16th Oct Tuesday Update on This is Love

Mr. Bhalla saying I will support Ishita, I will come along. Amma shouts Ishu….. I felt you always take correct decision, you don’t take wrong step, what’s all this, breaking relations, leaving house, is this fine, your Appa and I have seen many ups and downs, did I leave him. Ishita says you and Appa are different, you always stood together, you trust Appa, he will not take wrong way, he will not react in anger, he will not beat anyone, he is well behaved, you taught us to walk on right path with high head, we always did this, right Mihika, and Appa and Amma respect each other, its mutual respect, your life got easy, what are my children seeing, mother is disrespected publicly, I don’t want their father to give them wrong examples, my son has grown up, but

my daughters are young, I have to take them.
Raman talks to her rudely and says I love my daughters a lot, we married for first time for Ruhi’s sake, I would have proved Ruhi innocent. She says what if you could not, then Ruhi’s life would have got ruined. Romi says Ruhi has come back, why are you fighting, Raman can say sorry and end this. Raman asks are you mad, why should I say sorry, on whose side are you, mine or hers. Romi says sorry, I m with Ishita this time. Raman says I got the answer.

Mihika asks Romi what is he saying. Romi says I m saying what I feel right, if Ishita goes, I will also leave house. Mrs. Bhalla says fine if she is more imp than mum, you also get lost. Mr. Bhalla says now this will happen, Romi get your bag, I will get mine.

Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is giving good lesson, you broke family and relations, you did not do this right. They all cry and go.

Simmi gets Gaurav’s call. He asks her to come with him, he is going to invite minister for my new venture opening. She says I can’t step out, there is some problem at home, trust me, sorry, I will talk later. He says please listen. She ends call. He says I will make pandit call. He tells Pandit that Simmi is not coming, give me some other solution, what, to find a white cow, fine I will see. Ananya helps Pihu. She asks ate you really leaving. Pihu says yes, I don’t know what to leave here and what to take along, I m feeling very sad. Mihika sees them. Pihu hugs Ananya. Mihika cries and goes.

Gaurav waits to meet minister. He meets Parmeet adn says you.. Parmeet says I m minister’s PA. Gaurav says I came to invite minister for new venture inauguration. Parmeet says have a seat, let me check his free dates, sorry, Sir has many meetings, its not possible. Gaurav asks him to stop playing cheap games. Parmeet says I m saying true. Gaurav says I proposed Simmi, so you are getting anger. Parmeet says no, Simmi refused to you, how does it matter. Gaurav says so she told this to you, why will she tell you what she told me. Parmeet says I know she will not lie to me. Gaurav reminds they got divorced, and Simmi changed, she is ready to move on with me. He leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla why is he leaving instead explaining Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says Raman did not ay sorry and convince Ishita, so I m supporting her, maybe he gets sense seeing this, you got blind in mother’s love and not seeing his mistake, you explain Raman. She asks are you mad, why will Raman apologize, he did that for daughter, he is a father, you would have done same. He shouts no, I would have not done this, I would have not ruined child’s life. Romi tells Raman that I m going there to inform you what Ishita is thinking and doing, you will worry for Ruhi and Pihu, women don’t understand, leave it.

Ishita asks Appa do you think so. Appa says your Amma was right, no father will want a daughter’s house to break. She says I know your values, its about my daughters, tough steps are to be taken when same thing is repeated, I don’t care what others think, I feel what was happening before is right, if you are not supportive, its fine, its my decision. Appa says I will always be with you. She thanks Appa.

Raman says its good to hear this. Romi says yes, yu can just say sorry and stop Ishita. Raman says leave it, she will come back on own in few days. Romi says Papa seriously said he is leaving home, I have to leave also, as I said. He says I bet they will come back. Romi says it can be your overconfidence. Raman says no, I have confidence on myself and my love, I love Ishita a lot, and she loves me much more, she will come back. Ruhi cries seeing family pic. Adi asks her not to take tension, Raman and Ishita love each other a lot, they can’t live without each other. He hugs her and says I felt you are strong. She says no, everything is happening because of me, I wanted them to be together, today they are getting away because of me, I should have not met Suhail, I regret that day. He says stop blaming yourself, you did not know about Suhail, we will bring them back together. He hugs her.

Mihika says I did not expect this from you, you disappointed me, I always supported you, I told you Pihu’s state, you are not changing your decision. Ishita says why shall I change, sorry I don’t want your opinion. Mihika asks do you think this decision is right for them. Ishita says I know to handle my children, what’s right and wrong for them in long run. Mihika says don’t you think you are doing what Shagun did, she also took Pihu, please don’t do this. Ishita says I won’t change decision, this is not right for my children, Raman has to learn a lesson, I have to do this. I m doing this for my children, I will not change my decision.

Mr. Bhalla, Romi and Ruhi come with their bags. Ruhi says Pihu will come later, she is with Ananya. Appa says I will explain your Amma, I m always with you Ishu. Ishita sees Raman and leaves with them. Raman looks on.

Adi talking to Aaliya on phone. She asks what, Ishita left home, I can’t believe she can break home. He says I know, but this time she left with Ruhi and Pihu, I don’t blame her, you know how Raman behaves. She says I know, don’t worry, I will come there and talk to Ishita. She turns and sees Shagun. Shagun asks is it true that I heard about Ishita and Raman. Aaliya says yes. Shagun says Pihu told me, she sounded upset, she is also at Iyer house.

