15th November Friday Update on Young Love


15th November Friday Update on Young Love

Gopal teasing a girl. Some seniors come there and tries to apply shoes polish on Gopal’s face. Gopal pleads to let him go. Dadisaa comes to his rescue and take it in her hands. She tells Gopal that chalk piece is made to write on the board and so on. Teacher comes. Dadisaa tells her that everything is fine. All the senior students apologize to Dadisaa. Gopal realizes his mistake. The senior students apologize to Gopal. Gopal thanks Dadisaa and says her sorry for his behavior. Dadisaa asks him to rectify his mistake. Gopal returns her home work book and promises to not hide it again. Dadisaa says, I had doubt on you. I believed that you have become good.

Anandi comes to Palash. Palash says, Shiv thinks you are safe with me. Anandi says, he sent me here as he has full faith on me. He knows that his wife can take care of herself well. Palash says, I like it. You are beauty with brains. I will see where you thinking will take you. He shows a nude painting and asks Anandi to pose like that. Anandi gets angry and asks how dare you? I thought you wanted to portray Indian women. She yells at him and says I am leaving. Palash covers up his act and says perfect. He says, he tried to get her angry to reflect Indian women. He requests her to sit. Anandi sits on the sofa. Palash apologizes to her. He looks at her.

Gehna asks Ganga to keep some matki in the box. Ganga says, we shall keep this tiffins in the hall. Gehna asks why? Ganga says, Niranjan ji might be hungry but can’t say. He had only one nut. Gehna says, I will take something for her.

Anandi poses angrily for the portrait. Palash tells her that it will be completed in 2 mins and then he will fill the colors. Anandi tells him to take more 10 mins as she don’t want to come again. Palash gets shocked. He tells wow and says sketch is completed. You can get up now. Anandi asks him to show her. He covers it with cloth and asks her to wait as it is not ready yet. Anandi says, ok. I will leave now. Palash asks her to have lunch with him. Anandi refuses and is about to leave. Palash thanks her and says you have put life in my painting. I felt good to made your portrait, Anandi leaves. Palash thinks why do you want to go when you have to return to me, to live with me.

Dadisaa comes home and sees Niranjan and Nandu. She thinks why Gehna is not bringing breakfast. Gehna brings it. Niranjan says, tea was enough. Dadisaa comes and asks Nandu to go to Badi jiji. Gehna says, she will give. Dadisaa says, no and sends Nandu. Dadisaa goes to her room. Gehna asks him to have breakfast. Niranjan starts eating breakfast. Gehna thinks about Ganga’s words and laughs. Niranjan looks at himself. Gehna continues to laugh. Niranjan also laughs. Dadisaa sees them happy.

Palash talks to his painting Venus and says he will fill all emotions in this painting of Anandi. He starts filling the colors and asks Venus to help him. He thanks her and fills the colors.

Shiv asks Anandi are you sure? Anandi says, don’t know. I thought that he wanted me to pose like that but then he apologizes. Shiv gets angry and says if he would have misbehave with you then he would not have been left with a hand to make painting again. Anandi says Shiv. Shiv says, he will asks CM saheb to give Palash’s responsibility to someone else. Palash calls Shiv and invites them for dinner. Shiv refuses him bluntly. Palash says, some other time. He gets angry. Anandi says, I don’t want him to come infront of me. Shiv complies.

Student’s parents tells the principal that they have to take help of his son and tells his helplessness. Dadisaa comes and asks them to let their son study well during exams. Jagya offers to help them and asks to make sure that their son is educated well. They get happy. Dadisaa asks them to think about his future. They thank her. Principal tells them that Dadisaa teaches them daily. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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