Tuesday Update on Evil Eye 22nd June 2021


Tuesday Update on Evil Eye 22nd June 2021

Madhu’s braid burns. She throttles and takes life of the other with. Some neighborhood boys come there. Madhu says he has seen me I can’t let my truth be out. They run. Madhu stops them and takes their life as well. She says my father got to know my truth so I killed him. I am the witch who lives inside their house. They are innocent and don’t even know. I can’t let them know the truth. I killed Saurav too. Apur is in this condition because of me. He will be fine if he gets married. I won’t let him get married. Then I would sacrifice him on amwasiya and become an aikain.

Palak says I never complained. I always said it’s okay that God didn’t give me things. Even when I was sick. But I won’t be able to die peacefully, if my sister isn’t married. Please get her married. I will die in peace. Madhu says I will take Apur’s life and no one can come between me and mission.

Urushi sees the four kids dead. She says what is this? First all those people and now these kids. What is wrong? And that too on our roof. Madhu says don’t be scared ma. Pandit ji placed trishul outside the house. Urushi says but she still killed four kids on our roof. It won’t solve until Apur is married. Madhu says it isn’t easy. Who would marry Apur in this condition? Urushi says Apur would get married tonight. Madhu says who is the girl? She says I paid a girl’s family 2 crore to get her married.

Palak says to Chintu you will get a job. Don’t worry. Chintu says we used to go to school together and you have to make sweets. Palak says this is parsad. Neha says she would have taken your job if mami didn’t cancel her admission.

Girls’s family comes to Apur’s house. Urushi says I am so glad you came here for the proposal. Girl’s mom says we are so glad to be related to you. Dadi says let me get things ready for bahu. Madhu says the wedding isn’t done. Don’t call her bahu already. She says in heart they will suffer coming here. Urushi gets things ready for the wedding. She asks pandit ji. He says we are ready for the wedding. I have placed pure lines outside. No evil power can cross them. Madhu says I will check them. He says no it’s okay. Palak says to Naina you will become an assistant teacher. She says, assistant researcher. You did so much to get me studied. I will earn and get your education now. Palak says send me to London. Urushi says to the girl’s family this house is now yours. Get ready and let me know if you need anything.

Palak comes to the house with her order of sweets. The other witch comes there as well. Apur is playing trumpet Palak comes in front of him.

Palak comes to the house. Her feet are imprinted on the floor. Pandit ji says these are blessing. Urushi says like God has sent his blessings to our house. Apurv is playing trumpet. The witch it outside. Mami asks Palak where are you going? She says I had to give these sweets inside. She says come with me. There’s work. Apurv sees the sweets and says laddu. He says eating so many of them can ruin teeth. I am not steeling them. I am saving people from ruining their teeth. The witch tries to come inside but she can’t. She says I will find the way to get to you.

Palak says who is getting married? Mami says lucky girl’s get married in houses like these. Not you who tell everyone that they’re sick. She picks the kalash. Palak says this is theft. Mami says they are rich. It won’t affect them. Palak says in the temple please forgive us God.

Madhu comes to the bride’s room. She asks her friends to leave. Madhu tries to do magic on the bride. She says she would do what I ask. Madhu says leave this wedding. The bride says what are you saying? Madhu wonders why didn’t her magic work. Madhu says I was just testing you. She says what is this thread? The bride says dadi gave me this thread for protection. Madhu says dadi is so caring.
Dadi says give me the sweets. He says I would tell Madhu. Dadi says if you get married Madhu would be so happy. Once you get married everything would be fine. Apurv says is marriage a good thing? You should get married to. She laughs.

Dadi comes to the bride’s room. She says we thought are with Apurv? She says no I am with my sister in law. Dadi takes the bride downstairs. Madhu places a nail on the floor. The bride steps on it. Her nail bleeds. Madhu says you all go I will bring her after bandage. They all go. The bride says it’s hurting. Mohana says take this thread off. She takes the thread off. Madhu becomes a witch and sticks on the wall. The bride is scared.

Everyone is dancing downstairs. Apurv sees Palak. He says Madhu di how do I look? She says good boy. He says I are 25 laddus. My stomach hurts. Madhu says go to your room. He says dadi asked me to come downstairs. Madhu says come in five minutes. Pandit ji says where si the bride? Dadi says Madhu is bringing her downstairs. He says I have to save this family from the witch. The bride falls from the balcony. She dies. Everyone is shocked. Mami says calls her husband and says the bride has died. It’s time for us to pitch in Palak. He says I don’t think she would agree. Mami says she would have to. It’s all due to your loan. They have cut your two fingers already. We have to get Palak married here for the money.