16 November Friday Update on True Love

 16 November Friday Update on True Love

Ichcha convinces Veer to sit with Taps in the puja. Later, Taps is overjoyed when Chanda comes with a saree from Veer. Chanda thinks that it’ll be fun to see what happens later. Nani gets Taps all dressed up when they see Ichcha come out of her room, wearing a saree exactly identical to that of Taps. Nani taunts her and tells Ichcha to go change. She goes to her room. When Veer realizes she wants to change, he explains how he bought it for her when Mai told him to get a saree for Taps and requests her to wear it. The Thakurs, Damini and other guests arrive and the puja begins. Veer is called down and he enters with Ichcha. While the pundit chants the holy mantras, Veer is asked to put a red odhni over Taps’ head and he does while Ichcha watches sadly, and Damini looks on worried.

Ammo and Ichha going to the kitchen to prepare halwa-prasad for the puja while the puja is going in the drawing hall area; Damini in the kitchen asks Ichha that why she asked Veer to sit with Tappu in the puja when his face suggested that he never wanted to sit in that puja with Tappu on which Ichha tells Damini that she did all this for the happiness of her family since the baby in question here is not at fault and so she din’t want any injustice happen to the waaris of this family ;Hearing this Damini asks Ichha to tell her honestly whether she felt the pain or not when she saw Veer sitting with Tappu for the puja and putting the chunari on her head ;Hearing this Ichha remains silent for sometime and then tells Ammo that yes she did feel the pain but her trust on Veer will never be shaken because of all this ;Ichha then takes the halwa and goes to the drawing hall while Damini looks helplessly at Ichha ..

Puja is still going in the hall;Pandit asks Veer and Tappu to bring both their hands forward when Tappu brings her hand forward but Veer calls Ichha and asks her to sit in the puja with him ;Hearing this all r shocked and Nani immediately wispers to Gunwanti that how can Ichha sit in this puja ;Tappu too is shocked and even Ichha is shocked ;

So then Gunwanti tries to tell Veer that this is not possible on which Veer tells Gunwanti that till now he has respected all her decision and even sat with Tappu in this puja to fullfill his duties towards Tapasya’s child and his mother but now he needs to fulfill his duties towards his wife as well and since Ichha is his wife,so its his duty to make her sit with him in this puja ;

Hearing this Gunwanti has nothing to say but Nani gets up and opposes this idea by telling Veer that this is not possible since Ichha is not the mother of his child and so she can’t sit in this puja as per the rituals ;Hearing this Veer tells Nani that its not necessary that rituals can never be changed and in this case his child will hv two mothers…CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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