Tuesday Update on Anupama 17th May 2022


Tuesday Update on Anupama 17th May 2022

Kavya gets jealous seeing Anupama’s mangasultra. She picks it grinning and looks herself into mirror and is about to wear when Vanraj stops her and says its a wedding house and what if people see her doing this, she needs to stop this right now. Kavya emotionally blackmails him saying she is understanding that he is ignoring his love for Anupama. Vanraj says she should go from here and shift to Nandini’s house. Kavya in a psychotic way realizes her mistake and thinks Veer is right, she shouldn’t have done this and should move from here tonight. She walks to kitchen and insists Anupama in helping her cook. Anupama agrees and says she can cook pasta for kids. Kavya takes whole family’s name. Anupama says she should cook only for kids as mamaji, baa, and Vanraj don’t like maida stuff. Kavya says Vanraj likes pasta a lot. Anupama says maybe she saw him in client meetings, he cannot digest pasta. Kavya says even she knows Varaj well and will prepare special pasta in white sauce for everyone.

Family sits for dinner. Pakhi gets sad seeing lauki sabji. Anupama says there is a special surprise for them. Kavya brings pasta in white sauce. Kavya thanks her. Kamini asks some followed by bapuji. Vanraj fumes seeing her drama. Kavya serves him pasta saying she knows he likes it during client meetings. Everyone praise its taste. Vanraj tastes and with fuming face says nice. Kavya thanks everyone.

At night, Kavya walks out of her room and stands jealous and shocked seeing Anupama serving dinner to Vanraj and he praising her home cook food and saying pasta is for taste, but he likes her prepared dal chawal, he had pasta only on her insistence. Anupama says Kavya insisted, else she wouldn’t have let him have pasta. He asks for more food.

In the morning, Pakhi requests Sid to stop bothering her or else she will inform principal mam. Sid insists her to meet him, she says she doesn’t want to. He replies that he knows she will come and he wants to spend some time alone with her. Vanraj is busy exercising when Kavya walks to him and says he needs double workout after having pasta and Anupama’s special meals. Vanraj asks what is wrong with her, he had double dinner and is doing all this drama just to show Anupama. Kavya says it doesn’t look like a drama. Vanraj says he wants to enjoy his son Toshu’s engagement’s each special moment and she should stop all this till engagement finishes. Kavya thinks she wants him and cannot share him with anyone, so she has decided that she will not go away from him or not let him go away from her at any cost.

After sometime, Vanraj fumes when Mrs. Dave calls her and insists to take care of her special guest during engagement. Baa says Mrs. Dave is troublesome. Anupama asks what happened now. Vanraj says she should handle Mrs. Dave as she calls him for every simple issue and tries to degrade him.

Sid threatens Pakhi to barge to Toshu’s engagement and trouble her. Anupama and Samar walk in. Pakhi cries loudly and informs Anupama about Sid troubling her. Samar angrily says he will not spare Sid. Anupama warns him not to go out of house and assures Pakhi to be confident and confront him, her mother is always there for her and will not anyone come near her. Sid is seen standing outside house behaving evil way. Anupama continues consoling Pakhi.

In the morning, Vanraj wakes up and sees Anupama crying emotionally looking at baby Paritosh/Toshu’s pic, says she regrets that her children grew up so soon. Vanraj says at least she was with children always, he was always out for business and reminisces old incident. He further says today there shouldn’t be any problems during engagement reminiscing Mrs. Dave’s tantrums and taunts.

Vanraj gets ready for engagement and asks family to get ready soon as they are getting late. Baa says he is always in a hurry, let them realize that they are from groom’s side, etc. Kavya walks down wearing a beautiful dress. Vanraj gets nervous and ignoring her calls Anupama. Kavya thinks he always pays attention towards Anupama, soon she will make him call her name. Anupama walks in, and Vanraj looks at her smilingly. Kavya gets jealous seeing that. Toshu comes ready for engagement. Anupama and Baa praise his style and Anupama makes him pray in temple. Vanraj says let us leave as they are getting late for engagement. Anupama assures Paakhi that nothing will happen and asks Jhilmil to take care of Paakhi. She shows sherwani bought for Toshu during engagement ceremony and in a hurry leaves it at home itself. Samar walks towards his bike when his friend asks her if she can join him as her cycle got punctured. He happily agrees.

Family reaches engagement venue. Baa jokes Rakhi/Mrs Dave would look like nagin today. Family laughs. Toshu enters next followed by Samar and his friend. Family chat continues. Vanraj enters with Anupama and Kavya. They sleep, and he holds them. Rakhi enters and taunts that people are unable to handle one woman, he handles 2. Vanraj gives back saying she is amazing that she comes late even in her daughter’s engagement. Family’s discussion continues when Pramod enters tensed and gives letter to Toshu saying Kinjal eloped. Toshu opens letter and reads its a joke. Rakhi says her husband and daughter joke always. Anu’s mother enters with brother and nephew. She happily hugs and greets mother. Rakhi taunts she thought she is hugging a maid. Baa gives back saying Anu’s mother is a coin and Rakhi is a 2000 rs note; when air blows, nothing will happen to coin, but note flies away, so she should be careful, actually she looks poor and malnourished instead. Vanraj shouts to shut up and stops this drama. Everyone stand shocked. Vanraj says he is also joking and laughs. Anupama also laughs. Kinjal says they are amazing couple, irking Rakhi.

Baa and Bapuji get emotional and mamaji cheers them up with jokes. Paakhi gets Sam’s message again and informs Anupama. Anupama assures her not to worry. Entertainment starts. Samar and his friend host the event and joke against each other. Baa, Bapuji, Mamaji, Samar, and whole family dance on Tu nathi to tharo photo panchaal se…song.. around Toshu and Kinjal. Rakhi gets jealous seeing their happiness and decides to ruin it.