Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 27th October 2020


Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 27th October 2020

Pramilla comes to tell Mamma about Kunal’s condition. Mamma finds the medicine sachet in dustbin of kitchen.Nandini was worried about Kunal.
Mamma questions Dida if she had given the medicine to Kunal? Dida accepts giving the medicine, she claims that Kunal and Mauli are under a single roof because of her. Mamma was shocked to hear she lied about her illness. Dida accepts saying she made doctor to lie as well. She can’t see her children part ways and her house getting scattered. Mamma says she always advice Mauli of compromise but she wonders why should Mauli forgive Kunal?

Mauli watched Kunal sleeping on the couch and wonders if he is fine?
Mauli then reach the door of the room. Dida was asking Mamma to be her side and not to tell Mauli or Kunal about the truth. Mauli asks what is it that Dida wants Mamma’s help. The ladies were speechless, Mamma handles the situation saying Dida doesn’t want to take pumpkin juice from tomorrow. Mauli says Dida is a strong lady, is she afraid of pumpkin juice?
Kunal wakes up in the midst of night. He wonders how he fall asleep on the couch, Nandini must be waiting for him. He runs to Nandini’s apartment but the watchman tells her that she had left for temple.

Mauli finds Kunal’s watch on the table. She touches it and remembers how Kunal kept this watch dear, she had gifted this watch to him. Dida comes to Mauli and requests her to go to the Pooja today, if not for Kunal but for Dida.
Nandini was there in the Pooja. Kunal reach there. Nandini’s phone was at home which he tried calling. Nandini hear some women discuss that this Pooja is important for married women. She turns to face the Goddess, Kunal came to the hall and was looking for Nandini. Mauli walks to the hall.

Mauli also comes to stand in front of the Goddess, then looks around where women had been dancing festively. Both ladies stood in front of the Goddess for the grand aarti. Mauli prays for the right path and leaves the future over the Goddess. Nandini prays that she got love after much suffering in life, and prays that her love isn’t snatched from her. After the prayer Nandini leave the crowd. Mauli comes forward towards the idol and kneels for prayer. Kunal, who was looking for Nandini hits a lady and her sindoor plate spills over Mauli’s head. Mauli finds the incident as a clue. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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