10th June Monday Update on This is Love

Raman telling everyone about his stiff neck. He asks them to go for the movie. Ishita sends a hot water bag with Neelu. Raman asks Neelu to get food, he is hungry. Neelu asks how will he eat. He asks her to feed. She shouts on her. Neelu cries and says Raman asked me to feed him, how will I do it. Ishita says so what’s the problem, feed him the way you fed Pihu. Neelu says no, I m scared, he is roaring like a hungry lion, you go and feed him. Ishita says I don’t mind, I will feed my hungry lion, I was waiting for this chance. Ishita gets the food. He asks her to feed him, he can’t eat by his hands, how will she see through the ghunghat. She says I can see. He directs her to feed to his mouth. He eats food and asks did you prepare this. She says its good right.

He says I feel I had similar food before. He coughs. She feeds water. She asks did his neck break. He asks can’t you see my pain. She asks shall I massage. He asks her not to break his neck. She massages his neck. She recalls the old moment and smiles. Tu aata hai seene mein….plays…..

He thanks her. He says it still hurts, massage the neck. He sleeps holding her hand. She smiles.
Ishita meets Shagun. She says Simmi is giving pills to Raman, don’t know how. Shagun says you have to find it soon. Ishita says Mrs. Bhalla is back, game will end if she knows about me. Shagun says just find some way. Ishita says I have an idea, I will share it with you once I plan, I should go now. Ishita takes tea for Raman. She smiles seeing him sleeping. She wakes him. Some tea falls on him. She says sorry. Everyone comes. Simmi asks are you fine, I will call Neelu. Raman says yes. Aaliya says its a miracle, your neck, you can move it now. He says yes. Aaliya says you should thank Shanno. Mrs. Bhalla says you got fine, amazing. Raman says Shanno did this, great. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to come and make breakfast.

Ishita smiles seeing Raman and goes. She starts cooking. Mrs. Bhalla looks on. She goes and says you are working so fast as if you know where everything is kept, you didn’t ask Neelu. Neelu says I have told her everything yesterday, she was making me mad by questioning, she has learnt everything quickly. Mrs. Bhalla says fine. Pihu comes crying and asks her to save her, she forgot to do her project. She says we had to make useful thing from waste product. Mrs. Bhalla hugs her and says tell your teacher that you will make it tomorrow. Pihu says teacher will punish me. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to help Pihu. Simmi scolds Pihu. Pihu says sorry, I won’t do it again, please write a note for me, I will make project and take it tomorrow. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi why is she scolding Pihu, write a note. Simmi refuses. She asks Pihu to go and get ready for school. Simmi says you are spoiling Pihu, I know how to handle her. Pihu cries.

Ishita goes to her. Pihu asks how will you help me, you aren’t educated. Ishita wipes her tears and says we still have time. She cuts a plastic bottle and sticks colorful papers to make a pen holder. Pihu likes it and thanks her. She hugs Ishita. Ruhi comes and asks what’s this. Pihu shows the project and says Shanno helped me. Ruhi says its lovely and innovative. Pihu hugs Ishita. Ishita smiles. Ruhi asks won’t you come to school. Pihu goes to show it to Raman. Ruhi thanks Ishita and goes. Ishita says I won’t let Simmi hurt my children, I m with them. Simmi sees the project and asks who made this. Pihu says Shanno helped me. She goes.

Ishita sends Neelu. She says I did this for you. Simmi asks what do you mean. Ishita says Raman would have scolded you if Pihu’s teacher called you and complaint, I did this to save you, I m illiterate but not innocent, I know Raman is the head of the family, he will listen to you if you do his work, I never betray my master. Simmi says you are quite smart. Raman comes and asks where is today’s newspaper. Simmi gives him. He thanks Ishita for helping Pihu. She says thank Simmi, she asked me to help Pihu. Raman thanks Simmi. Simmi says I had to do this for Pihu. Ishita thinks I will win your trust, you will tell me how you are giving those pills to Raman.

family discussing about Shanno’s police verification. Ishita hears them and worriedly calls Shagun. Simmi comes to her. Ishita gets tensed and drops the phone. Simmi says I don’t have time to waste, come fast. She asks Ishita about the documents. Ishita falls down. Raman holds her. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shanno how can she let a stranger hold her. Raman says she has fallen down, what are you saying, give her medicine. Mrs. Bhalla looks on. Shagun is at NGO. She sees Ishita’s missed calls and says I hope she isn’t in some problem. She calls Ishita. She says I can’t ask Aaliya about Shanno directly. She calls Aaliya. She indirectly asks about Shanno. Aaliya says Shanno works well, she is a good woman, Simmi has taken her for police verification.

Shagun asks what,oh no. Aaliya asks any problem. Shagun says nothing.Simmi and Raman get Ishita to police station. Ishita lies to the inspector. He asks her to show her face. She refuses. Simmi asks him to do verification without seeing face. Ishita says I won’t show the face. Inspector says how can I check her. Ishita says Simmi has seen my face. Simmi says her face is burnt, I have seen her. Inspector says its all a drama, how can we believe her. Ishita says I m not any thief. Ishita starts crying. Shagun is on the way. Simmi says we won’t do verification, sorry, we will leave. Inspector stops them and says your work will be done. Lady inspector says you can show face to me. She asks Simmi not to come. Simmi says just answer her, all the best Shanno. Ishita goes with lady inspector.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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