11th June Tuesday Update on Young Love

Ganga gasping for breath , Gehna says we cant cross like this we have to lift the stretcher , the attempt proves fatal , Ganga experiences rough ups and downs , Jagya arrives at the right time , he picks her up and leaves with rest following .Sonali narrating to everyone how bablu was adopted and was renamed as Amol , she wants the society to adopt this practice , she thanks Ansh from the whole orphanage as they have done something which none has done till now .Mahi says now on this special occasion my Anandi bhabhi should speak to let her feelings out .

Anandi starts i thank god & my family for this , if my family wasn’t with me then i wouldn’t have been capable to do this , i have heard that a woman is indeed a woman when she becomes a mother , i always felt there’s something incomplete in me . It’s not always necessary to have motherly affection for own blood , it can emerge from every women . There are many families who abandon their children and on the other side there are families who mourn for a child .

Shiv says it’s a heart related relation , i feel proud that i supported Anandi in this decision , i am very happy to have Amol as my son , for Anandi Amol is like her own son and for me he is my own blood .Dadu is the first one to clap then everyone clap , “Maare hivde” music plays , Ansh cut the cake with Amol , Ansh smile at Amol and feed him a slice of cake .Bhairon says Sumitra that she was right as he never saw Anandi happy like today as before and the reason is Amol . Anandi is smiling .

Hospital :-

Gehna , DS and Jagya are facing the Dr who informs them Ganga’s BP is very high , is she disturbed because of something ? DS says i never felt she was in stress .The Dr says G that she is a nurse and has to understand that stress is no good for her , she asks the rest is she on complete bed rest ? Ds replies yes .Mahi announces a dance performance by Amol’s friends , the children dance on “Chanda mama chor” Anup is liking it , Sanchi standing beside congratulates him for becoming a grandad . Anup says but its Alok who became a grandad , Sanchi wantedly asks din’t they reveal you about it ? She tries to change the topic but Anup insists knowing it , Sanchi reveals that Shiv is his & CM’s son which gives him a shock .

Then she apologizes for revealing the secret , Anup asks how is it possible ? Sanchi narrates how the truth came in front of everyone . She then requests Anup not to let anyone know that she said him the truth otherwise everyone will be angry with her and even her revealing was unintentional but Anup doesn’t hear anything , he heads straight towards CM .The performance continues with Ansh dancing with them , Anup drags CM to a corner and asks whether Shiv is their son or not ? CM is hesitant and says she will reveal everything later but Anup says he wants to know it now itself , CM in a shaking voice says yes , Anup suffers a greater shock .

He hurtfully says she dint even considered revealing it to him , he came several times but she never said it . CM says she wanted to say but she dint had the courage and he just vanished for 25 years so she was ever able to say him . Anup while crying says but you could have tole me when i was back here , CM says but by seeing your condition we decided to postpone it , trust me we were discussing about it . Anup releases her from his grip and heads towards Shiv . In a corner Sanchi’s friend offer a drink but she refuses and says today something big & disastrous is going to take place . Anup is facing Shiv , everyone & everything is silenced , Anup hugs Shiv affectionately. Shiv stares at CM for an explanation who doesn’t say a thing but Shiv understands it so he closes the hug with a smile .

They depart with everyone staring with question marks ? Anup asks all why everything turned so quiet ? I have become a grandad ! You all have to dance with me .Everyone smile expect Sanchi , he asks the music to be turned on and he pulls everyone for a dance , Anup-Shiv are dancing gleefully with full spirit . Sanchi glares angrily as her plan failed . CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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