Tuesday Update on Anupama 10th May 2022


Tuesday Update on Anupama 10th May 2022

Anupama getting rose petals and milkshake for Vanraj. He calls her Anu. She gets glad and looks at him. She asks him to pinch her. He holds her hand. He says I m glad that you trust me. She says why not. He says it matters what you think of me, you have the right to question me. She says I don’t need to question you, I trust you. He says Anirudh is a bad man, he is spoiling Kavya’s name to get divorce in his favor, he is doing this as Kavya and I work together. She says I understand. He says there is that thing between us. She asks what. He says what’s between Kinjal and Paritosh, Baa and Bapu ji, Radha and Krishna. She gets shy. He hugs her. Anirudh says I won’t let you win in life. Kavya says you have made this relation a war, divorce me and let me live, I can be your past, not your future, do something in life, settle down, how long will you roam for business. He asks will you come back if I succeed. She says please leave from my life, its all over. He drinks. He says the day you take Anupama’s place in Vanraj’s life, I will go, trust me, that day will never come, I m coming back in an hour, don’t call your bf. He goes.

Its morning, Baa says he said he will come today. Bapu ji says I have come. They sing and laugh. He gets a rose for her. Mama ji comes and says you have come, who are you. Bapu ji says I m your Jija. Mama ji says I remember, I will go back to mum now. Bapu ji says no, Sasumaa left for tirat yatra, you can stay here with me. Everyone meets Bapu ji. Vanraj asks him not to go for many days. Bapu ji gives gifts to everyone. He asks Vanraj to get habitual to hear Sasur ji now. Vanraj says Papa is fine, Sasur ji doesn’t suit me. Baa asks Anupama to make tea and breakfast for Bapu ji. Anupama says yes, I have to make tiffin for Vanraj.

Vanraj says no, I have a leave today, dad was coming today and we have to talk about Paritosh’s alliance. Bapu ji says we will give her an off from the kitchen, we will order food. Vanraj says great idea, Anu, make tea for everyone, I will order food. Everyone looks on. Baa says aww… Everyone does aaw… Anu and all. Vanraj smiles. Anupama feels shy. Rakhi comes home. She recalls everything. She says I m sorry, we are Samdhi now. Kinjal and Pramod take the gifts from the car. Kinjal says we have to go fast, don’t know why mummy went first. Baa says Vanraj has left his anger, he went on me, he has a big heart. Rakhi says that’s nice of you. Anupama says Rakhi also apologized and did a big thing. Bapu ji says we have to lose to make relation win. Baa taunts Rakhi.

Rakhi thinks this aunty is sharp. She says I have come to talk about engagement. Everyone smiles seeing Kinjal and Pramod at the door. Mama ji jokes and asks Kinjal to give gifts to Baa. Kinjal greets everyone. Bapu ji gifts a lollipop to Kinjal. Samar says its our fav since childhood. Bapu ji gives one to Rakhi as well. Rakhi thanks him. Baa says you can have it in English style, have it. She insists and makes Rakhi taste it. Bapu ji says we shall have sweet talk now. Mama ji asks Baa to get silent now. They all laugh. Rakhi thinks I have given them a lollipop of engagement to Shah family, the after taste will be so bitter that they will forget to smile. Kavya gets Vanraj’s message… I m not coming to office, dad is coming home and I have to give time to Anupama. Anirudh collides with her and flirts. She says get lost, you and Vanraj can’t decide my fate, I will get what I want. She angrily goes.

Rakhi says I m habitual to AC. Baa jokes on her face. Bapu ji and Mama ji joke on Baa’s sharp-tongue. Anupama asks what will you have, I will make the food. Vanraj asks her to sit, Jhilmil will make the food. Anupama smiles. He asks her to have tea. Rakhi smiles and says so how’s Kavya, sorry we have come without informing, else Kavya would have been here. Anupama says yes, Kavya works with him, but she is like part of family. Rakhi says yes, your husband is a good man, else who makes a colleague part of family and life. She stares at Vanraj.

