15th November Friday Update on This is Love


15th November Friday Update on This is Love

Sudha won’t be taking you, we need you for work. Raman asks them to work, they are really lazy. Sudha says Ishita please don’t trouble them, you have a problem with me, why are you troubling them. Raman says I told this to you, don’t trouble my daughters, I will spoil their life now, out. Sudha says look at their state, I have got some food for them, allow me to feed them. Ishita says sorry, you can’t be trusted, get out. Simmi says I will feed this to hungry people, we give food to your sons. Karan faints. Rohan and Sudha shout and ask him to open his eyes. She asks Ishita to check Karan. Raman says they are acting to leave from here. He takes Sudha’s phone. Simmi jokes. They laugh. Bala and Amma come. Sudha asks Bala to help them. Raman says we know how much they can fall, they made Maasi their mum and got away with the fake marriages, they can do any drama. They all go.

Appa asks Nisha to come home with him. He says I m feeling weird, I m not able to tell my wife about you, how will you spend such a life with your husband. Nisha says he isn’t a good man. He says then file police complaint, I will come to police station with you. She says no, he has contacts in police dept, I will take back money from you when he goes away, I will start a new life, help me, I have got bonus today, keep it with you, I m afraid that someone might see me with you. She goes. He thinks more money, what shall I do, shall I talk to Ishu.

Everyone dines. Rohan says we have to take Karan to doctor, I beg you, please its imp. Ishita says we will help you. He thanks her. Raman says Ishita I need to talk to you, no need to take them, we got them here for a motive, don’t forget it. She says we can’t trust them, but if Karan is not acting then, we have to take him to hospital, we can’t risk his life, Sudha will get punished for her misdeeds. Raman goes to them and says we will help you. Sudha thanks Raman. She promises she won’t do anything. Raman says you won’t do any drama and not talk of taking them back. She accepts all his conditions. He says if you go against, I will ask Payal to file case against you. Ishita says we will take him to nearby hospital, not Survodaya hospital. Sudha says fine, do anything, just save my son. Appa says what will I tell Madhu and give this money. He thinks I can’t lie to her, Nisha made me promise that I won’t tell this to anyone. He decides to lie again and say that its his friend’s money. He says I hope Madhu will believe me. He asks what happened to Karan. Ishita says he fainted, we are taking him to hospital.

Sudha asks doctor to save Karan, and not worry about money. Raman says he just fainted, he will get fine. Doctor says I think the situation is critical, did he had weakness or fever. Rohan says yes. Sudha says these people are torturing my son a lot, Karan works a lot, they don’t even give them food, he is in this condition because of them. Ishita says they have a proper meal, they should be healthier. Doctor says his BP got high and he collapsed, I hope he doesn’t get any clot in brain. Sudha cries. Doctor says we will have to shift him in ICU.

Raman says I don’t know if he is acting or not. Ishita says Karan is really ill, its not Sudha’s hospital. Rohan asks Sudha to relax, nothing will happen to Karan. Simmi calls Aaliya. Aaliya says matter is serious here. Simmi says I tortured them. Mrs. Bhalla and Mihika feel guilty too. Ishita says we should just pray that he gets fine, Karan is young, he will recover. Raman asks them to go home. Ruhi says we want to stay here. Appa goes. Ishita says I will talk to the doctor. Rohan asks Sudha to take medicines. Sudha refuses. Ishita comes to pacify. Sudha says if anything happens to Karan, I will not leave you all. Rohan says ignore these people, we should focus on Karan. He asks Ishita to leave them alone.

Doctor comes and says his BP is high, he is weak. Sudha goes to meet Karan. Ishita prays that Karan gets fine. She says we didn’t want this, we wished these guys to respect girls, I feel bad for him. Pandit says our prayer works when nothing else does. She takes the flower and goes to keep under his pillow. She gets the ECG cables and says its not even connected, how are machines showing up, is he sedated, Raman was right, its their drama. She changes the settings of the machine. Sudha pays the doctor. He says I don’t want any trouble. She asks him not to worry, if anything happens to Karan, she won’t leave him.

He says he is given mild dose, he will sleep for some time. Sudha says Bhallas are emotional fools, we troubled them so much, we scared and threatened them, they couldn’t figure out our drama, we got Karan here, their acting was amazing. Rohan says we can do anything to come back to you. She says I will take you home. Ishita comes and says Karan is sinking, come fast, he is unable to breathe, there is something wrong, come fast and check him. They all go to see Karan. Sudha says he is fine, did you go mad. Ishita says he is no more, there is flat line on monitor. Sudha asks what nonsense, his breathe is running. Ishita says his pulse isn’t running, he is dead. Sudha gets shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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