12 March Tuesday Update on Young Love

12 March Tuesday Update on Young Love

Basant entered into gehena’s cabin n saw the little angel on her mom’s arm. Ganga congratulated him. Basant was very emotional seeing the baby. basant thanked her for saving the baby n gehena. Ganga gave all credit to jagiya. Basant was emotional on her humbleness. At that time jagiya came running. Basant hugged him. Ganag said baby is completely fine. Jagiya was very happy n wanted to change his wet dress so that he can examine the baby. Ganga left coz mannu was alone in the room. Basant n gehena were very guilty thinking about ganga. Jagiya requested them not to reveal about ganga as she didn’t have any shelter here n it’s the matter of few days then she will go to Bangalore for her course. They agreed.

Basant informed Bhiron on phone about baby. All were super happy. All congratulated singhs.ds n sumi thanked devi maa for fulfilling the wish of a granddaughter. Singhs left from sugna’s home.

Mahi was lost in ashi’s memories. He was typing down his emotions about saanchi on his lappy that how much he loves him. Ashi on the other hand was angry on herself coz he is shiv’s brother. Mahi thinks to tell his feelings to her so that she can be guilt free. He wanted to call her but later thought he will confess face to face. Ashi prepared to go back to London by booking ticket.

Ganga took mannu n abt to leave for hospital. At that time jagiya came n thanked her. Ganga didn’t take any credit.

All left to see the baby. Jagiya checked the baby n said she is fine. He saw ds,sumi,bhairon n nandu are coming. Ganag hides with mannu. Nandu saw the baby n was super happy. sumi n ds are happy too. Mannu spoke out something, ganga managed to handle it, no one got hints about them. Sumi was guilty coz she was not with gehena in tough time. Ds made gehena to eat some sweets. DS asked how the delivery happened before time. Nurse said may be gehena was in some kind of tension. Sumi put all blame on rattan singh.

All had some sweet talks. Mannu laughed on one remark of nandu. All wonder. Jagiya managed to save the situation saying, its from next room. Ds thanked the nurse but she almost blurted out about ganga.

Dadisa wants to meet and give something to the nurse who delivered the baby. Jagya says, she left already. Dadisa asks for name. Gehna lies and says, Geeta… She came in a God avatar and helped a lot. Ganga smiles. Sumitra now thinks of giving this good news to Anandi.

Anandi is sleeping. She receives a call from Dadisa who tells her that she became an elder sister again. Anandi is very happy. Dadisa says, they will talk more later as it’s too late right now. Anandi expresses her happiness to Shiv. Shiv then tells her, don’t you think this is a wakeup call for us? They have 2 children now and we didn’t even give order for 1. Anandi feels shy. Shiv turns off the lights and they sleep.

Jagya tells family that they should leave Gehna alone for now. Sumitra says, I will stay here, but Gehna tells her to go home as well.. as she came from the function and she has to take Nandu to school as well in the morning. She says, only you can handle him after me. Dadisa agrees. Basant says, he will stay with her. Everyone sees the baby again before leaving. When Sumitra is leaving, Mannu takes his hand out, but Sumitra fails to see it as she turns to say bye to Gehna. Ganga notices it on last moment and she pulls Mannu’s hand back in. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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