Tuesday Update on Never Say Goodbye 12th July 2022


Tuesday Update on Never Say Goodbye 12th July 2022

Vividha making the girl ready in bridal dress. Vividha asks her if she sure she will go with the people. The girl says it does not matter, I don’t remember anything, I will go with them as they said they know me. She takes a jewelry and says sorry, I feel like knowing this. Vividha says its okay, you are scared, you will be fine after going with them. The goon asks them to call the girl. Ravish asks where is the girl’s Dada ji. The goons give different answer. Ravish and everyone look on. Ravish says you don’t know. The goon makes story. Atharv goes to call the girl.

He goes and knocks the door. Vividha asks him do you think we should send her. He says yes. She says girl was running away from goons, are these people goons. He says no, they said they read ad and came. She says I m feeling strange. He sees the girl. Vividha asks her to come. They take the girl. The goons smile. Vividha asks do you know them. The lady says we were worrying for you, come home.

The goon says I think she has accident shock. The goon threatens the girl and asks her to come. His gun falls down. Madhav sees the gun and says Papa, see the gun.. Ravish and everyone get shocked.

The goon stops Ravish by showing knife. He picks the gun and asks them to move back. The goon says you did good to save this girl, now let us take her. Ravish signs Atharv. Atharv goes behind the goon. He hits on the goon and drops his gun. Ravish beats another goon. The lady picks gun and pushes Vividha. She asks everyone to stop. Else she will shoot the girl.

The goon laughs. The lady asks the girl to come. Vividha says stop, you will be arrested if you take her. The goon asks in what crime, we are taking her, she is the bride of our house. She says for kidnapping crime. The goon says kidnap for whom you gave ad. Vividha says she is our house bride, not yours.

The goon asks really. She says yes, she is the bride of this house, her marriage will happen today. The goon asks really, who is her groom, your husband. Vividha says she is going to marry Ravish. Everyone get shocked. She says they both love each other and want to marry, I will tell this to police, you can’t come in between. The goon says that won’t work. Vividha says you are standing in ex army man’s house, the bride is army man’s would be wife, you all will be badly trapped. The man says she is lying, why did you give ad in newspaper.

Vividha says my husband gave that ad and did not know about Ravish and this girl. The lady asks the girl did you run to marry this man, tell me. The girl sees Ravish and nods. The goon says she is lying. The goon says you will regret a lot, we will not leave you. They all leave. Vividha says I did all this as I did not find them right. Vipul says but we don’t know her. Dadi says Vividha did right, the people were like goons. Sujata says I also feel she did right.

The girl thanks Vividha and says I could not identify them, but I was feeling fear, I collided with Ravish’s car, it was my good luck. She says you saved my life, thanks. Ravish says no, you don’t think so, anyone else would have done this, you are not alone, we all are with you, you are safe here. She thanks him. Vividha hugs the girl.

Dadi goes to Sujata and asks what are you thinking. Sujata says nothing, that girl is helpless, she is good, but is it right to keep her here. Dadi says you are right, I also feel the same, she is stranger, we should think well.

Madhav teasing Ravish about the girl. Madhav says she should stay here, it will be good, but you have to marry her right. Ravish says no, it was smart plan of your smart mummy, and you are my smart son. He hugs Madhav. Vividha and Atharv have a talk. He calls her mad to lie such a big thing. She says I did not lie, I saved her life, did you not feel proud of me. He says a lot. She asks did you not like me helping her. He signs no. She asks seriously, you help everyone, you always support me, you think I did wrong. He says enough, I m joking, but I feel this girl is something strange. She says she is sweet, innocent, she is just scared. He says she does not answer anything.

The girl talks to someone on phone, and says I can’t believe this, they all trusted me and kept me here, now drama has become superhit, I entered this house, now I have to work on the motive, the time was long, it took 4 years to find them, when I got them 6 months before, I felt I got anything, my eyes were on them, they did not know anything, I got to know anything, how they stay, cry and laugh, their lifesyle, I did planning and came here, they don’t know what I m going to do with them, what I m going to write in their fate. She laughs and ends call.

Its morning, Ravish and Atharv come from jog. They see everyone sitting outside. Sujata says weather was good, we thought to have tea here. Vividha and the girl get tea. The girl gives tea to Ravish and looks at him. Music plays…………. Guddi looks on from far. Atharv feels something is wrong. Madhav calls the girl as Darpuk aunty. Vividha scolds him. He says sorry, what shall I call her.

Dadi says yes, what should he call her. Sujata asks her to think her name. Vividha says we will keep her name. Vipul says not a bad idea, we will do her Naamkaran. They all suggest some names. The girl smiles. Vividha sees the bangle, which the girl felt special. She says we should keep her name by something close to her heart, this bangle is close to her heart, so Kangana. Dadi says its a nice name, her name is Kangana from now. The girl Kangana smiles.

Vividha, Sujata and Dadi cook in kitchen. Guddi helps Dadi. Kangana comes to help. Vividha says no, I will do. Kangana says you said I m part of this house, can;t I work. Vividha allows her to help. Madhav plays with Kangana. She gets blindfold and looks for Madhav. She collides with Ravish. He holds her. She removes the blindfold and sees him. Music plays…………. Everyone come and look on. Guddi gets sad. Vividha and Atharv smile. Ravish goes.

Kangana gives coffee to Ravish. He thanks her. Guddi looks on. Kangana checks a book. Ravish says its a nice book, read this, and hands it over to her. She thanks him and goes. Its morning, Ravish comes in lawn and sits reading a book. Kangana dries her clothes. The water falls on him. She apologizes and moves to him to clean his shirt. Music plays………. Vividha sees them. Kangana gives him the towel. He wipes his face and shirt. He returns the towel. She stops him and wipes his face. Atharv comes and sees them. Ravish sits back to continue reading. Kangana sees him and smiles. She puts the clothes on drying stand. Atharv says there was a time when you used to stare at me like this. Vividha asks can’t you see what I m seeing. He says I can. She says she has become part of our family, she got close to Ravish, you think its not right to let her stay here. He says yes, she became part of this family very soon. She says they both look good together, it will be good if they become a couple. Ravish and Kangana see each other.

Atharv and Ravish play carom, and ask Madhav to wait. Vividha asks them to let kid play. Kangana says Madhav, come we will play outside. She takes him. Ravish says Madhav is bonding with Kangana and liking her. Vividha spoils their game. Atharv says I was going to win. Vividha says Ravish, someone else is also liking Kangana. Ravish asks what are you saying. Atharv says yours, she got you married to Kangana in her dreams, I m standing by you. Ravish says you both got mad, you guys are saying anything, He goes.

Vividha talks to Atharv. Atharv says first Mata Rani tiger got after our romance, and then Madhav. Kangana hears them and smiles. She goes to Madhav and asks him to be careful while playing. A boy makes Madhav get down the swing. Madhav says this boy troubles me a lot. Kangana says its fine, see there, will you have your fav. icecream, come. She takes Madhav. She buys icecream for Madhav. She smiles and sees the other boy. She asks Madhav to have icecream and goes.

She stops the swing and holds the boy. Madhav sees the boy gone. She goes to Madhav. The boy’s mum looks for him. The boy sitting on the tree cries. The lady asks someone to save her son. The people gather there. Kangana takes Madhav and leaves from the park.

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