11th March Monday Update On True Love

11th March Monday Update On True Love


Tapasya and Nani

Nani asks tapasya to have something. Tapasya asks nani to leave her. Tapasya keeps on looking at her baby in news paper (add on missing child). Nani says how can I leave my child when she is unhappy. Nani asks, shall I make your favorite food or shall we go for shopping which is your favorite.  at that time Ichcha comes to tapasya’s house with the small baby. Tapasya hears the baby cry and feels very happy. Nani also hears the cry and says who is the small baby cry. Maid comes to tapasya and says that one woman has come to meet tapasya with a small baby and also says that her name is ichcha. Tapasya will get angry upon hearing ichcha’s name and asks the maid to makel ichcha to sit.. nani is very angry and says bad words on ichcha. Nani says I will teach ichcha a lesson that she will never forget in her life. Tapasya says naniji pls don’t do anything we don’t know why ichcha came here u be here only don’t come out side.

Tapasya saying Icha that you want to show the world that you have everything,I dont have anything.You purposely brought this kid to make me
cry & feel that i can never be a mother again & lost my daughter.
Icha tries to say something but tapu doesnt allow her to speak.
Tapasya further says you have come here to see me suffering. Icha says how can you think like that about me,I got Mukta here to divert your mind,so that you can
play with her & feel better. Mukta has lost her mother and you lost your daughter so I thought if you are willing you can have a motherly relation with her. Tapasya
looks at Mukta ans feels emotional and comes forward to take her in her arms.
Nani who had been watching all this shouts at Icha.She accuses Icha of trying to fit a street found kid like Mukta with Tapasya. She continues further saying now
that you are having your own baby,you want to get rid of this Mukta and so you came her to give it to tapu.
Tapu also says you want to prove hamari har khushi appki diya hua uttaran hain & asks Icha to leave.Icha is very hurt & leaves in tears with Mukta.
Tapasya in her room crying & nani comes to console her & says she has a plan.Tapu excited.Nani asks her to come with her to meet a swamiji and take his blessings
then surely she will have a baby & tapu agrees.

Veer is worried as to where Icha is as she has left her cell at home. Icha returns with a sad face & tells she went to meet tapasya. Veer is shocked.Icha says tapasya
has lost her baby,veer says i am sure you went to sympathise with her and she insulted you right? why do you still care so much for her after all the troubles she
gave us.she is not worth y of our sympathy.she is still the same arrogant,high headed women.
Icha apologises & says we have 2 kids and one more to come so i thought if Tapu can spend some time with mukta and feel happy her pain may reduce.
veer says how can you think of giving our daughter mukta to her,you thought she will accept an orphan when she left her own daughter on street? Veer holds mukta in
his arms and says mukta is my life,never think of separating her from me,Icha again apologises and assures him not to do so.Veer says all 3kids are now
our responsibility and we will only take care of them .Icha agrees.
Tapu & Nani at swamiji’s ashram. Nani tells she is my grand daughter & asks him to bless her.He says I know you
have lost your kid,but dont worry whereever she is,she is safe and very soon you will be a mother. Tapu & nani elated.