Tuesday Update on Strange Love 20th July 2021


Tuesday Update on Strange Love 20th July 2021

Niranjan coming home and bringing a gift. Anjali asks how did you come early today. He asks if you have any problem, you can tell me, I don’t like answering. Anjali tells about Astha’s parents’ anniversary. He says no issue today, you see what I do, you scold the world but not her, I feel you don’t care what I say, you are happy seeing her happy, what happened to this house. He says I did a mistake asking you to manage the house, now I m helpless, I have to make everyone right, of my wife is unable to take forward my rules, then I have to explain her. Anjali wishes Lord to favor her and not let anything bad happen.

Shlok and Astha get ready and come to him. Niranjan says go, all the best, take this gift. He suddenly holds his head and sits on the sofa. Shlok turns and rushes to him asking are you fine. Niranjan says yes, I m fine, you go. Shlok says no, you are not well. He says we will see this later, I did not tell this as you all will be worried, go now, I will take care. Shlok says I won’t go leaving you alone, I will tell Astha’s parents that I will come tomorrow, else Astha can go alone. Niranjan says its night, how can she go alone, go with her, Anjali is with me, its special day for them. Astha says no, we can’t leave you like this, we won’t go. Shlok takes Niranjan to his room.

Shlok takes care of Niranjan. Astha and Anjali looks on. Astha gets Kalindi’s call and says we can’t come, Niranjan is not well. Niranjan says Shlok I m better now, you can go, Astha call your mum and tell her you are coming. Astha says yes and calls. Shlok says stop Astha. Niranjan says I m fine, go now, I will rest. Shlok goes to his room. Astha goes after him. She says now Baba is fine, shall we go for half an hour. Shlok says it won’t matter if we don’t go.

She says he is better now, we can go for some time. Shlok says have you lost it, he is unwell here and you want to celebrate, its anniversary, not a problem, we can go tomorrow, or not, as it’s a party, my dad needs me, I will be here, and you also don’t go, he may need you too. Astha says why are you getting angry. Shlok scolds her. Anjali sees them fighting and sees Shlok taking Niranjan’s side. She thinks Niranjan can go to any extent to show down Astha, today Shlok has scolded her, and tomorrow he may…. Astha says I m sorry, I asked you as Baba said he is fine. Shlok leaves. Niranjan asks Anjali to make tea. Anjali asks how are you now.

He says what happened to me, I m fine, that was an example to show I can show women their place, Shlok did what I wanted, he showed whats my place in his life, women are fools, they think men will dance on their fingers. But a man should be only on his decision, my work happened without any dirt on my hands. Anjali gets tensed. He says Masala Tea…. Anjali leaves to make it.

Varad and Sojal come back home. He is angry as she has let him down by acting so foolish in the party. He says I requested you to be quiet, you think you are smart, you made fun of yourself and me. He says are you happy now, getting me insulted. She says I said what was truth. He says you don’t know how to behave with people, do you know that lady whom you advised by buy jewellery from Laxmi road, she can buy 10 necklaces in one day. He says I m ashamed that you are my wife, I m fed up of you, I tried hard to change it, you don’t want to change as you are happy. He scolds her.

She says enough. He says its pointless to talk to you, as you can’t understand me. She says I m your wife, not your friend. He says yes, this is the problem, that I tried to become a friend, and I failed, then how can we succeed in husband and wife relation if we are unable to become friends. He leaves. Astha is upset in her room. Shlok comes to her and asks what happened, you do the mistake and get annoyed. He says what you did today, its clear that you differentiate between my and your parents, you don’t care about my dad. She says what, you made me small saying this, both families are equal for me. She says you did not understand me, I told my mum we can’t come, if Baba said we can go, so I asked you, you could have answered me well.

He says you think its my mistake, then why are you doing the drama. She says we both are angry, so we should not talk today, we will talk tomorrow. Leave me alone, I don’t want to fight. She goes to sleep. Shlok thinks did I scold her a lot, she is over reacting and doing a big drama, now Baba is unwell, so I will worry, why don’t she understand, but she is also right, I could have explained her in normal way. He tries to talk to her and she shoos him away. She gets up and argues again. He sticks to her and she moves away. He says I feel to sit near to you, till when will you be angry, we can’t sleep in anger, its not good, we will go tomorrow to your parents. She asks really. He says yes. She hugs him and they smile.

Astha brings lemon water for Kaka. She says its so hot. He deep breathes and she gets worried. He does acting and jokes. He says its an indication that rain is happening, smell the soil, it looks like rain happened somewhere. She makes some plans. Kaka smiles and says when Anjali was newly married and Niranjan used to go office, Anjali and I used to enjoy rain, we used to go and watch Marathi plays, I felt like mum and son are living lives together, but now she has forgot to live her life. Astha says don’t worry, the story will take a new turn. She asks what does she like more. He tells her. She says Anjali can live her life for atleast one day. He says how, everything changed, this is not possible now.

He says we can go out doing our work. He says Niranjan comes home at 7pm. Astha says we will come before he comes. Kaka says this will be only dreams, this is not possible. She says till he is in office, we will enjoy, and then come home. Kaka says but Anjali won’t agree, don’t do anything that she can get into trouble. Astha says don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to her, but take care of Jyoti, as its her eighth month. She comes in her room. Shlok says be ready in evening, we will go to your parents. She says no, I don’t want to go. He says why, are you still annoyed. She says no, I spoke to my mum, we can go any other day. He smiles and gets romantic saying I like this thing in you. He thinks she is impossible and smiles. He leaves for office. Astha says I have to do anything and make Anjali’s day special.

