Tuesday Update on Young Love 25 February 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 25 February 2020

The colored water falling on Disa. Everyone get shocked. Nimboli gets shocked. Disa covers her hear. Kundan scolds Nimboli and accuses her for doing it purposely. He says didn’t you know that Disa doesn’t play holi. Nimboli nods no, as she planned it for Kundan. He blames her and says I know your mischief. Akhira Singh scolds her for coloring his bhabhi saa. Kundan smirks. Akhira Singh raises his hand to slap her. Disa protects Nimboli. Nimboli is in tears. Akhira Singh tells that she is troublesome and doesn’t have a brain. Akhira Singh scolds a lady and asks her to keep an eye on Nimboli. She apologizes to him. He asks Nimboli not to do this again and says Kundan is your husband and God. If you make fun of him, then you will go to hell directly. Kundan smiles while Nimboli cries.

Nimboli looks at her caretaker lady. She holds her lovingly and kisses on her forehead before hugging her. Ganga asks Jagya to wake up, says it is holi today. Abhimaan signs Ganga. She wakes up Jagya. Jagya gets up with colored moustache on his face, it seems Abhimaan made it. Ganga praises him and calls him handsome. Jagya looks in the mirror and gets surprised. Abhimaan says you are looking good today. Jagya asks them not to do it again. Abhimaan says sorry. Ganga says it is holi today, it was a joke. Jagya seems tobe angry with her.

Disa opens her cupboard and looks for her clothes. Nimboli comes and apologizes to her saying she didn’t do it purposely. Disa says I am not angry with you. Nimboli asks why did Bapusa get angry on me? Disa says I am a widow, and can’t play with colors. He got angry and scolded you. Nimboli asks you might like to play with colors sometimes. Disa says her life is faded away. Nimboli hugs her and says you saved me from Bapusaa’s anger.

Nimboli tells Disa that when Bapusaa slaps her, she feels pain in her ears and when Maa saa slaps her then she doesn’t feel pain. She says when Maa saa beats me, I close my eyes and strengthen my body. I didn’t feel pain. Disa doesn’t believe her. Nimboli asks her to slap and see. Disa refuses. Nimboli insists and closes her eyes. Disa pats on her tummy. Nimboli laughs and asks her to beat her with energy. Disa beats her on her tummy. Nimboli says I didn’t feel pain. Disa asks her to go out and play holi. Nimboli looks out while everyone is enjoying holi. Kundan comes and takes her inside. He suffocates her with holi colors. Nimboli runs and washes her face. Kundan asks her not to mess with him. Nimboli washes her face and cries.

Everyone is enjoying holi at Dadisaa’s place. Kids say they are waiting for Jagya. Dadisaa waits for Jagya. Jagya comes. Kids wish them happy holi. Jagya takes Dadisaa’s blessings. Ganga takes color in her hand to apply it on Jagya’s face, but just then Jagya goes to Anandi and colors her face. Ganga is taken aback and feels bad. She let go of the colors in her hand. Anandi wishes him happy holi. Anandi then greets the ladies. Dadisaa asks Jagya to color Ganga’s face. He goes to Ganga. She asks him to apply color on kids first and goes. Sarita comes and greets Dadisaa. Jagya asks the kids to help him.

Nimboli sees kundan playing with his friends. He teases her. Disa takes bath and looks at the colors on the floor. She moves her legs silently to touch the colors. Disa touches the color and feel it. She hears the drum sound. She smiles while the music plays…….She then takes bath to shed all the colors from her body. She clears the surface.

Jagya comes to Ganga and colors her with the kids help. They apply color on each other cheeks. Jagya smiles. Ganga makes her sons play with holi. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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