Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 6th July 2021

Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 6th July 2021

Ahaan asking Pankti why is she still crying, when Poorva got better. He gives them coffee. Nurse asks them to go out. Richa looks for Vikram. She thinks where is his phone. She looks for the phone and goes to check a locked drawer. Vikram stops her and asks her to stay away from his belongings. She asks about his phone. He says I don’t need to answer you. He goes. Sheetal thinks to tell Ahaan and Pankti that Reyansh is JD. Ahaan asks Sheetal why did you come, is everything fine. She says I was worried for both of you, how is Poorva.

Pankti says she is better, thanks for coming. Sheetal thanks Reyansh and asks him to leave, she won’t trouble more. He thinks she is hiding something. He says I may cancel my work to stay with Ahaan and Pankti, they have gone through a lot of problems, I can come back from death if their problems end by my help. Ahaan asks Sheetal not to take his words seriously.

Sheetal says you should take him seriously, he has earned a big name at such a young age. She asks Reyansh to leave now, his time got waste. He says its fine, tell me if there is any other reason. Ahaan says there is no reason. Reyansh says we shall have breakfast. Sheetal asks them to go, she will go home. Ahaan says I will drop you. She says I will manage. She thinks how to talk to them, JD will know if I call them. She gets a call. Ahaan says feed home made food to Poorva. Pankti nods. Reyansh goes to get coffee and sees Sheetal. He thinks to find out what’s going on in her mind. Kaira comes to meet Monty. Servant asks her to wait, Monty is getting ready. She says I will return his jacket and leave. She goes upstairs and sees his pic and achievements.

She says he has both the qualities, he is successful and good. Poorva waits for his call. Kaira knocks the door. Monty asks servant to keep it on the bed. She enters the room. He comes from washroom, wearing a towel. He says you… I thought its my staff, sorry. She says I m sorry. He gets Poorva’s call. He slips on the bed and falls over Kaira. The call gets answered. Month says we got stuck by this chain. Kaira says since we are closer, how to solve this. He says wait, stay close, I will solve it. She says fine. Poorva hears them and cries. Kaira says sorry, I came to return your jacket. She goes. He sees Poorva’s call. Sheetal asks how’s the food.

Pankti asks didn’t you go. Sheetal says I came to get water. Ahaan says I will get it, when children are here, elders don’t need to work. Sheetal says he is well mannered. Pankti says he loves you a lot. Sheetal says I will tell him that cold water doesn’t suit me. Reyansh goes to say. Sheetal asks Pankti to get Ahaan home, she can’t answer now, just do as she tells, she will say everything later. Ahaan gets water and asks why did you send Reyansh, I know cold water doesn’t suit you. Sheetal says sorry Reyansh, I should have realized that Ahaan knows everything about me. Reyansh says Ahaan loves you a lot, now you have come, so he stays happy, don’t leave him again. She says I shall leave, we will meet at home. She goes.

Reyansh thinks of calling the lawyer and knowing the legal work. He thinks Sheetal will see what I do. Sheetal is on the way. Reyansh says I will leave for work now. Pankti thanks Reyansh for getting Sheetal here. He says its a small thing, I can do anything for you. They look at him. Reyansh says for both of you. He goes. He thanks the doctor for handling the case well. He says you had to use blood unit for Poorva, Ahaan can deposit the blood, he is healthy and cooperative. Doctor agrees. Sheetal calls the lawyer. Pankti says there is some matter, Sheetal called us home, she looked tense. Ahaan says you are overthinking again, your mind is doubting everything as you faced much trouble in one night, dad said he will find Anita. She says don’t feel bad but… it will be some serious matter. He says we shall know it soon, relax now.

Sheetal asks Aparna did she inform everyone. Aparna says yes, just Vikram is left, what happened. Sheetal says I will call him, I will tell everything later. She asks lawyer not to delay. Reyansh comes home and sees his pic. Sheetal asks inspector to come on time. She calls Vikram and asks him to come on time. Reyansh asks Aparna for water. He goes to Sheetal. He gets inside. She says you…. He says I came to get my stuff from bathroom, you know I used to stay here. She says yes. He removes the mask and looks at her. He calls her Jaan. She gets shocked seeing JD. He says even if you try, things will be same.

Sheetal trying to run. JD stops her and shuts her mouth. He threatens her and reminds what he can do. He says I knew it, you are the most intelligent one in this house, you will be knowing my truth, but what happened that day. He reminds her how he faked his death. He says if you say anything against me, you won’t have anything left, your world, family and house will be ruined, just Pankti shall remain. She says I have called everyone, family, police and lawyer, then we will see who remains. He says sorry, I feel scared, it will happen what I want. She asks him to shut up. He reminds what happened in the pool, she slipped in coma too. He says you are smart and know that I always do what I say, who can know this better than you. She raises hand. He holds her hand.

He asks her to think well and listen to him before doing any foolishness. He shows her the remote control and says I have fixed explosive in this house. She gets shocked. He says you thought, if I die, will I let others live. He wears the wig and mask. He turns into Reyansh again. He whistles. He says lets go now. He touches her. She turns away. He smiles and leaves.

He tells everyone about Poorva, she is fine. Sheetal comes. He asks her to go ahead and tell them about Poorva. She says no, you tell them. He says thanks for giving me this chance, when there is a good news, all the corners of the house get filled with happiness. Sheetal sees the explosives fixed. He says happiness is everywhere. He says doctor said Poorva will get discharged soon. Aparna asks Sheetal is she fine. Reyansh says hospital vibes are gloomy, I think Sheetal can’t see others’ pain, right. Richa says yes, mom is such, you sit, I will make tea. He says I will make English tea, it will suit Sheetal too, do you want to learn. Aparna says I will see how you make tea.

Sheetal makes tea. He shows her the explosive packet in tea box. She gets shocked. He goes to attend a call. Manav asks is the tea ready, you called us to tell something. Sheetal says yes, I will tell everything. Doctor asks Ahaan and Pankti to do the formality and go, they arranged blood for Poorva, so they have to donate or arrange blood in return for other patient. She says sorry, we will come late for donating blood. Doctor says it won’t take much time. He asks nurse to help them. Sheetal goes to JD/Reyansh. He says you stop waiting for Ahaan and Pankti, I did something that they won’t be able to come here. Ahaan donates blood and says this is also imp Pankti. Reyansh says tell your family that you are going London for a holiday.

She asks why, what’s the guarantee that you won’t kill me. He says I would have killed you when you knew my secret, I m interested in your property, not your life, so you are going on holiday, you will be alive till you name everything to me. She asks what will you tell to lawyer and police. He says tell lawyer to make POA on Vikram’s name and tell police that you want to do charity, you would feel proud to have a husband like me, you know me since years, you feel I won’t notice your behavior, prepare your life’s imp speech. He goes. She types a message. He comes back to her and sees her phone. She keeps phone away.