Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 14th April 2021


Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 14th April 2021

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Pankti thinking of Ahaan’s words. She goes to see him. She sees Ahaan sleeping and smiles. She thanks him for everything. She goes back to her room. She smiles thinking of him. Ahaan sings Main tenu samjhawan…. Pankti gets a flowering surprise and gifts. She gets Ahaan’s note and chocolates. Ahaan asks her to come to him, he will fill sweetness in her life. She gets a dress and wears it. She follows the clues to reach him. Ahaan surprises her with their pictures and decorations. She gets emotional. He shows a cake. He makes her cut the cake. They feed cake to each other. They hug and smile. They come downstairs. Aparna tries bridal chunris on Pankti. Ahaan smiles. Sheetal shows the jewelry.

Ahaan compliments Pankti. He helps her and gets close. Music plays…. Aparna asks who will do the work. Ahaan says I will do. She smiles and asks did you call Purva. He says I will just call. Aparna takes Pankti.

Ahaan invites Purva for his engagement. She gets glad. Pankti hears him. Purva says I will come, rings won’t get exchanged before I come. Pankti smiles. Anita asks what, Pankti is getting engaged, she is very fast, you won’t go there Purva, they didn’t invite me. JD comes and says I have come to invite you, Ahaan and Pankti’s love has changed me, you also change, I m getting much peace by becoming good, I will give you 10 crores, take this house and car, but free Pankti. He says I want peace in my family and relation with Sheetal, don’t spoil this, free Pankti. Anita asks are you JD or any imposter. She says you maybe playing a game, else JD can never say this. He says enough, just my intention changed, I don’t need to prove anyone, its better you trust me.

He warns her against doing anything against Pankti. He coughs and asks Purva to get water. Purva calls Pankti and says JD has warned Anita against doing anything wrong, maybe he is not lying, don’t know, its your engagement after two days, I m going for shopping, you have to look special. Ahaan asks whom are you talking to. Pankti says Purva called, JD warned Anita. He asks don’t you believe him, you have not seen his other side, he loves family a lot, he has really changed. Purva gets water for JD. JD thanks her. JD warns Anita again.

JD does arrangements at home. He tells Sheetal that Pankti got scared at night, so he has ended the darkness. Sheetal says I have to put extra effort to match up to you. Ahaan asks Pankti to see, JD has really changed. Ahaan thanks JD. JD says I m still your Bade Papa. Ahaan says you have talked to Anita. JD says I m repenting, I want peace at home, I worry for Sheetal’s health, I want Pankti to stay here as Richa stays, without any fear, I can apologize to her again. Ahaan says no need, I m sure her fear will end. He goes. JD messages Pankti. He apologizes and writes Babu. She gets shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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