Wednesday Update on True Love August 15

Wednesday Update on True Love

August 15 Episode

Divya crying and telling Nani who can bail out Tapasya on which Nani tells Divya that Tappu is quite popular and must b hving lots of well-wishers who can bail her out ;Divya then tells Nani about how noone is bothered about Tapasya anymore on which Nani tells Divya that when Jogi himself is not bothered about his daughter, then what can we expect from anyone else ; Divya keeps on saying about how Tappu did a mistake for which she should b punished but this way kicking her out of the house is not done as they don’t even know where she is and whether she is fine or not (Someone tell Divya that Tappu is busy gambling and doing Salsa with her new found love );Nani then decides to call up Tapasya to enquire whether she is safe but Tapasya doesn’t pick up the call in anger ;Divya continues her crying session.

Ichha is shown performing all the widow-rituals like sweeping the floor,preparing her own food,eating by sitting on the floor etc etc while Veer is watching her helplessly ;Veer even helps out Ichha in lighting up the mud-stove when she was hving difficulty in lighting it up and was coughing because of the smoke.

Tappu is shown busy gambling along with Raghu as his partner ;They keeping on winning every game (So the writer  can never show Tapasya’s sufferings ..no wonder Ichha sweeping the floor and here Tapasya enjoying the money-game with the millionaire..)

Tapasya then comes to her room with a dozen of shopping bags.,.takes out th diamond jewellery from her shopping bag and tries out the necklace in front of the mirror with full pride on her face Next Morning Veer is wondering why Ichha has not yet taken her food and whether she is feeling unwell (If Veer is so worried about Ichha,why can’t he go against the society’s norms and offer her marriage …Veer needs to show some courage here )..

Ichha in the kitchen was having some water when Chanda comes there and reminds her of Ekadasi which every widow needs to perform and so she will hv to fast without any food or water ;Poor Ichha tells Chanda that she din’t have any food and neither any water yet,so she will keep this Ekadasi ;Ichha is looking weak but still she keeps the Ekadasi ; Ichha keeps doing all the kitchen chores along with Chanda despite feeling weak ;Veer sees this and feels bad for her when Mai comes there and asks Ichha why is she looking so pale and weak ;Hearing this Veer tells Mai that someone who had no food or water sinse morning will obviously feel weak ;Veer then goes on to tell Mai that “Why Ichha is going through all this pain and sufferings ..will this give happiness to this house ?R we feeling satisfied about it ?Was this the purpose behind bringing Ichha to this house so that she goes through all this baseless rituals and keep suffering” ;Hearing this Mai is speechless and feels bad too while Ichha too is standing there without any words as usual ;Chanda tries to tell Veer that every widow goes through all these rituals including her but Veer still continues to revolt against this Ekadasi ritual and tells Mai that whatever is happening with Ichha or whatever pain she is going through because of all these rituals is absolutely wrong ;Veer then leaves from the kitchen while Mai and Ichha stand there cluelessly, READ NEXT PAGE 2


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