Wednesday Update on This is Love 22nd July 2020

Wednesday Update on This is Love 22nd July 2020

Raman isn’t Shardul. Sunil says there is nothing to proof, Natasha did the drama to get diamonds. Ishita thanks him for help. She asks who was helping you against us. Sunil says I have a proof, I will tell you. He goes and looks for the pics. He says pics got deleted from phone as well. Mrs. Bhalla worries for Raman. Mr. Bhalla says he will come soon, don’t worry. Amma comes home. She surprises Mrs. Bhalla. They hug. Mrs. Bhalla asks where were you, I have missed you a lot. Amma says even I missed you all, Vishwa came to pick me at the airport, I wanted to give you a surprise, he told me about your health. Mr. Bhalla says I m tired of asking her to take care of her health. Amma says I got to know everything, I heard about Raman. Appa comes and says police has come,

did anything happen. Mrs. Bhalla says police…. Amma asks what happened. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to relax. Appa and Amma ask them to say. Mr. Bhalla tells them.
Arijit gets Bhuvan’s call. He asks is Neeti fine. Bhuvan says yes. Arijit asks why did you call me. Bhuvan says you have deleted Sunil’s evidence, but how, who is helping you. Arijit says you are loyal to me, this time, we should give credit to Tara, Natasha and Tara had a fight, Tara was angry, she called me… FB shows Tara calling Arijit and telling everything. She says I want to teach a lesson to Sunil and Natasha. He thinks I can destroy the pics. He says I can help you, Natasha is cruel, did Sunil tell you anything about pics. She says yes, he told about the pics. He asks her to burn the pics. She says its your pics. He says yes, you have to delete pics from his phone also. She says its easy. She burns the pics and also deletes the pics from phone. FB ends

Arijit says Tara wanted revenge and she helped me, I gave much money to Tara. Bhuvan says you are great. Arijit says now they will be landing in jail. Bhuvan asks what if they take your name. Arijit says no, its time for my last move. He messages to threaten Sunil. Sunil worries. Natasha asks him to show Arijit’s pics. Sunil says no, pics got deleted, we have no proof against him, we shouldn’t name him, he will kill us in the jail Inspector asks him to come out and tell about the proof. Sunil says I lost the evidence. Ishita asks how can this happen, just tell who was that man. Inspector says we will question them at the police station.

Sunil and Natasha get arrested. Sudha says we will find that man soon. Raman says that man had sent me the video, his number is unavailable now, don’t know who is this man. Amma says you didn’t tell me that Ishita was shot by the bullet. Ishita asks her to relax. Amma says Ishita is fine now. Raman asks how are you. She says good, but you…. Ishita says your son in law, Raman. Amma says sorry, I didn’t recognize you. Raman says my face changed, but I m still your Raman. Ishita says Sunil and Natasha got arrested. Raman says we didn’t know the enemy yet. Ishita says at least we got rid of Natasha, that’s a good sign. Amma says I have prayed for all of us, our problems will end soon. Sudha says you are right, we shall leave now.

Ishita thanks Sudha for help. Sudha asks am I not part of this family now, its okay. Karan and Sudha ask them to take care. Ruhi gets a message. She says my friends made a plan, what can I do now. Karan asks her not to go. Sudha asks her to go and enjoy with friends. She teases Karan and laughs. She says let Ruhi go and have girls time, you love her a lot and won’t leave her alone after marriage. Ishita says Ruhi you have our permission also. Ruhi hugs Karan. Sudha says we will leave. They leave. Mani says I will also leave now. Yug says I will also come, Aaliya shall we. Aaliya says no, this is my house, I will stay here. Yug goes. Raman stops Yug and asks won’t you stop, I m sorry, I made a big mistake, you are my son, I love you a lot. Yug cries and apologizes. They hug. Everyone smiles.

Aaliya waking up and smiling seeing Yug. Yug wakes up and asks her about her lovely smile. She says I slept so well after a long time. He says it means you don’t get good sleep at Mani’s house, I will tell him. She says fine, tell him, he knows I get much love from this house, I m their daughter, not bahu. He says that’s true, this house gave me much love, I feel bad for Raman, Raman and Ishita regarded me more than their son, I have fought them, the company is going to get bankrupt because of me. She says make sure that we didn’t do any mistake, maybe someone has changed the envelope. Yug says I can’t forgive myself. She asks him to think positive. He goes. She prays to get saved from this problem. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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