Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 25th November 2020


Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 25th November 2020

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Kunal looks away from Mauli while she withdraws herself. She explains she was cooking soup.. And takes the bowl. Kunal wanted to speak to her but Pari calls Mauli in. In the room, Mauli asks Pari how is the soup. Pari says it’s really yummy, she may make it daily. Mauli says if this means Pari would never eat junk food. Pari says no, she wants French fries as well. Kunal comes to the room and smiles watching Pari. Pari says Mauli cooked a yummy soup for her, even her fever vanished. She asks Kunal to try a spoon. Kunal asks what will happen of a super man with a single spoon, it’s for Pari and she must finish it. He thanks Mauli for coming over to take care of Pari. Mauli nods.

Kunal gets a call from Mamma and comes out of the room. Mamma was concerned for Pari. Kunal says Pari is really happy, she got better watching Mauli there. He was appreciative of her big heart. She is heartily taking care of Pari, and it doesn’t appear if Pari had fever. Mamma was happy as an ailing child always needs a mother, its good Mauli went there.

Dida came behind Mamma and hear the conversation. Outside, Kunal thanks Mauli for all this favor, even after whatever he had done to her. Mauli says its ok, she had to come. Dida asks Mamma where Mauli is. Mamma replies that Mauli went to meet Pari, and Kunal says Pari is perfectly fine now. Dida wish Mamma could see with her lenses. Mauli still stands at the verge of jumping into trouble for herself. Mamma assures that Mauli and Kunal have moved on in their lives. Dida says this is half true. Kunal has moved on in life, but Mauli still stands 6 years ago. Mamma asks if her engagement with Ishaan isn’t enough to prove Mauli also moved on. Dida says they aren’t yet married.

Mauli explains to Kunal that Ishaan sent her here, without his help and support she could never do this. Kunal says he is happy for Mauli that she got a caring man like Ishaan, he is the real one for her. He says Mauli must be getting late, he is here and even Mishti must be waiting for her. Pari comes to request Mauli to stay for a while, and play with her. Kunal insists that Mauli has to leave, and Pari is unwell and can’t play. Mauli tells Pari to rest the whole day, and take a sleep. Pari insists for a single game, afterwards she will listen to whatever Mauli asks her. She takes Mauli’s hand and goes inside.

Dida tells Mamma if Mauli had moved on, she must not have taken years to agree marrying Ishaan. These emotions make homes and these destroy homes as well.
Kunal, Mauli and Pari played Ludo. Kunal was offensive that snake again beat him. He tells Pari he sits at the wrong place. Pari says alright, even by switching places he will be in the same position of game.

At home, Dida was watching a serial loud. Mishti comes to ask about her Mama, she is late. She decides to make a call and speak to Mama. Mamma says Mauli must be driving, she left clinic a while ago. Mishti insists on calling. Kunal cheats Ludo through cheating. Mauli caught his cheating while Pari chants Kunal as cheater. Mauli recalls Kunal’s earlier betrayal. Kunal notices Mauli appeared disturbed. She gets a call from Mishti. Mishti asks where she is, she has been missing her. Mauli promises to be home soon and give her a teddy hug. Mishti asks if she is leaving clinic. Mauli tells Mishti she is on a home visit at a patient’s house. Mishti was upset as she cuts the call.

Mauli takes a leave from Kunal and Pari, she turns to leave after giving a kiss to Pari. Pari follows Mauli outside, she holds her hand. Kunal also came over. Kunal asks Pari to let Mauli leave, she is getting late. Pari says she is ready to share her buddy; can Mishti also share her mama? Mauli and Kunal look towards each other clueless of any replies. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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