Sojal asking Varad to drop her at her mum’s place and pick her up in evening. Varad says fine, but tell me what did you do that mum permitted you to go. Sojal says don’t know, maybe her eyes have opened. He says I can’t pick you in evening, I have to go out. She asks him whats going on. He says I do a job, so I have to be busy, if you don’t like her, I will sit at home and cook with you. She asks don’t you like to have food with me. He says I do, but work is important. They leave.

Renuka comes to Kalindi’s home with a pandit. She says he is very knowledgeable. She says you miht be thinking why I brought this, show him yours and Astha’s Kundli, he will tell what will happen in future. Avdhoot says we respect the pandit’s knowledge, but we don’t believe this. Kalindi says yes, he is right. Renuka says whats the harm in showing the kundli. Avdhoot refuses and says I think Lord has written good in our fate. He leaves. Renuka talks to Kalindi and says this pandit is really great, he is famous in our village. Kalindi says we don’t believe in such things. Renuka says we can know any problem if its coming, and solve it, think about Astha and show her kundli, he is a great man, if he goes back like this, it will be my insult.

Jyoti is unable to weave a baby sweater. Anjali comes to her and teaches her how to do.Jyoti still can’t do it. Anjali shows her and says you don’t understand, I just told how to. Anjali asks Sita to keep her in her room as she will make it. Jytoi says no, its my daughter’s sweater, so I will make it. Anjali smiles seeing Jyoti make it by the way she taught her. She leaves. Astha comes to Jyoti and asks is Anjali in kitchen. Jyoti says yes. Astha says we are going to market, you also come. Jyoti says no, I feel tired when I walk. Astha says have food on time.

Astha says I have to buy gifts for my parents, so taking Anjali as her choice is good. Renuka gives Astha’s kundli to the pandit. She asks him to tell the forthcoming things in her life. The pandit checks and says its really good, you don’t need to worry about her. Everyone smile. He says she will have to face some problems, she has to be careful and be calm, else the coming time can be bad for her. Renuka leaves with her. Kalindi gets worried. Ajju says don’t worry, Astha is very happy in her life. Kalindi says I m her mum, happiness always brings a challenge for her. Ajju says yes, but she is smart and can all the problems.

Anjali makes massage oil for Jyoti. Astha comes and acts like she is having stomach pain. Anjali asks what happened. Astha says I did not invite the pain. Anjali says have neem kada, but are you acting? Astha says no, call the doctor. Anjali says I will call doctor at home. Astha says no, take me to my family doctor. Anjali says fine, come. They leave.

Anjali and Astha are on the way. Anjali asks are you fine, where are we going, where is your doctor, how far. The driver says we have to be together for 7pm. Anjali asks what. Astha says I told him to be with till 7pm. Anjali says you are not having any operation to be there till 7pm. Astha says this doctor is of happiness, who asked me to enjoy life with you, see my stomach pain has gone. Anjali says it means you were acting. Astha says we are going to Suraj Rangmansh, we will see the play. Anjali asks what. Astha tells her the name Waajhi Mantrin and says we reached.

Anjali smiles. They go to see it. Anjali says Niranjan does not like this, I m sure Vinayak told you this. Astha says it does not matter, we should enjoy life, forget everything and spend the day from me, the world will see Saas bahu love. They enjoy their day by shopping, eating ….. Anjali buys some frocks for Jyoti’s to be daughter. They have icecreams. Astha makes her eat by her hands and Anjali too does the same. They smile. Astha brings Anjali to a spa for a foot massage. She asks her to relax and close her eyes. Anjali likes it.

Astha sees her and smiles. They are on the way back home and hace a laugh. Anjali sees something and stops. Astha notices this and stops the car saying I have some work here. Astha brings sweets. Anjali says its late, lets go home. Astha says there is one more place, surprise, don’t worry we will come before Baba comes home. She brings Anjali to the Vridh Ashram. Anjali is touched. Astha says come. Anjali meets her parents. Her mum says we have made your fav food. Anjali hugs her dad happily. They ask her to sit and have food. Anjali sees a clean plate and thinks of how she used to have Niranjan’s left over food plate and eat in it. Her mum serves her food and makes her eat.

Anjali cries and is really much happy. She makes her parents eat food by her hands. She hugs her mum. Her parents cry too. Shlok comes to Niranjan in office and asks why are you looking so worried, are you unwell again. Niranjan says no, how can anything happen if you are with me, sit. Shlok says you are looking unwell, go on a holiday or rest at home. Niranjan says no, you are my everything, I get fine seeing you. I m tired managing the business, I lost my many years, I m thinking ti take a long holiday and give all the responsibilities to you, but I m thinking you recently married and you have to spend time with your wife, I can’t be selfish to bound you. Shlok says no, I will manage, I don’t have any problem.

Niranjan says no, its not easy. When I was busy in work, I did not see Anjali’s face for many days, I did not know in which class you are, as I was working for our institute, I m thankful that Anjali understood me, but I m not sure about Astha. Shlok says no, Astha will understand me if I tell her that we have to choose between our relation and this institute, she will give time to me. Tell me what to do, I m ready. Niranjan says I m proud of you. Shlok says I will talk to you after my meeting and leaves. Niranjan says Shlok, I have a problem that you understand Astha, your closeness, your concern, a wife should agree to whatever her husband says.

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