16 November Friday Update on This is Love

 Friday Update on This is Love

16 November

Ishita, Mihika and Vandu having a talk. Mihika pulls Vandu’s leg. Vandu says don’t joke about Bala. Bala calls Vandu. Ishita jokes. Vandu says we will go home. Mihika says no, we will have one more icecream. Vandu says fine, have it, I will talk to Bala. Vandu does out to talk and says there is no signal. Mihika says go ahead, there is network. Vandu gets a ball and gives to kid, asking her to go to her mummy. Romi calls Mihika. Ishita asks Mihika to talk and come. Vandu gets hit by a car. Ishita gets shocked seeing the accident. She shouts Akka and runs. Mihika sees Vandu and gets shocked. She shouts Akka and drops her phone. Ishita sees the car number and thinks its Raman’s car.

Ishita asks someone to call ambulance and help. Mihika asks people to help.
Mihika asks Ishita did you note car number. Ishita cries. Romi hears Mihika crying and asks her to say something, are you fine. He calls Ishita.

Ishita and Mihika take Vandu in their car. Ishita passes her phone to Mihika. Mihika cries. He asks what happened, why are you crying. Mihika says Vandu’s accident happened. He asks where. She says we are taking her to hospital. He says stop crying, I m coming.

Aaliya meets Adi in compound. She asks what happened. He says I m not getting sleep, I feel guilty and horrible, I forged Ruhi’s sign, I told Papa, but not Ruhi, don’t know I can face her or not. She says I know you did wrong, there is nothing big than person realizing mistake, we will tell Ruhi you did this for company’s good, she respects you, she will understand. He asks will she understand. She says yes. He thanks her and hugs. He gets Romi’s call. He gets shocked and asks what, Vandu’s accident. Aaliya gets shocked.

Ishita and Mihika take Vandu to hospital and cry. Vandu’s operation starts. Doctor says we will attend patient, you do paper work, what happened to her. Mihika says accident. He says its police case. Mihika says we will do all formalities, attend her. Ishita cries and recalls car number. She thinks Raman’s car, how can this happen. She calls Raman. Mihika says don’t know, who has hit Vandu and went, he did not see if Vandu is fine or not, he will go jail, why did I not see his face, will Vandu get fine, its all my fault, I asked her to spend time with us, why did I force her. Ishita hugs her. She thinks why did Raman not receive my call, its not possible.

Bala says Vandu came after long time and went with sisters, she has come, now I won’t let her go. He opens door and sees Adi and Romi. Romi says Vandu. Bala asks what happened to her. He hears Amma saying Vandu’s accident happened. He rushes to Amma and asks why are you crying, Vandu is strong, nothing will happen, we will go hospital. Mrs. Bhalla asks Aaliya and Ruhi to stay at home.

Mihika and Ishita worry. Inspector comes and talks to Mihika about Vandu’s accident. He asks were you there at accident time. Mihika says yes, Vandu got injured, she is in OT. Doctor comes out. Mihika asks how is Vandu, is she fine, can we meet her. Doctor says I m sorry, we could not save her. They get shocked and cry.

Everyone come to hospital. Ishita cries and hugs Amma. Amma and Appa ask what happened. Mihika hugs Romi. The ward boys bring Vandu’s body. Everyone get shocked. Bala holds Vandu’s hand. He recalls her. He sees Vandu’s face. Amma shouts Vandu. Everyone cry. Amma asks Appa to see Vandu. Mr. Bhalla asks inspector can we take body home. Inspector says we have to take body for postmortem. Bala refuses. Amma says Bala, let them take Vandu, we should find out who did this, we should punish that man who killed her, punish him. Ishita worries.

 Mani gets Aaliya’s call and asks what, Vandu’s accident, don’t tell this to Shagun, she is alone at home. Aaliya says fine I won’t tell her. He asks how is Ishu. Aaliya sees Ishita, Amma and other coming and says I will call you later. She asks about Vandu. Amma says Vandu is no more. Ruhi and Aaliya get shocked. Amma says none will cry, someone has hit my Vandu and ran away, he has murdered her, I will not sit quiet, the culprit should be punished.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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