Wednesday Update on Young Love 13th January 2021

Wednesday Update on Young Love 13th January 2021

Krish talking to detective. Detective says Kundan is a dangerous man and had stayed there for few days. Krish thinks Nandini will get freedom from the goon tonight. He comes to the burnt house and thinks I will get some info about him. He checks in the almari and finds a pic. Karuna praises Nandini for the wonderful flower decorations.

Nandini says she can do anything and asks her to close her eyes for surprise. She takes her to show their family picture. Karuna says this is not our family picture as Abhayram is not in it. Nandini says she gave pics for the frame and may be the photographer selected this pic. Abhayram comes and says it doesn’t matter if my pic is not in it and says they are destined to be together for births.

He gives Rudaali’s number to Nandini, saying it
is of Jagrata women. He thinks he will blast today. Krish thinks he will surprise Nandini today and asks God to help him find clue of Kundan. He finds a pic there and is about to pick it, but just then gets Karuna’s call and leaves.

Shivam is cooking in the kitchen and tells Sudha that he is a magician and tells that he just signs vegetable to get cut and it cuts. Sudha is surprised and says she is having hiccups since morning, if he is really a magician then make her hiccups go. Shivam throws tomatoes in air and then cuts his hand mistakenly. Sudha is shocked and her hiccups go. She steps on the tomato and falls in Shivam’s embrace. Her mum in law comes and sees them looking at each other romantically.

Premal’s mum scolds Shivam and asks Sudha not to do any house work and use her energy in work. She says you have to go somewhere for work. Shivam says I will drop you, or if hiccups come again then remember me. Triveni praises Nandini for the decorations. Abhayram says he has brought Rajasthani tradition dress for them. He says Nandini may not like it. Karuna asks Nandini to go and wear the dress brought by Abhayram. Nandini thinks I will wear clothes for your happiness mom..but can you bear Kundan’s truth. Dr. Amit comes to Nandini’s house and sees her walking down the stairs in Rajasthani dress. Krish comes and compliments her beauty. He says he is very lucky to have a beautiful wife. Nandini sees Dr. Amit when did he come? He says just now. Krish asks him about the envelope. Dr. Amit says it is not for Karuna ji. Triveni asks Nandini to serve food to guests. Sudha comes there with other rudaalis. She moves her veil and asks why the place is decorated on someone’s death. Other Rudaalis’ say that may be it is western custom. Abhayram thinks Nandini will be shocked to see her sister as Rudaali.

Krish wishing Karuna on her birthday and says he is keeping jazz before the jagrata. Triveni wishes her best and says she has loving husband and son, and prays that nobody evil eye should fall on her. Rudaalis’ come inside while crying. Triveni asks who has called them to mourn on this happy day. Abhayram says I asked you to call Jagrata women and not Rudaalis. Triveni accuses Nandini for wishing Karuna’s death. Nandini says she didn’t call them. Abhayram says Karuna is so good, why did you call these women and says you would have called them to mourn for me, but not for her. Krish tries to talk. Abhayram asks him not to interfere and says they have bear enough now. Nandini says I called on the number which you have given me. Abhayram says why I will give number of Rudaalis’

instead of jagrata women? He accuses her for trying to separate Karuna and him. He says if even death comes infront of my wife, I will step behind her. He asks her to call that number and confirm. Karuna says no, and says she knows who is her well wisher and who wants bad for her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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