Paritosh hugging Kinjal. They happily dance. Kinjal says everything got fine, mum said we shall get engaged soon. Samar and Pakhi come and tease them. They also dance. Samar says we should get you married soon. Anupama says we are happy, but how will we manage arrangements. Rakhi says its just an engagement, I thought you are in hurry for the marriage, you requested me, I thought to get them engaged to undo the demand. She stops Pramod from saying anything. She says we can wait, in coming days, we will get busy in fresh sessions of coaching centre, engagement can happen after some months. Mama ji jokes. Paritosh and Kinjal come and look on. Rakhi says we accept whatever you decide. Vanraj sees Anupama. He says fine, if you want engagement to happen early, then we will do it. Anupama says we can manage it. Baa says yes, pandit will get a mahurat if I scold him. Anupama says we will have the engagement function in the community hall. Baa says I will get 40% discount there.

Anupama says we will have Sunita’s catering service and shop for clothes. Rakhi says but our guests can’t come there, I m sharing my problem, shall we keep it at the club, where we had seen Kavya and you together, we are elite members, everything will be done there, we just have to get ready and reach there. Kinjal says its a very nice club. Baa says it will be costly. Rakhi says no, 6000 plus taxes. Baa asks what, community hall is taking 10000rs. Rakhi says no, I mean 6000 plus taxes per plate. They get shocked. Baa asks do you give silver plate along with the food. Rakhi says there will be around 200 guests, it will cost around 15 lakhs, we are elite members, we will get 10 % discount, I have already made the booking, we can’t cancel it now. Baa asks will you go to Kailash if I make the booking for you. Rakhi says no. Baa asks why would we go to club. Rakhi says I thought you won’t refuse. Baa says you should have asked us once.

Rakhi says why are you getting angry when I m ready for this alliance, I think you are stressed about the expenses, don’t worry, we will handle it, just get ready well and come on time, I will send cars and also designer clothes, I hope this is okay. Pakhi says wow, designer clothes. Rakhi asks shall I take it as final. Vanraj says no. Rakhi thinks I knew your male ego will be hurt, you won’t be ready for engagement. She says what, you mean engagement shouldn’t be done. Vanraj says no, I mean we shouldn’t keep it at the club, I know your social club, engagement should be simple, no need to spend on marriage, we should ask Kinjal once, we will do what she likes. He asks Kinjal. Kinjal says engagement is imp, the place doesn’t matter to me. Pramod says I was also thinking the same. Rakhi says but club booking.

Pramod says I will get it cancelled. Vanraj says so final, we will keep it in the community hall. Anupama asks Rakhi not to worry, everything will be handled well. Bapu ji asks them to have sweets. Paritosh thanks Anupama. Rakhi thinks your happiness is short term, you will come to break the alliance, this time your house will also break. Paritosh and Kinjal take blessings. Samar says I will give this good news to Nandini, I didn’t take her number, I will go to her house. He thinks to not tell her. Mama ji teases him. Pramod says we will leave, Kinjal I will send a car for you for pick up. Samar says we will tell Paritosh’s secrets to Kinjal. They go inside the house. Rakhi says I expect you to take care of Kinjal’s happiness. Anupama says she is like our daughter.

Rakhi says promise me, if you ask Kinjal, she will say she wants nothing, I m her mum and know her dreams, look at this, she likes my ring a lot. Anupama says its beautiful. Rakhi says she wants this ring, shall I buy this for Kinjal from Paritosh’s side. Anupama says it will be from our side. Rakhi says sorry, can you take it, you will get same ring from our jewellers, its not so costly, just 5 lakhs. Anupama asks 5 lakhs. Rakhi says yes, just 5 lakhs. Nandini eats the panipuri. Samar comes to give her a sweet treat. She asks why. He says Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage got fix. She asks really and hugs him. She says congrats. He talks a lot. They have panipuri. She says I have seen Rakhi coming, did Rakhi do anything. He says its her habit, I just hope that there is no problem. Anupama worries. Jhilmil says Paritosh’s marriage is fixed, why are you worried. Anupama says big happiness costs a lot, I m worried.

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