Tuesday Update On True Love September 4

Tuesday Update On This is Love

September 4 Episode

Dadaji is excited abt their recent business profits and the new contracts they’ve been getting. Mai tells him that it’s all cuz of the ‘laxmi’ that has come to their house. Dadaji is confused and just then Kinjal comes down all set and ready to go with Veer out to town. After she leaves, Mai suggests Veer-Kinjal’s rishta. Dadaji explains that he likes the girl since she’s their best friend’s daughter, but he wud like confirmation from Veer before they go ahead with it. Mai assures that she will talk to Veer after which they’d call Kinjal’s father over as well.

At Vrindavan, Ichcha is asleep in her hut, and suddenly wakes up with nightmares of Vansh’s dying moments. She sits there remembering Veer and everything that happened after her marriage with Vansh. (Ichcha, stop dreaming and get back home. u have no idea what all has happened after u left.. now go on home and assemble ur life back together with Veer.)

At the Bundela house, the whole family is seated for dinner. Kinjal sits next to Veer, and Mai and the rest watch them with a silly smile on their faces happy seeing Veer-Kinjal interacting well (from where I see it, Veer doesn’t appear any differently with this Kinjal character than when he is with anyone else’ wonder what Mai and the rest are seeing?. Kinjal comments on how good the palak-paneer is (her wobbling head is so irritating. Veer accidently mentions Ichcha’s name and was abt to say that it’s her fav dish’ but stops. Kinjal asks who Ichcha is; when all get tongue-tied, except of course our very own Chanda. She gladly offers to explain and goes ahead and tells Kinjal that Ichcha is Veer’s bro’s widow. Mai cleverly changes the topic and Kinjal goes on with her usual blabbering which only Mai seems to enjoy. She asks Kinjal to come to her room after dinner.

Later Kinjal goes to Mai’s room and is gifted some jewelry by Mai who then subtly asks her if she likes Veer. Kinjal looks stunned at the Q and then Mai rephrases and asks if she wud like to spend the rest of her life with him. Kinjal blushes and turns away shyly. Mai smiles and promises to talk to her father abt this and they hug.

Next day at the Thakur house, Divya and Jogi are having tea when he asks why the tea tastes so different today (wonder if he actually meant it in a good way. Divya replies that its cuz Tapu made it herself and then she goes on how Tapu woke up early and tidied her room and even helped out in the kitchen(that’s all thanks to her hotel room cleaning training. Divya and Jogi express how happy they are to have their daughter back home and are glad to see such positive changes in her; all the while Tapu is behind the wall eavesdropping with a smile on her face, listening to how much they missed her and will never ever let her out of their sight (somehow I get this feeling that Tapu is portraying herself all changed and reformed to her parents and family just to fulfill something else she’s planning. Her looks are getting scaring everyday)

Back in Vrindavan, Ichcha is sleeping, when she again has nightmares of Vansh’s dying moments; she wakes up and finds Vansh standing in front of her smiling at her. He tells her that he is there only for her. She runs to him and touches him. They hug and she asks him why he left her. He replies that he never left her and will always be with her and he came today to tell her to move on with her life, not looking back into her past, and starting life afresh. She asks him how she can do that when she’s his wife. He explains that she was his wife and he was wrong in not realizing that her life always belonged with veer. He tells her that he learnt abt all that only on the day he died and that’s why he had called to meet them both and that his soul can rest in peace only if she’ll accept Veer in her life. He requests her to start the wonderful life that is waiting for; saying that he moves away from her and disappears. Ichcha wakes up and looks around for him remembering all that he said to her in her dream (really beautiful scene…).READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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