Appa asks Mr. Bhalla to have tea. Ishita asks where will Mr. Bhalla stay. Appa asks him to share his room. Ishita asks Ruhi and Pihu to stay in Vandu’s room, they are away. Ruhi agrees, and says I will give juice to Pihu. Appa asks Romi to share room with Shravan. Romi agrees. Appa and Mr. Bhalla leave. Ishita
says Romi, you don’t need to prove that you are on my side, no need to stay in discomfort. He says its fine, I know you are doing this to change Raman, we will change Raman. Shagun says Raman will never change, this time Ishita did right, but …. where are you going. Aaliya says I m going to meet Ishita. Shagun says I will come along, I hope you realize I helped Ishita in freeing Ruhi, I want to meet Pihu, I m worried, even I m coming.

Ruhi asks Pihu to give her belongings. She asks Pihu to see there is much space, help me in setting all this. Pihi is sad. Ruhi says we are here for few days, think we will stay with Shravan, we got some change, cheer up. Pihu says I don’t like separation, Raman and Ishita got away again. Ruhi hugs her and says I promise you we will go from here to Papa soon.

Raman gets tooth ache and tells Mihika. Mihika asks is it aching a lot, I will get painkiller. She goes. Romi comes and asks what happened to you. Raman looks around and says nothing, don’t smile, Ishita can’t see my pain, you go and call her to check my dental plan, I thought Mihika will call her. Neelu comes. Romi says its emergency, call Ishita fast. Neelu goes. Raman acts and smiles. Neelu goes to Ishita and says Raman has tooth ache, please come. Raman says now Ishita will come running, she loves me a lot, but does not say, she will say, Raman what did you eat, you behave like kids, then she will say Ayyo murugan. They count down. Romi says Bhabhi…. They see Neelu. Raman screams in pain again. Neelu says Ishita gave this medicine. Raman asks is she not coming. She says no, she has sent letter. Raman says love better. Romi says your future is bad, she has sent bill. Raman asks Neelu to go and do her work. Romi says 95rs bill for 50rs medicines, will she loot family members, what’s use of having doctor at home. Raman says she is cheap.

Ishita says Raman would have thought I would come running, women do this, I won’t do this anymore, why to prove love, I m not helpless woman, I m doctor and did my duty. She cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays……..

Aaliya and Shagun come there. Shagun says I will meet everyone and take Pihu to park. She gets dizzy. Aaliya asks are you okay. Shagun says I feel dizzy, don’t know, it maybe weakness, I will meet Pihu. Aaliya holds her and says we will meet doctor, we can meet Pihu later. Appa asks Mr. Bhalla to arrange his clothes in cupboard. Mr. Bhalla says I feel awkward to come here this way. Appa says this is also your home, I m glad you stood with my daughter in such time. Mr. Bhalla says she is my daughter too, its not about son or bahu, its about right and wrong, I know Ishita is always right, maybe our wives don’t understand this, but we have to support truth. Amma comes to Mrs. Bhalla and says Vishwa did not stop me when I said I m leaving. Mrs. Bhalla says even Mr. Bhalla left me and did not worry for me. Amma says Vishwa will be busy with Mr. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla says leave it, I know Mr. Bhalla can’t stay without me. Amma says Vishwa can’t do any work without me.

Raman says why did Ishita get serious, shall I send her ration bill, how could she send me medicine bill. Romi says you were confident that she will come out, she did not come, weather is spoiling. Raman says what to do. Romi says we have to do something. Abhishek calls Raman and asks about Ishita, is she busy. Raman thinks how to tell Abhishek about our fight. He asks is anything urgent. Abhishek says our fiancee Divya has come, she wanted to meet Ishita and you. Raman says fantastic, we will meet her on dinner. Abhishek says sure. Raman says I will message venue details. He tells Romi that everyone will come back by my drama in dinner.

Raman goes to Iyer house and hopes Ishita opens the door. He rings bell. Ishita opens the door. He says I wish I asked for something else. He tells her that I know you are annoyed, I came to ask for a favor. She says I m not going to come back. He says I did not come to call you back, I wanted you to come on dinner. She refuses. He says Abhishek called and said his fiancee wanted to meet us, we can do this for Abhishek, behave normal, he does not know this, if his favors do not matter, then I will cancel the dinner. She says we will go. He asks are you sure, be ready at 8. She shuts door on his face. He says why is she angry, my charm will make her fall in love with me again. He goes.

Abhishek and Divya come to restaurant. She likes the place. He says its Raman’s choice, its Ishita’s fav restaurant. She says I want to know about their love story, I m so excited, where are they. He says they must be on their way. Raman and Ishita come. Divya greets them. She says I identified you two, please have a seat, I was very excited to meet you, Abhishek and I are going to get married, we get inspiration from you.. Ishita says its not like it appears. Raman stops Ishita. Divya asks about their love story, was it love at first sight. Ishita says no, it was hatred at first sight.

Raman tells their love story. He says her love changed me a lot. She says how did you change, anger spoils everything, love does not make everything fine, marriage is not bed of roses, many things have to be done to keep a relation, its not easy to stay with new person, person adjusts but sometimes its tough to bear some things, things do get difficult. Raman says if love is true, then no difficulty is big to overcome, you both are going to marry, I don’t want romance to end, like in our life. He says I have written all our good memories even in books, not just in heart. Ishita looks at him. Divya asks Raman to please read it. Raman reads Ishita I love you, I know I don’t need to say it, I m fine when you are with me, I get mad when you aren’t, you are my heartbeat, I m just yours and will always be yours, I did many mistakes but I will keep apologizing all life, don’t ever leave me, I love you my Jhansi ki Rani. Divya says I will cry hearing this, Raman is so romantic, Raman should give tips to Abhishek, Ishita is lucky, I m sure Raman would never hurt Ishita. Ishita checks the diary and says he wrote it with love. Raman says let it be. Ishita says he wrote so much, see….. Divya says its blank, nothing is written. Ishita says some husbands are such, who do less and say a lot. She cries.