16th Oct Tuesday Update on True Love

Veer taunting Tapasya about her night-out and the fact that the person who came to drop her never came inside to meet them ;Veer also taunts Tapasya about her previous day drama of coming back home in Taxi to get Mai’s sympathy when for her these nightouts r a regular thing ;Tappu is quiet when Nani comes to her rescue and takes her inside the room but Veer gets a doubt regarding whether she is pregnent or just donig a drama of pregnency (Good..these days Veer is donig smart use of his brain cells )

Inside the room Tappu and Nani r all frustated and scared with the thought of Veer might have already had a doubt about her pregnency ;Nani also blasts Tappu for going out for the party despite asking her not to go at night ;Both r scared now.

At Jogi’s house since both Jogi and Divya r out of station,Pushkar is taking its advantage and ordering the servants for some costly delicacies but the servant replies that Divya has already locked the storeroom before leaving and so he cannot hv it ;So then Pushkar uses his wife Rohini and asks her to lie to Damini that Divya has asked her to give all the hisab-kitaam and spendings of the house to him during her absense ;So then Rohini tells the same to Damini and also tells Damini that afterall they r only guests in the house and so Pushkar is the right candidate according to Divya who should keep the hisab-kitab of the house in their absense;Damini trusts Rohini’s words and her expressions suggest that she will give all the hisab-kitab details to Pushkar now (So very soon Jogi-Divya too might shift to Bundela house if Pushkar makes them bankrupt )..

Next morning ,Mai tells Nani that she needs to go to one of the relative’s son’s mundan ceremany but she doesn’t feel like leaving Tappu alone but Nani suggests Mai to go and not worry for Tappu since she is here; Mai then asks for Tappu on which Nani as usual lies to Mai that she was not feeling very good and so resting inside the room on which Mai suggests to take Tappu to a doctor but again Nani lies to Mai that Tappu is fine and that Tappu just wants to eat some badaam ka laddoo which she and Chanda will prepare for her now ;Mai is convinced and leaves…

In the kitchen Nani is preparing the laddoo when she asks Chanda not to put til in it since its not good for pregnent woman on which Chanda agrees but as soon as Chanda gets busy with some other work,Nani secretly takes some til from the bowl and puts it in a jar which is kept in Ichha’s portion of the kitchen ;Ichha then comes to the kitchen when Nani shows some tiredness deliberately and asks Ichha to help her out in the kitchen when Chanda tells Nani that she will help her out since Mai will not allow Ichha to cook anything for Tappu (Chalo Chanda is becoming honest now );But after Chanda leaves,Nani again asks Ichha to help her out but Ichha tells Nani that Mai will never like it on which Nani tells Ichha that she will talk to Mai about this issue but for now she wants her to prepare these laddoos since her arms r paining ;Finally Ichha agrees when Nani deliberately tells Ichha to put some til in the laddoo and goes out of the kitchen ;But Kasa Kaka overhears Nani telling Ichha to add til in the laddoo from outside the kitchen (Finally some positivity is shown in the serial ..so even if Nani blames Ichha for the fiasco…Kasa Kaka is there as the witness )…

Mai later comes to meet Tappu in the bedroom to ask her if she is fine when Chanda too comes with those laddoos for Tappu ;Mai asks Chanda whether she has taken proper lunch on which Chanda says that Tappu has not eaten much and so Mai gives tohse laddoos to Tappu ;Tappu takes a bite of the laddoo and then tells Mai that she doesn’t feel like eating anymore ;Mai then asks her to relax and leaves from there.. After coming out of the room,Mai sees that the laddoo contains Til and so she asks Chanda who has given til in this laddoo on which Chanda replies that she and Nani only prepared this laddoo but has not added any til ;So then Mai too tells that Nani cannot add til then who can do this.READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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