Wednesday Update on This is Love 15th July 2020

Wednesday Update on This is Love 15th July 2020

Arijit saying Adi was Raman’s real son, Yug is namesake son, Yug made a big mistake, its obvious that Raman got angry, I also didn’t like his behavior. Raman says I didn’t shout that Yug isn’t Adi, there is no difference, but I shouted for his mistake. Karan comes. Arijit stops talking. Karan says Ishimaa is calling you. Yug says tell her that I left. Aaliya asks why. He says I can’t face this. He goes. Karan says Aaliya took Yug on a drive, Yug was disturbed. Raman says no, Yug took Aaliya, his ego is high, so he doesn’t want to face us, I just can’t handle this. Arijit comes. He says I just met Yug, I feel Raman should give some space to Yug, else he will feel Raman has become his enemy.

Ishita asks why are you talking between us. Arijit says

I know I shouldn’t speak between you, investors gave this work to me, remove Yug from this project. Raman says what nonsense, that’s different project. Arijit says investors are saying Yug can’t handle any project, they will take back their money, I m trying hard to convince them, you have to make out of this project. He thinks I will keep you engaged in this, I will see how Ishita comes after my daughter. Ishita and Ruhi come home with Raman and Karan. Simmi asks about Neeti’s chemist. Ruhi says I have informed them. Mihika asks did anyone come there. Ishita says no. Mr. Bhalla says we shall celebrate today, its Yug’s first contract, its his success. Mrs. Bhalla says I got Mata Rani gold coin for Yug. Raman worries.
Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla to drink champagne. Mrs. Bhalla insists. Ruhi asks Karan to manage them. She goes to talk to Ishita and Raman. Sunil asks Tara to listen at Arijit’s house, she can’t stay with him. Tara asks will you come to meet me. Natasha says yes, sure. Arijit gets angry. Bhuvan asks will she stay here alone. Arijit asks Sunil to stay here as well, Tara has come for him from far. He says Natasha told that there should be someone to look after Tara. Natasha says fine, stay here Sunil. Arijit says so sweet, nice couple, Bhuvan get the guest room ready. He scolds Natasha. She also argues. Tara asks what’s this hand cuffs. Raman shouts on Yug.

Ishita and Ruhi try to calm him. Ishita says Yug is also tensed. Ruhi says maybe he called me, I didn’t check the phone, Aaliya has messaged me already. Raman checks and says she didn’t message anything. He calls Yug and says he has switched off his phone. Ishita says I will call Aaliya. Aaliya asks Yug to let her answer the call. Yug doesn’t listen. Raman says Yug brainwashed her. Ishita asks him to relax. Mani asks Aaliya to answer the call. He answers the call. Ishita asks are Yug and Aaliya at your place. Mani says yes. Ishita says I was asking them about dinner. Mani says Yug was worried. Raman says ask him not to run, come home and talk to us to get a solution. Yug says I m not running, I just need some time, I want to be with those people who trust me. Raman asks don’t you want to come back. Yug says I will sort this out and then come home, I will stay here with Appa. Ruhi says its fine. Raman says he thinks we are his enemies, see how he was speaking to me. He throws the phone and gets angry.

Ruhi says I don’t know how, you have to explain dad. Ishita asks Raman to come downstairs, else everyone will ask. Mr. Bhalla comes and asks where are Yug and Aaliya. Raman says he won’t come home today. Ishita says they are with Mani, they have gone there for dinner. Raman asks why are you lying. Tara asks Sunil where did he get her. Arijit asks what happened. Sunil says relax. Tara says we should inform police, I won’t stay here. Natasha asks Arijit to manage this problem now. Bhuvan says I was finding the handcuffs, its fake one, toy cuffs, my son likes to play chor police. Arijit asks him not to play such games. They go.

Sunil asks Natasha to sit down. Arijit asks how can you forget this, go and throw it. Bhuvan says sorry. Natasha says keep it safe, you can use it to kidnap Shardul, Tara is dump, I know you both are criminals, I m sure you have kidnapped many people before, kidnap Shardul, I will go then. Arijit asks her to get out. She says I know you can’t harm me, I have proof of your crimes, I m leaving Tara here, my work should be done. Arijit asks her to leave. He worries.

Raman telling Mr. Bhalla that Yug is hiding at Mani’s house. He says Yug doesn’t value me, he filled low amount tender so he got the project, the company is forcing us to complete the project, Yug has run away. Mr. Bhalla consoles him. He says you have also put the company in such loss when you joined. Raman says but I didn’t run away. Mr. Bhalla says you had also run away, we kept the house mortgaged, I didn’t let you go, then you worked hard and got everything back, you had much guilt and didn’t wish to face me, I know you can do anything when you determine it. Ishita says Yug is feeling guilty, he can’t face you, everyone makes him feel that he isn’t a Bhalla, we should give him some time.

Ruhi says yes, its Yug’s mistake, we all faced everything alone. Raman says fine. Its morning, Yug says Raman didn’t call me. He gets a headache. Aaliya consoles him. Mani asks them to have breakfast. Yug says I don’t want to eat food. Mani asks him to have it. Karan comes and says Ruhi didn’t let me have breakfast, Ishimaa has sent breakfast for Yug. Aaliya asks didn’t Ishita come. Karan says we will have breakfast first. Yug says Ruhi has sent the breakfast, she didn’t come. Karan says she went to office. Yug says I know they are angry on me, so they didn’t come. Karan says they have gone to office with dad, we will think how to fix this. Yug gets angry and asks why are you doing this. Mani says calm down, have the breakfast. Yug says I don’t want to eat it. Aaliya says Ishita hasn’t prepared this. Karan says she has made this. Yug says stop it, Ishita knows I don’t like chillies, she didn’t make it, don’t lie. Karan says sorry, I want you both to return home, mom made the cook prepare this vada. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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