Wednesday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 18th August 2021


Wednesday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 18th August 2021

Mariam asking Madiha about her stuff. Madiha asks why are just your things disappearing. Mariam says maybe some alien is coming to take my things. Madiha says its your new story, come. They all come to market. Meher sees Majaaz talking to someone about the case. Mariam think to show a pic to Majaaz and ask him. She gives the pic. Omkar comes and says we shall leave, they will need much time. Madiha says we will call you when we are done. Majaaz goes with Omkar. Mariam says I will find scoop first and then get mehendi. Meher asks her not to get away. Meher tells the man that she will help him in punishing the wrong doers.

Mariam shows pic to Rangeela and asks did you click this pic. He says no, this is black and white, I wasn’t born that time. She asks how was I born then. He says I m also thinking about it. Zain and Fawad come. Mariam argues with Fawad. Fawad runs. Zain hugs Mariam. She asks whom are you finding. He says nothing. He wishes. Mariam’s friend come and say run Mariam, look there. Mariam sees Rifat and runs. Zain smiles. Fawad says she pushed me down, I m hurt. Zain says its fine, I will get icecream for you. The lady reminds Rifat that they have to find a girl for Zain. Rifat sees her friends and worries. Majaaz sees Mariam’s pic falling and asks Mariam to take it. He goes to pick pic. Chutney falls on his pant. Omkar asks him to clean the wound. Majaaz asks Mariam to pick the pic. Aijaz talks to his lover. He gets shocked seeing the storeroom open.

He says who has dared to do this. Zain meets Mahira. She shows the mehendi on hands and asks him to feed her golgappas. Zain happily feeds her. Hawayein….plays…..Rifat’s friends stop her and taunt that she didn’t find her bahu. Rifat turns and sees Zain with Mahira. She gets shocked recalling Majaaz. Her friend asks shall we find an alliance for Zain. Rifat shows Zain and says he is feeding golgappa to his fiancee with love. The lady says Mahira is beautiful. Rifat says prepare for the marriage, we shall meet. Her friends go. Rifat says Madiha’s daughters are after my sons. Mahira thanks Zain and wishes him. She goes. Rifat comes and asks Zain to stay away from them. Zain asks won’t you be hurt if I marry by your choice and stay unhappy, relations are formed by heart, not by force. He goes. Majaaz and everyone come back and find Aijaz angry.

Aijaz asks who opened the door. Mariam says I didn’t open it, I went there to find scoop and got a pic there. They all get shocked seeing the pic. Mariam asks when did I get this pic clicked, who is this boy with me. Aijaz scolds her. Majaaz says I will explain Mariam. Aijaz asks servant to burn the pic right away, I hate the shadow of past. Majaaz says please don’t do this. The servant gets lighter. Aijaz burns the pic.

Mariam crying and thinking about Aijaz’s words. Aijaz recalls his daughter’s words and cries. Majaaz gets sad. Madiha comes and says dad got angry seeing the storeroom open, Mariam came there and he got silent, he has locked the door, I don’t know how Mariam reached there. Majaaz says we have to tell the secret to her some day. She says never, I want this to be always a secret, else we will lose her. She cries and says we will lose our Mariam. She requests him. Meher asks Mahira where was she, did she open the door. Mahira denies it and says Mariam always spies on everyone, she just finds scoops. Meher says you know whose things are kept there, its my mistake to ask this to you, sorry. She goes. Aijaz talks to his lover and says I couldn’t come today, I m sorry, I m fine, I will talk later.

Mariam sits talking to the tortoise and says I didn’t unlock the door, I was just finding scoop, the photo found me, that’s my scoop, I have to find its story, I will surprise Majaaz, but where will I get this story. Majaaz recalls Aijaz’s words. A lady is seen. She sends a parcel by Mariam’s name. Its morning, Majaaz sees Mariam sleeping and goes to hug her. She says I got that pic, who was that boy with me, when did I got that pic clicked. He laughs and says you are cute, you look extra cute when you smile, forget whatever happened, a new day, a new beginning. She says we shall find the story. He says sure, its Eid today, so celebrate and take Eidi from everyone.

Madiha asks Mariam to get ready. She says I will make you ready today. Mariam goes and thinks why is Aijaz angry, I m angry as he has burnt my pic. She comes to Aijaz and turns away. Aijaz smiles and hugs her. He says that was not your pic. She asks whose pic was it. He says it was an old pic, so I burnt it, are you upset with me. She says why did you get so angry, why is that room always locked, tell me please.

He asks her to find his silver ring, it has a green stone on it. She asks will you tell me everything then. She goes. He says I lied to you, there is no such ring, what can I do, you ask such questions which I can’t answer. He cries. Mahira talks to Rihaan and says you have hidden in that room, where Aijaz doesn’t allow us to go. She apologizes to Meher. She convinces her. Wasim gets ready. Rifat says Zain was feeding golgappas with love to Madiha’s daughter.

Wasim asks what. She says yes, Mariam is meeting Zain, Madiha is clever, she is trapping Zain to get our property. He says enough, spare Madiha and her daughters. She says we should be alert. He says Madiha did mistakes, but she is not greedy, if they were greedy, we would have not struggled to get the land, Zain is sensible and smart, he is not foolish. Rifat says don’t explain him. He says we will talk later, I have to go for namaaz. He goes. She says love for sister isn’t getting less. A lady is seen in Lahore. She gets a parcel. She cries seeing Mariam’s pics.