Wednesday Update on True Love 19 February 2020

Wednesday Update on True Love 19 February 2020

Maiyya tells Akash to bring back Meethi, his happiness, back. Agarth and Sankrant are happy. Akash tells Maiyya, but that Meethi looks exactly like Iccha. If she comes in this house, then you will hurt a lot. I can’t bring her back. Maiyya says, don’t you trust your Maiyya? She kisses his forehead and tells him to go. Akash is also happy and he sleeps in Maiyya’s lap. Agarth thanks Maiyya for listening to him and leaves.

Sankrant tells Maiyya, you’re very good. He then tells Akash, when I said, you refused and when Maiyya said, you got ready right away. Akash smiles and tells Sankrant to take care of Maiyya as she is not used to live without him. Akash then tells Maiyya, I will be back very soon and that too with your bahu. Akash is too emotional and crying. Maiyya asks him, will you go like this? Bahu will think then I beat you and sent you there. Go and change your clothes. Bahu should just see your love and get ready to come with you. Akash leaves.

Meethi is looking at some card and remembering her and Akash’s sweet memories. Damini comes there and she closes the card. Damini asks her a simple question, you’re thinking about him, right? Meethi gets furious and says, why you all think that I think about him all the time. Why do you all still think that I love him. Mukta also says that. Damini says, I didn’t say all that. I saw card so just asked you. She asks Meethi, are you fine, right? You sure you’re not hiding anything, right? Meethi says, I met Akash and I got very angry at him. I told him clearly that I will only hate him now and he is dead for me. read full updates daily only at Damini gets worried for Meethi. Meethi says, I am absolutely fine. I left everything behind.. that love, feelings.. that is why I could tell him all this. She then tells Damini to leave all this and says, we will eat dinner together. Damini is still worried and wonders if destiny wants Meethi and Akash together.

Agarth’s sisters are wondering about Agarth’s decision. Agarth listens to their conversation and reminds them, there is no place for those who don’t agree with my decision. He warns them that he should not hear such gossip again and leaves.

Maiyya calls Meethi’s house. Damini picks up and Maiyya says that she wants to talk to Meethi. Damini asks who is this? Maiyya says, you tell me first who are you. Damini says, I am Meethi’s Anni. Maiyya insults her saying, Jogi Thakur’s servant, right? Didn’t you learn manners despite staying in Thakur’s house? Maiyya continues, it’s me, your bloody daughter Meethi’s in-law. Damini gets scared. She says, we don’t want to talk to you or any of your family members. Maiyya says, we are not interested either.. I called for Meethi’s good. Listen to me carefully, don’t make mistake of hanging the phone, else you will regret. I called you to tell you that my Akash is coming to your house. Damini asks, why is he coming now? Maiyya says, to bring your dear Meethi back here. Damini says, whether he comes alone or with his entire family, Meethi won’t go back to Atishgadh. Maiyya says, excellent.. you need such an ego to live. Surabhi was saying this about you. Tell your Meethi not to melt down seeing Akash. If she comes back to Atishgadh, then I will make her life a hell and I don’t need to tell you this.. you have seen a preview already. Damini asks her, what do you want? Why did you call? Maiyya says, to warn you. If you want your Meethi to be safe, then keep her away from my son. I couldn’t stop him because of my mother’s love. But you make sure you stop her, otherwise once she comes here, she won’t be able come back. I still hate your Iccha. My revenge is still not complete. That Ichcha killed my husband. She is the reason for all the pain that I got. I am mother of my Akash, but I will never be able to become saas of your Meethi. If she comes here, then she will see saas’s avatar that no bahu has seen till today.

Damini says, threaten someone else. I am not going to get scared. We made mistake before in recognizing people, but it won’t happen again. Your son can cry, beg us, but Meethi won’t listen to him. She will never come to Atishgadh. Damini then reminds what Avinash did and says, be thankful that my daughter killed him.. I feel sorry for you. Whose husband is someone like Avinash and son like Akash, that person’s life is nothing but the hell. You will have pay for what you did my Meethi in this life only. Because of your husband, your entire life went in hatred.. and now your son will give you loneliness in your old age. The day when your son finds out the truth, he will hate you. Damini faints now.

Maiyya is happy as she took care of everything at once. Listened to Agarth, freed Akash, and here warned Damini. She says to herself, if I hadn’t taken this decision, then my two close relationships would break – brother-sister’s and mother-son’s. Akash can try as much as he wants, but that Meethi’s family won’t send her to Atishgadh. She hopes that Akash returns from Mumbai with a failure. She takes out something from the cupboard to send to Meethi as shagun.

Agarth and Akash sit in front of a table with kundli stuff laid in front of them. He is happy that the stars are in his favour. Your wish will be fulfilled. Akash smiles while Maiyya looks at him with evil expressions. Agarth notices her and she quickly changes her expressions. He shares the good news with her. The stars predict the return of our daughter-in-law. Maiyya fakes happiness. She hands Akash a big bundle of money. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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