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Wie Laaste Lag – eExtra Teasers December 2023

Coming up this December on Wie Laaste Lag Teasers 2023;

Ozan has been fired as CEO and doesn’t take it lying down.

Friday 1 December 2023
Episode 43

The following morning, when Esra finds Ozan and Cagla (wearing his shirt) together on the boat, she makes up her choice. She declares to Cinar that she is prepared for a romantic relationship.

Monday 4 December 2023
Episode 44

Ekrem understands that he is not a part of Elif’s exclusive student group. Mert aims to regain Cagla’s trust. Ozan and Cinar turn out to be ruthless foes. An offer to replace Esra is made by a competitor firm.

Tuesday 5 December 2023
Episode 45

When Cagla’s scheme succeeds, Esra is seen on camera having a meeting with the competitor firm. Everyone watches a programme in which it is evident that the firm has appropriated the Millennium project; Esra appears to be the one responsible.

Wednesday 6 December 2023
Episode 46

No teaser available.

Thursday 7 December 2023
Episode 47

Zumrut discovers Eko and Elif never left town and were hiding at Zeynep’s. Ozan launches a clandestine investigation. He invites Cagla for a romantic dinner to give his team time to confirm his suspicions.

Friday 8 December 2023
Episode 48

Cagla tells her family that her marriage to Ozan is over. The Erten family ask for Elif’s hand in marriage for their son. Zumrut pretends to faint and have memory loss. Arif decides to take revenge on Ozan.

Monday 11 December 2023
Episode 49

Ozan has been fired as CEO and doesn’t take it lying down. Cagla shows psychopathic tendencies. Cinar and Esra’s dinner gets hijacked by paparazzi. The stock value plummets after Ozan’s media statement.

Tuesday 12 December 2023
Episode 50

No teaser available.

Wednesday 13 December 2023
Episode 51

No teaser available.

Thursday 14 December 2023
Episode 52

Ozan establishes his new company, joined by Esra. Cinar struggles to keep the company afloat – clients and employees flee. Cinar decides to approach Ozan to merge the new company with Millenium Soft.

Friday 15 December 2023
Episode 53

It’s the day of the divorce. Cagla drops a bombshell. Ozan and Esra are distraught and she urges him to do the “right thing”. Ozan arranges a meeting with an obstetrician to get behind the truth.

Monday 18 December 2023
Episode 54

Cagla spots Esra before she and Mert can interact. The restaurant soup commercial ends in a disaster. Elif and Ekrem’s dinner ends in a full-on blaze. Ozan offers to take Esra to his place to spend the night.

Tuesday 19 December 2023
Episode 55

Esra refused to sleep in Ozan’s bed. The Ertems have taken refuge in Zumrut’s home. Mert insists on meeting Cagla. Esra follows Cagla and helps her get to a hospital when she suffers acute abdominal pain.

Wednesday 20 December 2023
Episode 56

Cagla is surprised when Ozan suggests they should move back to the house together. The Erten family is determined to find the treasure. Elif receives great news, but is wary to tell Eko about it.

Thursday 21 December 2023
Episode 57

Cagla is excited to look for a new house for her and Ozan. Ekro hears of Elif’s bursary and is devastated. Esra’s plan seems to be working out perfectly, but then somebody intervenes. Cagla is determined to get her own way.

Friday 22 December 2023
Episode 58

Elif is heartbroken. Her mother is determined to win the suburb competition and has the town scurrying around to get everything in order. Cagla realizes that Ozan is onto her plan, and tries to bribe Mert.

Monday 25 December 2023
Episode 59

Mert wants an astronomical amount to keep the secret about Cagla. Ekrem does his best to let Elif go to Vienna. Zumrut has her own rules to win the competition. Ozan locates Mert and organizes a meeting between him and Cagla.

Tuesday 26 December 2023
Episode 60

Zumrut is delighted Elif and Ekrem broke up. Ozan insists on a paternity test. Cagla demands Cinar’s help. Elif discovers the motivation behind Eko’s reaction. Ozan and Esra are stranded on an island.

Wednesday 27 December 2023
Episode 61

The arrival of Esra and Cinar upsets Ozan. Zumrut complicates things for Elif and Ekrem. Elif asks Ozan for assistance. Ozan meets Zumrut briefly and they form a relationship with Atlas. Ekrem gives up his work.

Thursday 28 December 2023
Episode 62

Four years have passed. Esra brings her husband and son Atlas home for the wedding of Ekrem and Elif. Retrospections made clear what transpired. At Ela’s birthday celebration, things get tense and heated.

Friday 29 December 2023
Episode 63

Ekrem informs Esra that he was let go. Then he informs Elif, promising to look for anything quickly. Menekse is saddened by Atlas’s admission that Esra doesn’t show Cinar any affection. Arif chooses to give up.

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