10th July Wednesday Update on This Is Love

Ishita saying we have to meet her and face her. Raman says she won’t come, she can do anything, I can’t lose my family, I m not old Raman now, I m forgetting things and she is using my weakness, I must have courage to oppose her, but I admit defeat, I can’t do this. She says I m with you, nothing wrong will happen with you, trust me. He says I have become a problem for family. She says don’t say this. He says I can’t see my family suffering. She says you are the strength of our family, you will never harm yourself, I m supporting you, please support me. He says I m fine. She hugs him.

Pihu shows the new shoes to Shitija and asks her to buy similar shoes. Shitija says I m not going to participate in the match. Pihu says but you play so well, what happened.Shitija says Shravan has asked me not to ask for anything to dad, we have financial crisis, I will participate next year, don’t worry, I will come to cheer you, I will be there. Aaliya looks on. Mani says I will finish meeting soon and we will stay together, come along. Shagun says I have NGO work, you said you will come back soon, drive safe, come soon. Mani leaves.

Aaliya says Pihu, you are sad for Shitija right. Pihu asks how do you know. Aaliya says I heard your talk. Pihu says Shitija is best player of our team, I will not play without her. Aaliya says what if I say I have solved your problem. Pihu asks how. Aaliya says I have got the shoes, you will give this surprise to Shitija. Pihu says thanks, you are the best. She goes. Aaliya says Pihu is cute like Ishita. Ishita asks Raman did you message Raina or not. Raina sees Raina coming and says she is Raina, she hasn’t seen us, we will leave, trust me. Ishita says no, we will ask her not to trouble us. She goes to Raina. He hides. She asks Raina are you here to meet Raman, meet me before you meet him, I m Dr. Ishita, his wife, tell me why are you troubling him.

Raina says he is married, impossible, he is chasing me, he messaged me to come here, I came here to tell him to stay away from me, he told me that he is a divorcee. Ishita asks why did you ask him to kill your husband. Raina asks what, he is lying, I m happy in my marital life. Raman says she is lying, she showed me pics. Raina says what are you saying, I have no pics to blackmail him, check my phone. Ishita checks phone. Raman says how can this happen, she had photos. Raina scolds him. She says I didn’t do anything, do I look pregnant, he is troubling me, if my husband knows this, he will divorce me, don’t ruin my life.

Simmi looks on and says what will you do now Ishita, this is the right time. She goes to Raman and asks what happened, is everything fine. Raman asks did I meet her or not. Simmi asks are you fine, you are imagining. Ishita stops Simmi and asks Raina to say truth. Raina says please stop messaging me. She goes. Simmi asks what, you are following her, you are getting dangerous, she can insult our family, stay at home, you are getting mad. Ishita says stop it, I will slap you, Raman is not ill, that lady is fraud, she is blackmailing you, come with me. Raman goes. Simmi says he has gone mad, how will he stop, you have thrown our my husband, see how your husband leaves the house and goes asylum. She calls Raina and says it was fun. She says Ishita has played enough, its my turn now.

Shitija likes the shoes. Pihu says Aaliya got these shoes for you. Bala stops Shitija and says we are going to return it. Aaliya asks what happened, why are you upset. He says we don’t want charity, Shitija won’t take shoes. She says its a gift from my side. He says enough, we can’t take it. She says sorry and goes.

Raman says she showed me pic and asked me to kill her husband, she gave me the gun. Ishita says she was lying, have some water. He looks for gun. She says look at your children…. She shows pic and stops him. She says don’t you love them, calm down for their sake, listen to me, I m a doctor, I can see you are fine, there is no problem, everyone forget things, its okay if you are forgetting things, please relax, sleep for some time. She gives him some pill and says believe me, you aren’t wrong, will you get some sleep. He says I want to be alone for some time.

Adi asks what happened. Ishita says I wanted to talk about Raman, his condition isn’t good, he is restless, its effect of medicines, he is forgetting things, his biggest fear is to lose his children, we have to be there for him, we need to make him feel that we are with him. He says we can take medical help. She says doctor asked us to deal with Raman with patience and love, he just needs us. Aaliya says Adi and I are with you, we will take care of Raman. Pihu says yes, I will love him a lot, he will become strong boy, shall we get his fav icecream. Ishita says I have to be with Raman. Aaliya asks her to go, they will see Raman. Ishita and Pihu leave. Simmi looks on and goes to see Raman. She calls and says Ishita and Pihu have gone out, its time for our second plan. Bala says what does everyone think, I can’t manage my children’s needs. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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