Tuesday Update on This is Love 4th August 2020


Tuesday Update on This is Love 4th August 2020

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Ishita saying I did this to save Raman’s life, sorry to do this, I did this to save him. Raman says I think we should give them some time, they are in shock, I want to meet Shardul. Ishita says I will get him, you come, take rest. He asks where is Yug. She says they will come. Arijit says why is Yug calling at this time. He answers and asks what happened Yug. Shardul says its me. Arijit says where were you, Ishita got Raman home, if Raman comes in front of Neeti, she will go mad, just get her. He says I promise I won’t let anything happen to her, I have to think how to defeat Ishita. Simmi says how could Ishita do this.

Mrs. Bhalla says she had to hide as Raman’s life was in danger, I understand she always does for our betterment. Amma says Shardul is living as our family like Raman. Yug and Karan come and ask where is Ishita, is she fine. Shardul comes. He asks where is Ishita. Simmi says wait, Ishita is in her room, she is resting, I want to tell something. He says I don’t want to talk, I want to meet him. Yug and Karan also go with him. Raman asks what happened to everyone, they don’t want to believe me, where are Yug and Karan. Ishita says they will happily go mad, don’t take stress, please sleep.

He says tell me what all happened here in my absence. Shardul comes. Ishita says he is Shardul. Shardul hugs her and asks where did you go. She says I m fine, Shardul. Raman says he is Shardul. She says yes. Shardul sees Raman. Karan and Yug come inside the room and get shocked seeing Raman. Raman says thank you, Ishita told me everything, Karan I m not a ghost, I have come back, I m your Papa. Shardul asks who is this man. Ishita says relax, I told everyone. She introduces Raman.

Shardul says I m Raman, he is my look alike. She gets shocked. She says relax, what happened, why are you behaving like this. He says I m Raman. She says you know you came here as Raman on my saying, you are Shardul. He asks is this man blackmailing you, tell me. Everyone comes and looks on. She asks what’s this joke, you were acting to be Raman, what’s this new drama. He says truth is, I m Raman, we will get a Dna test done.

She says you know you are Shardul, what are you saying. He asks what’s this madness, they all know I m Raman, why are you saying this, who is this man sitting here with my wife, he did some magic that you aren’t identifying me. Raman asks are you all just listening to him, I m alive today just because of Ishita, what’s wrong. She says I don’t know. Simmi says I m sure Shardul is Raman and saying the truth, we will get DNA test done. Arijit says Raman has come back, Ishita won’t let Shardul stay there, how to get Neeti out. He calls Sanjay and asks him to go to Bhallas by any excuse, find out what’s happening. Simmi says Ishita you made us believe that Shardul is Raman. Ishita asks can’t you see Raman’s face. Simmi says we have seen him getting a plastic surgery and getting new face. Ishita says Sudha supported me, you can ask her, she knows everything. Karan calls Sudha and says her phone is not reachable. Sudha says she left for London, this is Shardul, don’t know why he is lying.

Mr. Bhalla says he is living with us since four months, what’s the truth. Simmi says you are playing mind game with us, maybe this man is blackmailing, so we will get a DNA test. Raman asks what happened to you all, Ishita did a lot for us, you are doubting her, are you blind, can’t you see my face, I m Raman. Shardul says its our family matter, stay away. Raman says this is my family, she is my Ishita, get DNA test done. They all look on. Ishita asks Raman to relax. Door bell rings. Ruhi and Karan check. Sanjay says I came here to borrow some tea powder. Karan says just go. Ruhi says I will get it. Sanjay asks is anyone fighting there. Karan says nothing, go out. He asks Ruhi to make sure that no one comes. He goes upstairs. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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