safe ;Seeing Tappu handling the doll in a OTT manner ,Mai and Chanda r confused when Nani tries to cover it up by telling Mai that this is how today’s generation might handle the baby ;Nani then takes the doll from Tappu’s hand and tells her that a new born baby’s head is very delicate and so the hand must always remain at the back of the baby’s head; Mai then tells Tappu that Nani will teach her everything ;Tappu is looking a bit scared now. Veer is shown thinking about Tappu’s last night fiasco and gym fiasco and wonders how can she go to a gym to reduce weight when she is pregnent ..

In the lunch table, Tappu and Mai r hving lunch when Jogi calls up Tappu on her mobile and reminds her for the weekly check-up tomorrow; After putting down the phone,Mai tells Tappu that she too will go with her tomorrow for her check-up ;Hearing this both Nani and Tappu r again screwed up ..

Just then Umed is shown returning from somewhere ;Mai tells Umed that she will get food for him on which Umed sees Ichha sitting there without hving her food and so Umed tells Gunwanti that today he will have food with his Bahu Ichha and he will eat whatever Ichha has made ;Hearing this Ichha feels happy but in a hesitent tone she tells Umed that she has not prepared anything for her and ate only fruits since she was alone ;Hearing this Umed tells her that she should eat properly and never compromise on eating and then tells Ichha to prepare something for both her and him ;Ichha feels happy and tells Umed that she will prepare something for them both.

Tappu and Nani inside the room r showing their worries for tomorrow since Gunwanti will b coming with them to visit the gynac ;Tappu starts buttering up Nani again with her sweet irritating words and asks Nani to do something to stop Gunwanti from coming with them ;So then Nani asks Tappu to relax and watch TV while she will think of something ;Nani then puts on the TV when that color’s new show Phulwa’s trailor comes and Tappu-Nani r shown promoting that show saying they too will watch it.

At night Ichha is thinking about Damini’s words of starting a family when Veer comes there and asks her what is she thinking on which Ichha after a lot of blushing and hesitation tells Veer that Ammo was telling her about starting a family and thinking of a baby now ;Hearing this Veer is very happy and hugs Ichha and tells her that even he was thinking about the same ;So then Ichha tells Veer that she too wants to start a family but she wants Tappu to deliver her child first (I simply can’t understand Ichha sometimes );Hearing this Veer doesn’t agree and tells Ichha that why they need to take their life decision based on Tappu’s life status.