Tuesday Update on True Love 6th October 2020

Tuesday Update on True Love 6th October 2020

Akash’s residence
Akash’s mother talking about abortion, shocks kajri and meethi and asks whats she saying. maiyya says that she did say insistently, as she had no other option. Akash’s aunts enjoy this. meethi is shocked, as maiyya tries to make her see the point that she tried to show akash, and asks how long will she be able to carry this burden and asks hre also to abort the child.

she says that her pains to say this, but she should abort this child, and forever bury the taint of those two nights in the brothel. meethi refuses and asks how can she talk like this and if she doesnt believe her. maiyya says that she believes her and her character, but she should think who else does and who else will.

The sisters reprimand meethi for making maiyya cry and putting akash in jail, even before the child arrived, saying that this taint of the past cant go. Maiyya asks them to shut and leave. They comply. Meethi begs maiyya not to ask her to do this evil. maiyya says that she would take this sin on herself, but she should abort this child, as the innocent child would have to bear this taunt everyday, and she would shed tears of blood, every day after having given birth to this child. she leaves in disgust, while meethi is shocked at what she just suggested. she collapses on the ground, while kajri tries in vain to compose her. kajri tells her that nothing like that would happen, whiloe meethi goes bersek thinking about it.

The next morning, when akash and sankrant come home, maiiya asks if everything was okay. Akash said that there’s nothing to worry, as sankrant had got him out on bail. akash says that he thinks that what happened yesterday caused a bad influence on meethi. Seeing maiyya tensed, he asks if she spoke anything to meethi. she says that she said, as it was important and again repeats the same request to akash. but he doesnt listen and rushes to his room, and finds meethi in tears, with kajri beside her.

kajri sees akash, and gets up and tells him that meethi is deeply hurt by maiyya’s request and needs his company. She leaves the room. He comes and sits beside her, and while she tries to deny maiyya having said anything, akash says that he knows everything. meethi says that she cant do it, as its their part, and that he/ she wont be destined to have the future that everyone claims it would have. akash cups her face and says that as long as she is with him, noone can force her to do this, and that this is their child, and he would definitely be born.

Meethi is emotional. Meanwhile, sankrant doesnt like what maiyya did, and says that he wont tolerate meethi or any bad word against her. He says that the child’s parents would give her a wonderful future. maiyya is unconvinced. Akash asks meethi not to take any burden and then they teasingly argue about meethi wanting a son like him, and he wanting a daughter like her. they banter lovingly.

Hospital and akash’s residence
Tapasya gives mukta last minute advises, and asks yuvaan to take care of her. Yuvaan says that he would take care of mukta. Granny expresses her deep founded faith in him, as this would get mukta to freshen up too. yuvaan asks mukta to come along, while she asks tapasya to take care of vishnu and rathore.

While akash is feeding meethi, and she cribs for icecream, she gets tapasya’s phone. Meethi is talking with Tapasya on the phone, ranting about how much she is being pampered and spoiled by akash. She asks her to give phone to Mukta. Tapasya says she has gone to Lonawala to pray for Vishnu. Meethi says Rathore must be with her then. Tapasya says no, she went with her friend Yuvaan. Meethi is shocked to hear this. akash is surprised too. tapasya asks if there’s any problem.

Meethi asks if rathore knows this. she denies, and meethi instantly asks her to tell rathore. tapasya asks if she shouldnt have sent her with him. meethji just asks her to tell rathore. tapasya complies but is tensed still. after the phone call, akash reminds meethi that she had promised that she wont bother about yuvaan in her condition, and doesnt take anything for an answer. He goes to get her icecream, to get her mood correct. As he leaves, meethi is very tensed, and hoeps that rathore knows it soon, and mukta doesnt face any trouble.

Plastic Surgeon
Rathore requests five minutes from the same plastic surgeon that meethi had told him about, and when she complies, he shows her the photo of yuvaan and demands for his past pics. rathore says that he wants to know what Yuvaan looked like before the surgery. She says that she cant divulge patient’s confidential information. He says that this man is playing with people’s lives, and hence this is needed. she says that she can give information only on two grounds, the patient’s consent and the court’s order.

She denies to help. rathore is tensed. Meanwhile, she starts searching for her keys, and rathore finds them but also spots the pencil stand and tissue box. He gives her the keys, and also offers to carry her bags till the car. On the way out, he picks a pencil, and a tissue and then rushes after her. As she leaves, he turns around and again glances at the office and then leaves finally.

As he moves out with her carrying her bags, he draws an impression of the key. He gives her the keys, and then she drives off. rathore is happy that his work is done, as he eyes the tissue carrying the impression. he apologises to himself for having stolen in the name of chivalry, but unfortunately he doesnt have much time, and he has to save his family. rathore enters and starts rummaging through stuff, and finds a pendrive, but is alarmed as someone opens the door, and ducks in hiding. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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