18 March Monday Update on This is Love


18 March Monday Update on This is Love

Ishita asking Aaliya was Nikhil always brave. Aaliya says he had casanova image, he had many female friends, then he left college, he is bit weird. Adi says I also misunderstood him before, he is good. Ishita says yes, he saves kids’ lives. Pooja comes home to meet Ruhi. Ishita says sorry, she is not at home, who are you. Pooja says I know you all. Garewal comes and introduces his daughter Pooja. Ishita asks them to come in.

Ruhi asks Nikhil to tell him if this lightens his heart. She says but just know my feelings won’t change for you, I told Ishita about my feelings. He says it won’t be easy, how will they react knowing I m married. Pooja gifts Ishita and says its my way to thank you. Riya has changed a lot, she talks about you all, Ruhi is her fav,
I wish I could meet Ruhi. Garewal says meet her later, this is Raman, my talented student, he has become a business tycoon now. Raman praises her for setting an example for all single mothers. She says my support system is my dad. Ishita says you are very lucky. Pooja says maybe that guy didn’t love me, he was after my money.

Nikhil says I was living my college life, I saw her at a friend’s party, we used to spend time and fell in love, she wanted to marry me but I was not ready, after knowing she belongs to rich family, I told her I will first settle and then try to give her a comfortable life. FB shows Pooja saying our love is imp, I m happy whatever you earn, I just want to be with you. FB ends. Nikhil says then we married, when time passed, we had problems, I couldn’t afford her wishes. FB shows Nikhil telling Pooja that he is trying hard, but he can’t afford dinner in five star every week. She says its my mistake to expect much from you. FB ends. He says I couldn’t fulfill her expectations, I learnt she is pregnant and felt all our distance will end and I was much happy, I thought to work hard and give what my family deserves, but….

FB shows Pooja saying I don’t want this child, you earn less and we can’t afford a maid. He says how can you think this, its our first baby, our love, how can you abort this child. She says its my decision and its final. He raises hand and stops. FB ends. Ruhi asks what, did you beat her. Nikhil says no, I was much disappointed and left your home, I was thinking how can she think of aborting the child, my anger calmed till morning, I came home, but she wasn’t there, I contacted her dad and he said she has moved on and I should also move on, then she has sent divorce papers, I signed as I didn’t wish her to have more problems. He cries. Ruhi asks what about that child. He says I don’t know if child is alive or not, I m child’s father, you also know this.

Pooja says thank God I could save my child, I was in much stress and felt to abort child, then dad supported me, and today I have a good position in business. Raman says such man has no chance to live. Ishita says Riya is a lovely girl. Nikhil says I m a loser, if I was settled, she would have not left me. Ruhi hugs him and says you are not a loser, she left you, its her loss, I know that Nikhil who gives love to everyone. He says I m thinking this and you collided with you, I don’t know what will she tell you, maybe I have hurt her, I don’t want to hurt you, one I love gets away from me. She asks him to stop cursing himself, I also stayed without love for much time, so maybe they got pulled towards each other, if I meet her, I won’t ask anything as my Nikhil told everything to me, I will always be with you, stop crying. They hug.

Garewal says we are going back to Mumbai, we place Ganpati idol. Pooja says Riya wants to celebrate it with Pihu, can we take Pihu along, I mean there will be servants at home. Garewal says yes. Raman says Pihu will come with you. Ishita says I will ask Pihu first. Garewal asks Raman and Ishita to come along. Raman agrees. Garewal asks all of them to come. Mr. Bhalla says children will come. Aaliya asks Ishita to get designer sarees for her. Mihika asks them to shop. Garewal says we should leave now. Ishita stops Pooja and says I have to give something. Raman says Ishita and I will come tomorrow, we will take cab and come your home, no need of formalities. Ishita gives sweets for Riya. She says I had to talk about Riya.

Pooja asks her to say. Ishita says Riya misses you a lot, family life, she always stays with servants, child wants mum’s love, its good for child, time table can’t take love’s place, you sacrificed a lot for her, if she gets your time, it will be better. Pooja says everyone doesn’t have big family to manage children, I have to see business. Ishita says I understand, your business won’t spoil if you give her some time, Ruhi went through same problem. Pooja says she is my daughter, I have to raise her, I m doing best for her. Garewal comes. Ishita says maybe its not best, we have to change for children. Garewal says I can’t tolerate anyone interfering in my house matters. Raman asks what happened. He goes after them. Ishita says I tried to explain softly, I really feel Pooja is lying, her actions show she doesn’t really care that much for her daughter. Raman says sorry Sir. Garewal says tell your wife to mind her own work, my daughter doesn’t need anyone’s advice. Raman asks Ishita why did she give gyaan to Pooja. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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