Wednesday Update on True Love August 15

Jogi talking to some business client on phone and cancelling some deal with him because the client did something wrong ;Seeing this Divya sarcastically tells Jogi that he always has this habit of turning his back against whoever does something wrong whether its an outsider or his own daughter with whom he has very conveniently broken all ties ;Hearing this Jogi tries to explain to Divya that Tapasya did wrong and so she deserve all the punishments on which Divya too tells Jogi that Tapasya does not deserve to b in jail when her parents r still alive and its a pity that some outsider had to come and bail out their own daughter (Why I get a terrible feeling that slowly Divya might become negative now );

Hearing this Jogi is shocked to know that someone already bailed out Tapasya and so he wishes that it would hv been better if she remained in jail for some more least then she would hv learned her proper lessons ;Hearing this Divya too is shocked to see Jogi’s views about her own daughter and the fact that she is all alone now on which Jogi tells Divya that Tapasya is neither alone nor is she following the right route and thats his major worry (This shows that Jogi knows his daughter better than Divya );

Divya keeps arguining with Jogi in favour of Tapasya when in the end Jogi declares that he has no relation with Tapasya ;Hearing this Divya walks out of the hall in anger Tapasya and Raghu r hving dinner in the restaurent;Tappu orders the food and starts getting irritated when the food takes long time to come ;So then Raghu tells Tapasya that she is very impatient and always wants to achieve everything instantly which is her biggest weakness ;Hearing this Tapasya sarcastically asks him whether he is some astrologer who can predict everything about her on which Raghu in cool manner tells Tapasya that its just his observation and he is very good in that ;Just then the club singer starts singing the song “pyaar ki ek kahaani suno” when Tappu gets engrossed in the song and Raghu again guesses that its her favourite song to which Tappu agrees Raghu then asks her for a dance to which Tappu again agrees ;Both performs the salsa dance on that “pyaar ki ek kahaani” song (No offence but the dance was very badly choreographed ..

Also the actors were not very good with their dancing shoes ).. After the dance session both compliment each other for their dance ;They sit on the table for the dinner when one Rival-Business guy Mr.Mehta comes to meet Raghu to mock him indirectly about a certain business deal which Raghu lost to that Mr.Mehta ;Raghu is all cool about the loss when Mr.Mehta sarcastically tells Raghu that he did give him a good competition even though he lost in the end on which Raghu tells Mr.Mehta that he only believes in winning and not just giving competition ;After Mr.Mehta leaves from there Tappu asks Raghu how much that deal values on which Raghu replies that its worth Rs.32crore ;Hearing this Tappu’s eyes pops out in greed and she feels that Raghu had a loss this time but Raghu tells Tappu that even though he lost the deal and Mr.Mehta won it..but now Mr.Mehta’s company-shares will be high and so in the end he will b overtaking Mr.Mehta’s company by buying all those shares which means in the end he will b winning this game even after loosing the deal (I din’t get the business idea here..plss explain to me someone …

Whatever Raghu said doesn’t make any business sense to me at least );Tappu listens to Raghu’s strategy and admires his thinking At Bundela house,Ichha is cleaning the dining table when she sees that one plate is left on the table when Mai tells Ichha that Veer din’t hv dinner today ;Mai shows concern for Veer’s health in front of Ichha and so Ichha takes the plate to Veer’s room Veer refuses to eat anything ;Ichha tells Veer that by doing this he is giving more pain to Mai sinse she is worried for his health on which Veer tells Ichha that he is fine just the way she is trying to prove to everyone that she is fine without hving any food (So Veer playing reverse psychology on Ichha here );Ichha is quiet now when Veer tells Ichha that she came with this food because she cares for his health same way he too cares about her ;Veer then goes on to tell Ichha that “There was a time when I loved you and sinse then u r the first and last girl in my life whom I truely loved…but my destiny was connected with Tapasya..even then I tried to get my love back ..I was also successful…even Jogi agreed for our marriage..but then my brother fell in love with u…and from then on I wanted both your and my brother’s happiness…but unfortunately neither could I give any happiness to my brother nor u got any happiness…I tried my best to see you both happy but I failed…even today I wanted to see u happy in life..but I can only see your sufferings today..mayb we r not lovers anymore..but we r still good friends and as a friend its my duty to see that u r happy in life…isn’t it?” ;(Chalo finally Veer got his voice back in favour of Ichha and was honest today with his feelings );After saying this Veer turns back but sees Ichha has already left the room (In short Veer’s blabberings all went in vain again …Uff when will Ichha learn to stand up for her own rights )


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