Timeless Love Update: Sunday 11th February 2024


Timeless Love Update: Sunday 11th February 2024

Vidhi telling Dev that she wanted to tell him something and couldn’t say yesterday as he was upset. She shows him Stree Vidhi’s menstrual kit. Dev says what could be better for a husband that a menstrual kit is on his wife’s name. He says from a businessman’s aspect, the product shall have some relevance with its name, and says your name Vidhi is not related to it. He says if we name chips as Dev chips, then it doesn’t make sense. Chitra comes there asking Vidhi to give her Jai’s phone number as her school planned reunion.

Amba tries to talk to Dev and asks him to give her 2 mins. Dev says he don’t want to talk to her, and it doesn’t matter to him what she does. He goes.

Vidhi comes to Jai and says she wants to talk to him. She says yesterday she showed the product to Dev. Dev got happy and then suggested that they shall keep some relevant name for the product so that people can know it better. Jai asks who is the owner of the company, Jai Shah or Dev Raichand. Vidhi says Dev ji just gave the suggestion and it is better for the company. Jai says he don’t her family to interfere in his company. Vidhi says Dev ji gave this suggestion to me, I shouldn’t have shared this with you. She turns to go. Jai says that old man is jealous of me as I am behind your success and says he might be jealous that I have done what he couldn’t have done. Vidhi asks what is he thinking? It turns out to be Jai’s imagination. Vidhi goes.

Kaushik tells dev that very soon the company will be his again. He says they have to prove that Amba couldn’t handle the company. Dev says we will not do what Amba has done. Kaushik says this is your goodness. He says I am searching assistant for you and shows the pamphlet. Jai sees Vidhi on the CCTV footage and then sees Advertisement in which Dev is calling the candidates for secretary post. Jai says he will lock the bird in the golden trap and the key will be of the gold. He asks the receptionist to send Vidhi to his cabin after 15 mins, but first send his tiffin and then Shashi. The receptionist comes to vidhi, just as she is about to leave and says Jai is calling you.

Vidhi goes to Jai. Jai gives her bonus and chocolates and says he gives it to every employee. Vidhi asks if I can leave now. Jai says yes, you can leave. Shashi comes there holding food tray and says you didn’t have food since 4 days. Jai says Dad used to worry for me, and says nobody else is with me. He turns and smiles. Vidhi says I will give you company and asks him to have food. Jai says if Vidhi is insisting then I will have food. He asks her to have food. Vidhi says I will go home and have food with Dev ji. Jai tells that he is having food after many days. Vidhi thinks to search gift for him.

Dev explains to Hariprasad and Bimla about the production. Bimla says how the food will be made in our kitchen. Dev says we will outsource it with Abhi and your recipe, and will do the distribution. Vidhi comes there. Dev jokes that she is from their rival company.

Jai and Chitra are in the restaurant. Vikram comes there and asks her to come with him. Chitra refuses to go with him. Jai asks him if he don’t understand if the girl is saying no. Vikram says I am her husband and asks who is he? Jai says I am her friend. He asks Chitra to take her purse and tells Vikram that when a girl is refusing then it means no, and says even if she is a wife. He walks away with Chitra. He brings her to Raichand Mansion. Satyavati and Dev ask what happened? Chitra tells them about Vikram. Abhi says we shall with Chitra always. Vidhi thanks Jai for helping Chitra.