Wednesday Update on Anupama 18th May 2022


Wednesday Update on Anupama 18th May 2022

Vanraj’s family is busy dancing and enjoying in Toshu’s engagement ceremony when Sid enters and messages Pakhi thinking she will see what he can do to her. After dance performance, Anupama asks Kavya to be with Pakhi till she returns. Kavya asks if Pakhi is fine, Anupama says yes and goes to meet Baa. Kavya asks all okay? Pakhi says yes. She gets tensed seeing Sam standing nearby and smirking at her. Anu returns towards Pakhi when Rakhi takes her to meet special guests. Toshu gets romantic with Kinjal and requests for a kiss. Kinjal says he has to wait for sometime for that. He says she is his first crush and love, is he her first love and crush. She gets tensed. Samar walks to them and taunts Toshu that Toshu is Kinjal’s first love.

Rakhi introduces Vanraj and Anu to her special guests Mr. and Mrs. Desai and thanks them for attending function in a small venue as her samdhis are middle class and cannot afford big hall. Vanraj gives back saying place is small but happiness is very big. Mr. Desai calls his son Sidharth/Pakhi’s stalker. Vanraj asks him in which school he studies. Sid replies. Anu says even her daughter Pakhi studies in same school, he must be knowing her. Rakhi taunts saying good they can afford expensive school for their daughter. Vanraj says he doesn’t take chance in children’s future. Rakhi asks them to take a seat and reminds Vanraj to make sure Desais are taken care of well. Vanraj says they maybe her special friends, but they are his guests now and she need not worry.

Samar informs Anu and Vanraj that their dance performance is next. Anu walks to Pakhi and asks if stalker Sid came. Pakhi looking at Sid says no and feels sorry. Samar and his friend get back on stage and announce Anuraj’s performance. Baa and Bapuji ask who is Anuraj. Samar says most loving couple Anupama and Vanraj, Anuraj. Kavya gets jealous hearing that. They go on stage. Samar plays different energetic song. Vanraj says they didn’t practice on this song. Everyone insist them to dance on same energic song. They both perform beautifully on Aaja Doob Jau Teri Aankhon Ke Ocean Me.. song.. Everyone enjoy their performance. Sid walks to Pakhi and says she is looking pretty in Indian wear, making her more tensed. Kavya gets more jealous when everyone praise Anu and Vanraj’s performance and Sanjay clicking their pics.

After performance, Samar walks around and sees his friend’s earring. He picks. Friend walks to her and he makes her wear it. He gets alert when she snaps her finger and realizes he was dreaming. She takes her earring and walks away fuming.

Anu walks back to Pakhi and asks again if he came and takes her towards washroom when Vanraj sends her somewhere. He walks to Kavya and says he will take her on vacation after engagement ceremony finishes. Kavya says she is seeing howmuch he is getting along with Anu, so he should go and enjoy function instead of worrying about her. Vanraj gets tensed seeing Rakhi hearing their conversation and smirking at them.

Rakhi walks to Vanraj and Kavya and asks even if they came searching network or discuss office issues. Kavya says they were speaking to client and walks away. Rakhi thinks something is going between them. Jhilmil takes Pakhi/Sweety to washroom and waits outside. Sid/Sidharth already present there barges in and threatens her not to shout and send Jhilmil away, else he will upload her pics. Sweety asks Jhilmil to go and get her makeup kit. Jhilmil says Anu bhabhi asked her not to leave her alone. Sweety insists, and Jhilmil leaves. Anu feels uneasy and seeing Jhilmil asks her where is Sweety. Jhilmil says she sent her to bring makeup kit. Anu rushes towards bathroom. Sid tries to harass Sweety for getting her restricated from school, Sweety says she didn’t. He is about to physically abuse her when Anu enters and giving him a tight slap warns to stay away from her daughter. He warns if she knows who his parents are. She says they are poor parents who couldn’t upbring their son properly. He tries to touch her again, and Anu slaps him again.

Samar and his friend’s performance starts. They dance on Bapuji searches Anu and thinks where she is during her dearest son’s performance. Toshu and Kinjal’s performance starts next and they also perform well. Bapuji asks Vanraj about Anu and he also thinks where she must have gone. Anu brings Sid and throws him in front of his parents. Desais shouts what nonsense is this, how dare she is to insult their son. Rakhi shouts at Anu for insulting her special guest’s son and cancels engagement. Vanraj sensing the situation warns her to shut up and asks Anu what happened exactly. Anu reveals that Sid studies in Sweety’s school and clicking her nude pics was blackmailing to meet him or else he will barge into engagement venue and trouble her, he tries to physically abuse her in washroom when she caught him beforehand and gave him 2 tight slaps. Everyone stand shocked hearing that. Vanraj angrily holds Sid’s collar shouting how dare he is to harrass his daughter. Family holds him. Rakhi shouts again at Vanraj and says she is cancelling engagement. Their argument starts. Baa interferes and asks them to stop fighting.

Anu says she taught her daughter not to be helpless woman and to fight when someone tries to harm her dignity, she gave 2 tight slaps to Sid and if his parents should have given him good upbringing, this wouldn’t have happened. She tells Desais that she respects guests and they should leave with their son. Rakhi continues her yelling and asks Desasis to come along. Mrs. Desai stops and says Anu did wrong by slapping Sid twice. Sid says she is right, that b…should… Mrs. Desai gives him a tight slap and says if she had controlled him beforehand, he wouldn’t have gone out of control. She slaps him repeatedly and apologizes Sweety and Anu and assures Sid will not trouble Sweety again. Anu warns Rakhi if she can dare break engagement and see, even her own daughter will not support her. Rakhi’s husband backs Anu and says she did right. Mrs. Desai says she should be proud to have such samdhis. Engagement ceremony continues while Rakhi stands fuming.

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