Tuesday Update on True Love 27th October 2020

Tuesday Update on True Love 27th October 2020

Ashfaque instructs his staff members about how to dye clothes and prepare carpets. Zubeida brings for him. Meethi too comes there will a bigger lunch box for all the staff members. He is worried to see her here as Ansari often comes here. He will start his questions once again. What if she runs away yet again? Rizvi family will be over. Zubeida assures him that Meethi wont go anywhere as she has made a promise to her. He sits down with his staff to eat lunch. Meethi is looking around and he is watching her. he is sure she will do something for sure.

Meethi looks at the mirror and notices her bare forehead. She finds colours and picks up red colour. Zubeida and Ashfaque look on in shock as she puts it on her forehead. He reprimands her for her act as this can land them all in jail. She feels incomplete without it. He tells her to control her emotions or everyone’s life will be at risk. Ansari ji comes here any time of the day. Just then Ansari comes there and greets him. Ashfaque puts colour on Meethi’s full face. Ansari has seen it and calls out for him. he reprimands him for his act. We don’t put colours like this. Ashfaque lies that she has been after him to teach her how to make carpets. I taught her the first step. I have made her friends with colours. Ansari still doesn’t like it. it is our duty to respect women. Send the carpet when it is done. Ashfaque nods. Ansari leaves finally.

Meethi asks Ashfaque loudly if there was no other way to hide it. He tells her to say it out loudly so that everyone else can know who you are. I have helped you another time for which you should be thankful. Forgive me! She leaves from there with Zubeida following her. He cannot tell her that this was the only way through which he could save her. Forgive me Allah. Show us a way that her vermilion stays put and we are saved too.

It is night time. Meethi and Ashfaque come face to face. She tells him to leave her way. He talks about what he had to do at the factory today. she sits down by the pool and opens her diary as Ashfaque looks on from a distance.

Screen shifts to Akash who is sitting somewhere lost in his thoughts. Ashfaque watches Meethi writing in the diary. She is in tears while she writes. Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho plays as the screen keeps shifting between Meethi and Akash. Ashfaque keeps watching Meethi. akash gets drenched in rain.

Zubeida comes to give pickle to Ashfaque but he isn’t feeling like eating it. He goes from there.

Rathore and Jogi come to Damini’s room. They still haven’t got any news about Meethi. everyone tried including Akash. Damini is angry at him. he said he wont come back without Meethi but he came back. She was waiting for him at the bus stop before leaving this city but he dint came. Rathore wants to know why Meethi too such a big step. Why did you help her in it? She tells them that Meethi couldn’t become a mother. She had told this to Akash but he was stubborn that he wanted his own baby. Meethi thought to go away from his life as it is impossible otherwise. She had thought to go to some other place. We had decided to go to Vaishno Devi first and then head to our village. She wanted to go away from him so that he forgets her and moves on in his life. Rathore wants an answer from Akash now. IF he loves Meethi as much as he proposes to then why did he let Meethi go? Just for the sake of a baby? I never felt that he will do this. Jogi agrees with him. Akash cannot do it. Never!

Kajri comes to Maiyya’s room. She looks around for the cd and finally finds it under the bed. Gomti comes back and she hides under the bed. Gomti notices the diary on the bed and becomes curious. She keeps it in the bedside table and leaves. Kajri comes out of her hiding place once she leaves.


Meethi is trying to put wet clothes on the rope but it is too high. Ashfaque jokes if they do it the same way in their country. She nods. He continues teasing her. Your husband would pick you in his arms and help you in doing it. she gets angry. Do you think it is a joke? You think me and my life is a joke? Do you have any idea what I am going through? I am sitting in an altogether different country away from my family. you know what it means to stay away from your loved ones? I don’t think that you would have even stepped out of this place. You think of this as a joke! I agree your family is very good and they treat me with love and respect yet something pinches at heart. I miss my family members, my husband. But you only think about jokes! You stop me from making a phone call, put colour on my face, call me a problem and wonder when I will go away. if this was it then why did you save me? you crossed your limit today. You made a joke of my husband. I am not any Indian doll who has come here to entertain you. She is in tears and he feels bad about it. He was only trying to make her smile. You will look good when you will smile. His dad calls out for him and Meethi goes away. he turns to talk to her but she is gone by then.

Meethi is on the terrace. Rizvi ji comes there. You look sad. There is a very good way of forgetting your sadness and pain. Recall a shayar’s poetry through you can forget all your pain / sadness. He starts speaking a few lines. Meethi smiles as she hears it. She completes it too. They both ask each other how they know this poem. She shares that her bade papa used to recite it for her and her mom to encourage them. He tells her to think that her bade papa’s voice reached him and he said it out loud. We have made a new relation. You can call me bade abbu if you want to. She gets emotional. He asks her to come to him if she misses her bade papa anytime. I know your pain very well. Don’t worry my elder son is here to help you. You will be in your home very soon till then you will have to be strong. We have got a chance to take care of you. You can make new memories and take some Pakistan with you. You can smile and leave this with us here. She hugs him.


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