Tuesday Update on Young Love 18 February 2020

Tuesday Update on Young Love 18 February 2020

Ganga calling the patients’ relatives. Jagya tells them that operation is successful. They say they are thankful to the doctor who perfomed the operation. Jagya says yes. Meenu informs Anoop about Nandini’s kidnapping. Anoop gets angry on her for not informing him before. He says Anandi did a big mistake. She couldn’t handle her own daughter. He gets angry on Anandi for risking her daughter. Meenu says we didn’t think that things will be worst. Anoop asks her to try to find Nandini. He says we can’t rely on Anandi.

Dadisaa tells that Ganga is not an ordinary woman and she did a miracle. She surprised us. Nandu calls her genius. Gehna tells that you helped me deliver the baby before and now this. She says she have to be a doctor. Niranjan comes and sit on sofa. He tells that he got an appointment letter from Banaras University for the post of music teacher. Dadisaa blesses him, followed by all. Niranjan says I don’t know whether I shall do the work or not. Dadisaa says this chances don’t come again and again. Banaras is a good city and your life will get better. She says it is a good thing. Gehna gets sad thinking she has to migrate. Dadisaa asks him to accept this job. Nandu refuses to accept it saying he will not leave Jaitsar. He will stay there. Gehna says we will go far, but that doesn’t mean that we will not meet. We will visit to this place. Nandu refuses. Dadisaa makes him understand that this is about Niranjan’s future. Nandu refuses to go without her. Dadisaa says she wants him to be famous and educated, like Jagya. Dadisaa tries to convince him. Nandu finally agrees tearfully.

Daddu asks Ira about Anandi. Ira tells him that Anandi called and said that she will come back after dropping Khazan ji to the farmhouse. Daddu asks her about Amol. Ira says he said he will have food with Anandi. Daddu says I will go to sleep. Ira says I will also go and shows hatred towards her. Daddu is annoyed with Ira.

He goes to his room. Amol comes to hall and waits for Anandi at the dining table. Anandi comes home and sees Amol sleeping on the dining table. She rushes to him. Amol wakes up and says everyone had dinner. Anandi says I told Badi Maa to have food. She says my son loves me a lot. She says you would have dinner. Amol says I waited for you as you don’t eat after Nandini’s kidnapping. Anandi have food with Amol. He makes her eat the food.

Daddu looks at the prams sadly and waits for Shivam. Meenu says we don’t know. Ira says whenever Anandi likes, she will bring Shivam. We shall not ask her. Daddu asks why? Alok says she did a grave mistake. Ira says how to forgive her. Nandini is lost because of her. Daddu says you are seeing only your love. Anandi has pain more than us. She is the mother of Nandini. He praises Anandi. Ira says how can she forgot that she is a mother too, while protecting others. Daddu says, so Shiv also did a mistake. We shall get angry with him. He thought about other’s kids. He tells Ira to remember Anandi giving moral support to Saachi when she needed it the most. He says Anandi is sent by God. She lost her husband first and then her daughter. You both can understand her pain, but now you are behaving her strangely with her. He cries.

Anandi talking to Shivam and says everyone must be waiting for you downstairs. We got late because of your bathing. She says we will apologize to them. Ira, Meenu, Alok and Daddu come there. Ira and Meenu apologize to her. Anandi says I know your anger is justified. She says I really miss you all. She says I thought as if I lost everyone like I lost my daughter. Ira and Meenu hug her. Alok too apologizes to her. Daddu says thank God, our family is united now. He says Amol will be very happy seeing us together. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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