10th July Wednesday Update on Young Love

Dadisaa reading the newspaper and says things are changing in the society. Ganga, Jagya comes downstairs with Mannu and Abhi. Dadisaa says, what they will do as you will be busy in the conference. Jagya says, after the conference I will take them for outing. Gehna says, it is good. Dadisaa asks him to have breakfast and go. Jagya says, we have to leave else we will be late. Dadisaa agrees. Gehna asks her to take care of her. She asks Mannu not to trouble Ganga. Jagya says, we will leave now. They take Dadisaa’s blessings. They leaves. Gehna says, it will be change for them. Dadisaa says, this haveli will be lonely with them.

Rakhi comes to meet Vivek and makes him eat the food. Vivek says, you are talking like mom. Rakhi gets emotional and tells him that mom also miss him. She asks him to return home. Vivek says, I won’t come back until mom and dad accept the truth. I am happy that you brought breakfast with me. Rakhi says, I will stay with you. Vivek asks her to be with their parents.

Saanchi is reading. Anandi says, someone came to meet you. Saachi says, you have come? Payal comes. Saachi looks at her and says sorry. Payal says, it is okay. I missed you very much. You are only my best friend. They hug each other. Saachi thanks her. Payal says, Anandi gave me strength to talk to you. Anandi says, I will send something for you. Payal gets call from her father asking her to come home. Payal tells Saachi that they need a tenant. Saachi suggests Vivek Kabra’s name. Payal agrees.

Doctor tells Jagya that their first step will be bone marrow biopsy. Ganga says, it will be painful. Doctor says, we will give him anesthesia. Doctor asks the nurse to take Mannu for the biopsy. Mannu signs no. Ganga makes him understand to go as they will lower his stomach pain. Nurse takes Mannu.

Saachi and Payal come to Vivek’s guest house. Vivek opens the door and welcomes them. Saachi says, I hope I didn’t disturb you. Vivek says no. He asks them to sit. Saachi introduces him to Payal. She brings food for him. Saachi asks about his parents. Vivek says, they are upset. I will go back to my house when they call me. Saachi says, I hope so. She tells him about Payal’s outhouse and suggests him to shift him. Vivek thanks her and says I am comfortable here. Payal jokingly says, you have to pay the rent. Vivek asks her to give the address. He orders coffee for them.

Mannu is sleeping. Ganga and Jagya are looking at him. Doctor gives him report. Jagya reads the report and is shocked. It reads patient tested positive for leukemia. Ganga asks, what is written in the report. Jagya says, he is not well. Ganga reads the report and is shell shocked and shattered. She says, my Mannu is suffering from blood cancer. She gets tears in her eyes. She tells Doctor that this report is wrong and it is someone’s else report. Jagya tells her that it is Mannu’s report. Jagya tells her that Mannu is suffering from blood cancer and they have to accept it. Ganga says no and cries miserably. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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