Tuesday Update on Young Love 22nd December 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 22nd December 2020

Karuna getting call from office asking her to come as inspection officers are coming for Inspection. Karuna says okay, I will come. Triveni asks Abhayram to go to office and taunts him. Nandini asks him to take Krish’s car. Triveni asks Abhayram to cut apples and says he will leave. He goes. Nandini follows him. Triveni says he got some work now. Nandini calls him Bapusaa. Abhayram is shocked and asks her to see her place in his life. Nandini says you are my saas’s husband and Krish’s dad. Abhayram says don’t you know what I can do? Nandini says Anandi won from Akhiraj and promises to make him lose. She asks him to be in limits else she can take Kali’s avatar too to protects the family. She shows the knife and asks did you remember that knife? A fb is shown, Nandini says I used that knife for your protection and says she can use it even now. Abhayram fumes and says you shall see that I will take revenge from you by making you lose.

Nandini paste the time tables for Krish’s studies. Krish looks at her waist. Nandini asks him to look at the time table. Krish says he saw her waist. Nandini says this pallu will not move and asks him to concentrate on his time table. Krish sings Jab se hui hai shaadi…..Nandini gets Dr. Amit’s call. He informs her that he checked Sudha’s sonography report, and her condition is not well. He says amniotic fluid is low than required and asks her to complete the formalities. Nandini says she will manage the money. Dr. Amit asks her to sign on some papers as formality. Nandini says she is coming. PRemal’s mum and dad fill his ears against Mrs. Shekhawat, Yamuna and Sudha. Premal’s mum says she might have gone to do something dirty thing. Abhayram comes and says she is in hospital, and offers help. Premal’s mum asks how?

Nandini reaches hospital and asks where is Premal and your inlaws. She asks her to tell what happened? She says if you are worried about something then it might harm your baby. Sudha says Premal….Premal comes there with his mum and dad, and starts acting. Even Premal acts. Premal’s dad says she is our bahu and this baby is our chiraag/heir. Sudha thinks why they are looking changed. Nandini says you should take care of Sudha. Premal says yes, it is my mistake. He says Sudha is also busy in work. I should have taken care of her. He apologizes to Sudha and says he will be with her now. Nandini says I can’t permit you to stay with her as I don’t trust you. Premal’s mum says she is our bahu.

Nandini asks them to go and says you people can’t take Sudha without my parents’ agreement. Sudha stops them and tells Nandini that her sasural is her home. She says Premal is my husband, please for me and my child, let me go. She says I trust Premal, and my inlaws. Nandini says our parents house and my house is your house too. She warns Premal and kisses on Sudha’s forehead. She says I will ask staff to take care of you, and asks her to call her whenever needed. Sudha thanks her.

Nandini comes back home. Triveni asks how is your sister? Nandini says she is better now, but I am scared. Karuna says you are with her naa. Triveni says hospital staff take care of the patient. Abhayram comes and asks Nandini about Sudha and her baby. Nandini says they are fine. Abhayram thinks she can’t be well, you can’t imagine what is going to do with her.